Weekend Update – Friends and Football

Happy Monday, friends! I’m staring down another short week before I take off for BroadwayCon, but I have plenty to do between now and then. Let’s take a look back at the weekend before I have to dive into work.

After work I FINALLY mailed the last of my Christmas presents (yes, I know, I’m a terrible friend and human being. Procrastination is in my DNA), and headed home to find that Ben had a by-week for broom ball, so he was home too. Yay! He’s rarely around on Friday nights, so this was a treat.

We started watching a show together after supper and he passed out halfway through, so it was an early night!

We were both up for the day around 8:30, and after breakfast, I started to tackle some tidying up. Ben headed outside to do a few things on the truck, and then after lunch, we headed out to do some errands.

Ben wanted to stop by the board shop and have his snowboard waxed and sharpened so he could hit the slopes on Sunday, and then we stopped at Smuggler’s Notch for him to get his updated RFID badge for the season.

After our little burst of productivity, we decided to head over to the rail trail and go for a walk, with the not-so-ulterior motive of sneaking a peek at our soon-to-be-house. We walked about 2 miles round trip, and had some wonderful discussions about our house and our future.

When we got home, I tackled something I’ve been meaning to do for years: I made a pie crust from scratch. Now, those of you who’ve done this before are probably scratching your heads as to why this was such an accomplishment. But for some reason, I had built it up in my head as this really difficult, fiddly thing that I couldn’t possibly be successful at. Lo and behold, making pie crust is dick simple, and I made delicious quiche for supper.


After supper, we headed over to our friends Merlin and Cat’s place for some drinks and chats, and we ended the evening watching a few episodes of Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

Ben was up and out the door before I even woke up so he could beat the crowds at Smuggs. I spent my morning doing laundry and some more cleaning stuff, then spent most of the day lounging in bed reading. It was lovely!

A little before 3, we headed over to the Johnson’s to join a big group to watch the NFL playoffs. There was SO MUCH food, and it was a great gathering. We stayed for the whole Pats/Jaguars game, and through halftime of the Eagles/Vikings game before heading home to unwind a bit before bed.

This is a busy three day week before I take off to NYC. I’m shooting a local access commercial tomorrow night, then we close on the house on Wednesday (fingers crossed!), and then I’m out! So I probably won’t be around much the rest of the week, but we’ll see.

We you happy with how the AFC/NFC championships shook out?

5 thoughts on “Weekend Update – Friends and Football

  1. veryrach says:

    I am very happy that the Eagles made it, but I am terrified that they will lose in the Super Bowl like they did last time…. plus I hate the patriots soooo…. yeah I’m nervous lol

  2. txa1265 says:

    Sounds like a great weekend – mix of relaxation and productivity :). My family was always late with gifts and so I look at it as ‘neverending birthday/holiday’! 😀

    And yay for the Pats! I don’t like all of these 4th quarter come-back games, rather have a boring blow-out (like the Eagles game). I have some Philly friends so I’m happy for them – though I obviously want the Pats. I figure, I have suffered the majority of my life through the terrible and mediocre teams, I get to gloat and revel in this amazing two decade dynasty! 🙂

    • Rae says:

      It’s been pretty amazing. Although I get tired of all the whining about Pats being cheaters etc. We can’t help it that we’re awesome 😉

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