33 Week Pregnancy Update


According to my Ovia Pregnancy App, Baby Girl is the size of a ferret.

Another week bites the dust! Baby Girl continues to squirm and kick almost constantly. A cool new thing is that apparently now she keeps her eyes open while she’s awake, and her bones are starting to harden up.

No big changes for me this week. The numbness in my fingers and hands (aka pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel syndrome) is pretty consistent, and while it’s annoying, I can live with it. I’ve had a few more bouts of very uncomfortable gastric issues, but nothing too awful. Thankfully, I finally got back to the chiro after a full week off (I was on vacation, and then she was on vacation), which has continued to help with my hip pain. I’m not 100% better, but I’m definitely much more comfortable. And with the lovely spring weather we’ve been having, Ben and I have been able to take more regular walks, which helps with both the hip pain and the numb fingers.

Now that the shower has come and gone, we pretty much have all the essentials. I feel confident that if we had to bring a baby home tomorrow, we’d be fine. Obviously, there’s still tons of stuff we need to do, but at least we have the major health and safety items, as well as plenty of clothing. My god, do we have plenty of clothing! I have an entire hamper of clothes that have been washed and just need to be put away, and I have the diaper bag mostly packed to bring to the hospital. Now Ben and I just need to get our personal bags together and we’ll be ready!

We had our breastfeeding class this week, as well as our first childbirth education class. The breastfeeding class was only ok. The instructor was pretty scatterbrained, jumping around from topic to topic without a clear structure, which I found both frustrating and comical. I can tell she’s super knowledgeable and really cares, but I think maybe one-on-one is more her strong suit. I looked her up and she’s highly qualified and well-recommended, and actually one of the in-network lactation consultants I get unlimited (yes, unlimited-we have great insurance!) visits with after birth, so I emailed her after class to start that process.

The childbirth education class, however, was AWESOME. It was the first of a four week series. We love the instructor, the other couples in the class are cool and nice, and I feel like I’ve already learned a lot. It actually made me excited to give birth, which is kind of strange, but there you have it! We’re really looking forward to the remaining classes. In case you’re in the greater Burlington, Vermont area and curious, we did the breastfeeding class with Sally through Evolution Prenatal and Family Yoga, and the childbirth education series is with Rachel through Birth Journeys.

On the work front, I have all of my training materials in order and I’m mostly caught up on projects. I just have a few more things to wrap up and then I will be ready to focus on training my replacement. This month is going to be VERY interesting, and will most likely fly by. My team is only 7 people including me, and there are a LOT of vacations/time out of the office. One colleague was out the first week of May, another has been out since the 3rd and will be out until the 17th. Then a third colleague is going on a cruise from the 18th through the 25th. And then the entire rest of the team except for me is going to the annual conference from the 21st through the 25th, meaning I will literally be the only member of my team in the office for that week. I have my trainee the 15th through the 21st, then she goes on a pre-planned vacation until the 31st. And then I’m out June 8th. And that doesn’t even count the 3.5 vacation days I still have to use up somewhere between now and then. Crazy!

Have you ever heard of pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel? I hadn’t, and it stinks!

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