Manic Monday – 09/25/17

Manic Monday

Leaf Peepers Half Marathon Training
What Was Planned vs. What Happened

Monday 09/18/17: CrossFit | CrossFit
We started with some overhead squatting (which I’m finally making progress in!), then did a “3-mom” workout (every three minutes) of 250m rows, 10 KB swings, and 2 rope climbs.

Tuesday 09/19/17: 5k Run | Rest
We met with a mortgage broker in the afternoon, so I had to work through lunch, and then I had dinner plans with friends, so no run.

Wednesday 09/02017: CrossFit | CrossFit
We started with three rounds of EMOM: 2 Turkish get-ups, planks, and 10 candlestick rolls. After that was 3 rounds for time of 10 DB snatches, 50 double-unders, 10 box jumps, and a 400m uphill run. I managed to finish in 15:29, which I was proud of.

Thursday 09/21/17: 5 Mile Run | 1m WU + 8 x 400 + 1m CD
I’ve really been neglecting speed work lately, and wanted to run fast, so I decided to add some intervals to my middle distance run. It felt really good to do some speedy intervals for the first time in quite a while.

Friday 09/22/17: CrossFit | Rest
I had to work late for a United Way event, and after that, all I wanted to do was go home, have a drink, and sit on my butt. So I did.

Saturday 09/23/17: RestΒ | Rest
After a crazy week at work, I desperately needed a “sit on my butt” day. And that’s what I had. And it was glorious.

Sunday 09/24/17: 8 Mile RunΒ | 8 Mile Run
This was the strongest long run I’ve had in quite some time. It was a bit hot, but I managed a 10:11/mile pace overall, which I was really happy with. Now if only I could manage that for an entire half marathon!

Weekly Mileage:Β 13
Total 2017 Mileage: 162

So, this was a great week workout-wise. I was pretty consistent, and even did a speed workout for the first time in ages. Unfortunately, this week was kind of a disaster on the nutrition front. Between being super busy with United Way activities, plus all of the food-based activities that United Way week entails, I was basically a garbage can. But hey, at least I was active. I’ll do better next week.

Oh, and get this–I OFFICIALLY REGISTERED FOR LEAF PEEPERS. I’m actually running a half marathon this weekend. Holy sh!t. I can’t lie, I’m really nervous, but also excited. This will most likely be my last race for a while, so I hope to make it count. Time to commence hydration, outfit-planning, and weather-stalking. Eeeeee!

How was your weekend?

9 thoughts on “Manic Monday – 09/25/17

  1. dgobs says:

    High fives for a great week of workouts! And yay for a half this weekend!! I hope the weather is perfect and that your run follows in the trend of your 8-miler πŸ™‚

    I had a sick baby this weekend, but managed to fit in a visit with my grandma and finally started watching the Vietnam War documentary. No running… hopefully next weekend!

    • Rae says:

      Ben and I are gonna start the Vietnam War doc tonight! We just finished the one on WWII.

      The weather for Sunday is looking promising–60s and overcast, so I’m hopeful that it will be a good race πŸ™‚ I hope you get out there again soon!

  2. txa1265 says:

    It can be really hard to balance workouts and nutrition … and I know that I have still not truly found my balance since coming back from Europe (I still eat too much). But as you say, it is a work in progress – and we are never finished.

    Excited for the race – and at least here it looks like we get a major cool-down hitting the middle of the week, which makes for great running weather (Corning Wineglass Marathon is also this weekend).

    • Rae says:

      Sunday looks like it’s going to be PERFECT racing weather here, and I am so relieved! My last two halves have been at Disney, so hot and humid. Excited to see what the cooler temps will do for me πŸ™‚

    • Rae says:

      I stress eat like crazy, it’s awful! Doing a bit better so far this week. I am both excited and scared for the race. At least the weather looks good!

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