Friday Free-For-All – 03/02/18

Friday Free-For-All

Hellooooo, March! I know I’m not alone in thinking that February is one of the toughest months. It’s dark. It’s cold. It’s dreary. But it’s also mercifully short. Once March hits, it feels like spring is just around the corner. Especially once Daylight Savings Time kicks in. Woo!

I’ve probably said this before, but cold-brewed iced coffee is the best. I got a new French Press for Christmas, and I’ve been using it to make cold-brewed decaf iced coffee this week. Basically you just soak coffee grounds in cold water overnight, and it makes the smoothest, most delicious coffee you will ever taste. I used decaf so that I can drink more than one serving each morning because I love it so much (now that I’m pregnant I try really hard to only have one serving or less of caffeine per day). Having that smooth cup of joe every morning has made this week a lot better.

Adventures in home ownership have already begun. There were a few items left unfinished at closing, so some money was put into escrow for us to deal with them. One of which was that the well was open to the elements and had tested positive for coliform bacteria. Thus, we’ve been drinking bottled or boiled water since we moved in. We had our well company come by this week to seal up the well and inspect the system, and were told that our pressure tank is “shot.” So we’ll need to replace that, and we’re waiting on a quote to see how much that will cost. And we still have to submit a water sample to see whether or not our well water is potable after a bleach shock treatment.  Fun fun! Oh, and we still need to have our oil tank setup inspected, but the company who has been servicing our address is being weirdly cagey about setting up an appointment. So we may have to switch oil companies. Oy!

Homeowners out there–how quickly did you have to start replacing/repairing stuff after moving in?

4 thoughts on “Friday Free-For-All – 03/02/18

  1. dgobs says:

    Mmm that cold brew coffee sounds amazing and I wish I could put some in my face right now!

    Oh boy, homeownership adventures! We were surprised by how quickly we had to start fixing things. The people who lived here before us were very good at making things LOOK good, but we’ve found that a lot of stuff is superficially good. Like, nice light fixtures and paint jobs, but then a sink upstairs starts leaking through one of those light fixtures and the vibrations from the dryer make the ceiling paint flake off, and the pretty railing on the porch is actually rotten and needs to be replaced, etc etc etc. It’s never boring! 😉 I hope your well stuff gets sorted quickly and non-expensively! That’s a pretty major thing to have go wrong!

    • Rae says:

      I highly recommend getting yourself a french press and making cold brew at home. So worth it!

      Our house is generally in good shape, the problem is all of the appliances etc are original to the house, and the house is about 14 years old, which is the average life span of most appliances. I have a feeling we’re going to be replacing a lot of them over the next year or so :\

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