Friday Free-For-All – 02/23/18

Friday Free-For-All

I’m slowly but surely getting caught up around here! I’ve been super busy with projects around the house, AND we don’t have internet set up yet, so the only time I have to blog is breaks at work. But after this week’s flurry of trip recap posts, I’m nearly back to where I want to be. I’m hoping to get caught up on pregnancy posts next week so that I can maybe start doing a weekly update the following week. No promises, though. Not having internet at home is rough.

We scheduled our first mortgage payment this week. Eep! Talk about feeling like an adult. We’re planning to overpay our mortgage as much as possible through the coming years with the goal of ultimately owning our house and removing our mortgage payment from our budget early. Based on some rough calculations we did, we will hopefully end up paying off our mortgage 10 years earlier and save ourselves tens of thousands of dollars in interest payments in the process. Woo!

I went to prenatal yoga for the second week in a row! I’m so proud of myself for committing to exercise, and I really, really love prenatal yoga. It’s so relaxing and lovely. Here’s to making it a weekly habit for the rest of my pregnancy. I’m glad yoga is going so well, because…

I went for a walk on Wednesday and it didn’t go well. It was 65 degrees and sunny, so I couldn’t wait to get outside on my lunch break. Unfortunately, within 5 minutes, my round ligament started to hurt. A lot. It just felt really tight and uncomfortable. I stuck it out for a slow 30 minutes, but then when I got back to my office, I suddenly felt so lightheaded that I almost passed out in the elevator! I knew lightheadedness is a common pregnancy symptom, but it was really sudden and scary. I called the nurses at my midwife practice just in case, and fortunately (unfortunately?) this is all “normal” for the second trimester. The advice was to drink MORE water (I already consume at least 64 oz per day), eat plenty of healthy food (which I do), and that symptoms can vary from day to day. I’m really hoping that this ligament pain doesn’t continue, because walking and yoga are pretty much the only exercises I have been feeling comfortable with lately.

Pregnant women/mamas out there–any suggestions for relieving/avoiding round ligament pain?



10 thoughts on “Friday Free-For-All – 02/23/18

  1. veryrach says:

    omg I hate feeling lightheaded! It’s probably so scary when you’re trying to protect that baby too! scary stuff. On another note, I am so inspired by your mortgage payment payoff plan!!!

  2. SuzLyfe says:

    I used to get heartfluttery and lightheaded, especially in my first trimester, but it would happen on and off throughout pregnancy. I didn’t every deal with round ligament pain–turns out it was a stress fracture! I’m sure that isn’t you. What I mean is that I’m going to be no help πŸ˜€

  3. dgobs says:

    Oof, I feel for you! I had round ligament pain quite a bit, and lightheadedness too. I actually fainted once during my second trimester, which was a little scary at the time! Have you tried a belly band at all? I got one and it helped my round ligament pain, and also helped ease back pain as my belly got bigger. I hope you can find some relief!

    • Rae says:

      Aaah, fainting must have been so scary!

      A belly band is a great suggestion, Dana, thank you! I’m totally going to get one next week. I know Motherhood Maternity has them.

      • dgobs says:

        It was! My first thought when I came to was that I had harmed my baby 😣 My midwife was very reassuring though, and the Bairn was fine. Still an unpleasant experience!

        I hope the belly band helps!

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