Second Trimester (So Far!)

In the latest installment of long-overdue pregnancy recaps, I bring you the Second Trimester (So Far). Once I’m caught up, I’d love to get into weekly recaps, but considering how busy I’ve been lately and also how little really changes from week to week, that may get boring and overwhelming. We’ll see how things go!

The most notable symptom the second trimester has brought is lots of round ligament pain. This is a totally normal symptom as the ligament that supports your uterus stretches and grows with your uterus, but it can be really painful and disconcerting to get little stabs of pain in your lower abdomen all the time. And walking long distances makes it a lot worse.

Unfortunately, I had a resurgence of morning sickness around week 20. Somehow, I made it through my entire first trimester without puking once, only to lose my breakfast on a random Friday morning halfway through my pregnancy. Ugh. Thankfully, it was a brief remission, and I’ve been feeling fine since that week.

Lastly, my right hip and back have been bothering me. I bought a fancy pregnancy pillow early in the second trimester and it’s helped, but I think my body is just unhappy with lying on my sides ALL THE TIME. I am much more of an equal opportunity sleeper.

The first half of the second trimester was a bleak time for fitness. I was tired, I was busy, it was the holidays… Then we bought our house, I went to NYC, we both got the plague, and then were frantic with moving. Not a lot has been happening. I’ve tried some walking lately, but that makes my round ligament pain even worse, and makes me lightheaded. Not cool.


Unimpressed with my round ligament pain.


One thing I actually have done is gotten into prenatal yoga, yay! There’s a dedicated prenatal studio within my favorite local studio, and the instructors are wonderful. I bought a 10 class pass because you get a discount if you buy it after your free intro class. Unfortunately the schedule isn’t super great (who can get to yoga at 8:15 on a Friday morning?), but I worked it out with my boss so that I can take a late lunch break and hit the 4:15 pm class on Tuesdays each week. I just wish I could go more!

Weight Gain
All seems to be going well in this department so far. I’ve been doing a lot better on the nutrition front since we moved into our own house, but I do wish I were getting more exercise. So far, I’ve gained roughly 10 pounds, which is pretty standard for where I’m at in the process.

Baby Movement
I didn’t really feel her move definitively until week 21. The movements were really small and subtle until all of a sudden during week 23 when she just started going crazy in there 🙂 It’s incredibly reassuring to feel her moving around so much.

Purchases and Preparations
We haven’t really bought anything of note; I’ve bought exactly two baby garments. But we’ve gotten a TON of hand-me-downs from various friends, including piles of clothing, two different types of baby carriers, a high chair, a Boppy pillow, a jogging stroller (yeah, seriously–for free!), a rocker, a crib, and an exersaucer.

We’ve painted the guest/baby room and started putting some furniture in there, but we haven’t done much in the way of setting it up or decorating yet. I started an Amazon baby registry, but I find the whole thing kind of overwhelming.

I had a TERRIBLE cold for most of week 19. It was bloody awful. Not being able to take a decongestant meant that I basically didn’t sleep for three days. By the third night I was so tired I started hallucinating in the middle of the night. I had to wake Ben up because I was hysterical from exhaustion and fear. Thank god for my loving, supportive husband, who calmed me down and slept with the lights on for the rest of the night so I wouldn’t be scared. It took over a week for me to recover completely. Very glad to be done with that nonsense!

6 thoughts on “Second Trimester (So Far!)

  1. dgobs says:

    Looking awesome! I feel for you with the cold madness. I was congested for pretty much my entire third trimester and wasn’t sleeping because of it. Definitely do what you feel comfortable with and what your midwife/doctor advises you, but if it’s helpful, my midwife said I could take a low dose decongestant, as well as Tylenol PM (I don’t think I ever took them together though). I didn’t take them often, and I took the lowest doses possible, but they helped me survive without being totally miserable and sleep deprived! I hope the illnesses and aches settle down a bit for you, so you can enjoy those baby wiggles more freely 🙂

    • Rae says:

      Thank you, Dana! I’ve definitely been more congested than usual lately, which I understand is common for 2nd and 3rd trimester, but I’m finding that using a neti pot every other day helps a lot.

      • dgobs says:

        I’m glad the neti pot is working for you! I tried one before but it just felt like I was water-boarding myself. I’m sure I wasn’t doing it right, but I’ve shied away from it ever since

  2. SuzLyfe says:

    We got no hand me downs! Well, except for my own baby things. Our local friends either don’t have kids or are currently using the things, and family is way far away!
    I never had bad morning sickness either (I had my double sneeze thing) but I had really bad edema. How you keep feeling well! Seriously so excited for you!

    • Rae says:

      Thanks, Susie! If I could just figure out this ligament pain thing and get a bit more exercise I’d be a lot happier, but it could always be worse, so I try not to complain.

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