Weekend Update – Easter

Happy Monday, friends! I hope those of you who celebrate had a lovely Easter weekend. And if you don’t celebrate, I hope you had a lovely spring weekend. Welcome to April! After the craziness of last weekend, this weekend was much more my pace. Read all about it below!

We ended up having an early closure on Friday because both our corporate offices and the New York Stock Exchange were closed. This allowed me to run a bunch of errands, including grocery shopping, Easter shopping, taking care of a friend’s cat and chickens, and cleaning out my car. Woot!

Ben had broom ball playoffs, so I was on my own for the evening. I made myself a hodge podge dinner out of party leftovers and pantry scrounging, then spent the rest of the night ensconced in a comfy chair, watching Netlix and Hulu and knitting. Being pregnant has really emphasized my already grandma-ish tendencies.

Saturday was a full day. We desperately needed to do a dump run and bottle return after the festivities last weekend, so we packed up the truck, and then drove both vehicles over to my in-laws’ place for long overdue oil changes. Having access to an auto lift is pretty damn great.


Once we were done, I went home to clean while Ben helped his dad clean out Grammy’s apartment at the assisted living facility. Unfortunately, due to ongoing health challenges, she had to be transferred to a true nursing home situation. While she’s closer to us, which is great, she’s really upset about the change in circumstances, so we’re planning to bust her out of “Grammy jail” for meals fairly frequently.

In the evening, we attended a shindig at my in-laws’ house because Emily is headed back to Prague for the summer. She may or may not be back for good in the fall, but we wanted to send her off in style just in case.

Us kids ended up having a wee bonfire later in the evening, and we ended up staying up quite a bit later than I would have liked, but it was fun, and for a good cause 🙂


We were up and at ’em bright and early Sunday morning to head down to my parents’ house for Easter dinner. We haven’t been down to visit them since before Christmas, and we were excited to meet my sister Hilary’s new boyfriend. AND my parents’ new dog, Fergus.

Before we left, though, we exchange Easter “baskets” for the first time. I put baskets in quotation marks because we just used bowls. We decided that buying more crap when we’re actively trying to get rid of crap was counter-productive. I was very proud of the selection of goodies I got for Ben, and very pleased with what he got me.


Easter Sunday at my parents’ was super relaxing and nice. My sister’s new boyfriend is great, we had a delicious meal, and then an out of control good dessert from a local bakery. Ben and I headed home around 5, went for a walk (no ligament pain again, woot!), and relaxed until bedtime.

What is your favorite holiday/seasonal candy?

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