26 Week Pregnancy Update


According to my Ovia Pregnancy app, Baby Girl is the size of a butternut squash

At 26 weeks, I’m nearing the end of the second trimester, to which I say “Slow your roll, there, pregnancy!” Yikes! I feel like these 26 weeks have been super fast but also super slow at the same time.

Symptom-wise there hasn’t been much change this week. Still no stretch marks. Belly button is still an innie. No swelling. Lots of gastrointestinal discomfort. Round ligaments can go die in a fire. The only new thing is I’m pretty sure I had my first Braxton-Hicks contraction at 26 weeks to the day. All of a sudden my belly felt super tight, and stayed that way for a few minutes, but then it was gone. At first I didn’t even really put that tightness together with a contraction, but I’m almost certain now that’s what it was. Apparently, those will become much more common throughout the rest of my pregnancy. Hooray! (sarcasm)

I did my glucose tolerance test this week as well. You may remember that I was fairly nervous about it. Unfortunately, I failed (by five measly points!), meaning that I now have to go in and do the three-hour version, which sounds like no fun at all. Obviously, it’s important to know whether or not I’ve got gestational diabetes, but I’m just mad about this whole thing and wondering if I could have done anything different/better before the first test to avoid failing. Which is not that helpful. Ugh.

This week I started to feel really overwhelmed by all the pregnancy- and baby-related stuff we have yet to do. Here is a small sample of the ever-growing, ever-changing list that’s constantly running through my mind:

  • Research and interview pediatricians
  • Sign up for newborn care class
  • Sign up for child/infant CPR certification
  • Set up/decorate nursery (I’m actually dreading this cause I’m the WORST at interior decoration)
  • Order address labels for thank you cards (which my thoughtful sister already ordered to match shower invitations!)
  • Install CO2 detectors (this was supposed to be done before we closed on the house but it slipped through the cracks)
  • Finish birth plan
  • Decide whether or not to have maternity photo shoot; schedule said shoot
  • Decide whether or not to have newborn photo shoot; schedule said shoot
  • Research and sign up for life insurance
  • Make an estate plan (morbid, but important for parents)
  • Research and buy another, carseat friendly car (Ben’s truck can’t accommodate a carseat)

Aaaaand, that doesn’t really even begin to cover it. There is so much to think about and do to prepare for an entirely new person to enter our lives. The good news is, we now have a crib, which is kicking my nesting instincts into high gear. We still need to get a dresser for all her clothes (add that to the list of things to do above!), but for the most part, we now have all the “big stuff” for the nursery and we can start to settle things in there.

Parents out there–did you have maternity and/or newborn photo shoots? How do you feel about your decisions after the fact?

6 thoughts on “26 Week Pregnancy Update

  1. veryrach says:

    I vote for the newborn photo shoot! I’m not a parent, but I do work with family photographers, and I just love the newborn shoots so much more than the pregnancy shoots. They are so touching, cute, and such a precious time that your baby will be that small that you can never get back! If you are set on both, you can hire the same photographer and do like 2 mini shoots. OR put most of your money into one of them, and get a newer photographer who is just starting out for the other one, as they might be looking for models, exposure, or portfolio builders. A great way to find these people is through hashtags on IG. like #PAfamilyPhotographer or #PAnewbornPhotography (obviously you would include your state or town and not Pennsylvania lol)

    • Rae says:

      All good points, thank you! I have a friend who is a great photographer, I’m just hesitant about spending the money. I think I’d prefer the newborn shots over the maternity, but then I see such gorgeous photos of pregnant mamas and change my mind!

  2. Amy says:

    I too had to do the 3hr test. Luckily, I passed. I hope you do, too!

    As for newborn photos, we did not do this, and I’m still cool with that. I’m not really into professional photos, though.

    • Rae says:

      Oh man, I’m really glad to hear about your test results! I’m still super on the fence about the photo thing. I should just contact my photog friend and see what it costs, then go from there…

  3. txa1265 says:

    We got one ‘formal’ hospital baby picture, and many with our own camera (both were scheduled c-sections, had plenty of hospital time!) … so I am mixed: you will absolutely want pictures, but the whole formal shoot thing … not sure.

    I look through the years and the pictures we value the most are almost never the ones we paid and posed for. Sure ‘pics with Santa’ are a great collection, but too many others result in stress and expense that far outweigh the value.

    Maternity? That wasn’t a thing back when we were having babies, not even a consideration. I snapped a few shots of Lisa, and am glad we have them (she wasn’t a fan at the time).

    • Rae says:

      I’m definitely feeling less and less like spending the time and $$ on a maternity shoot. My weekly bathroom mirror selfies are good enough for me, I think. But the whole newborn thing. Gah! The photos always look so nice!

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