Friday Free-For-All – 05/25/18

Friday Free-For-All

First things first: MY BEST FRIEND HAD HER BABY YESTERDAY! I am feeling ALL the feelings right now. Mostly a mix of intense excitement and jealousy, haha! I am so proud of my friend for bringing her baby into this world, but I am SO jealous that she already gets to meet and hold and love her little guy, while I’ve still got some time to wait before our baby girl makes her debut.

It has been a WEEK. Oof. Between my entire team being out of the office, training a new employee one day, and trying to make sure everything is wrapped up before I leave work on June 8, this has been an incredibly stressful week! The days went by super fast, but each one was emotionally fraught. Who thought it was a good idea to leave the 8-months-pregnant lady alone to do the work of a seven person team?? The good news is, after today I only have SEVEN total work days left, as I still have a few partial and full vacation days sprinkled in, plus the Memorial Day holiday. I am in the final countdown, and honestly quite happy about it.

We got a new (to us) TV! Our TV has been wonky for years, but we have been too cheap to buy a new one. Who cares if half of every screen is pixelated neon green, it still works, right? Well, after Grammie went into the nursing home a few months ago, Ben’s folks thought they wanted to keep her TV. As time went on, however, they realized they weren’t actually using it at all, and so on Tuesday night they dropped it off at our house. It’s about the same size as our old TV, but it has Roku built in, meaning we can sign into various subscription accounts (not that we have Netflix or Amazon Prime anymore), and IT’S NOT NEON GREEN! Having a fully functioning TV feels like a total luxury.

I saw “Solo: A Star Wars Story” last night, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I don’t think I’ve ever met a Star Wars movie I didn’t like, but this one was extra enjoyable. The actors they got to play young Han and young Lando did an amazing job of inhabiting the characters and keeping the same feel and mannerisms without being carbon copies, and the plot was entertaining, with some good twists and turns. It was also really nice to get my pregnant butt out of the house after work and see my friends. I’ve been quite the homebody lately, and it was great to have a normal night out.

If your TV had been not fully functional for 3+ years, would you have sucked it up and replaced it, or are you a frugal weirdo like me and Ben?

2 thoughts on “Friday Free-For-All – 05/25/18

  1. Fallon @ Slacker Runner says:

    Yay for a new TV! I probably would have replaced it but then I’ve also needed to replace my recliner for the last 2 years because it hurts my back and haven’t done it so that’s kind of the same right?

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