Weekend Update – Out and About

Happy Monday, friends! In an effort to get back to a semi-regular blogging schedule, I’m re-instituting Weekend Update posts. Eventually, I’d love to get back to Manic Monday training recaps, but since I’m still recovering from childbirth, this is what we’ve got. Enjoy!

On Saturday morning, we decided to get up and at ’em early to go out to breakfast. The first week and change at home, we were quite happy to simply sit in the house and stare at our baby. But cabin fever began to set in a bit and we realized that we need to leave the house sometimes. We’ve definitely gone out for stuff like doctor appointments and groceries, but doing something just for fun felt really good. We’re lucky to have a great breakfast spot not five minutes from our house, so it was a really “safe” first attempt at eating out with a baby.


Within five minutes she started fussing, but I was able to nurse her right there in our booth, after which she passed out in my lap for the remainder of our meal. I had some next-level Grand Marnier and vanilla bean french toast that was basically the equivalent of an entire baguette, while Ben had a big fat omelet and home fries. And of course, lots of coffee for both of us. #newparents

The rest of the morning was spent giving Vera a sponge bath, feeding, napping, and watching Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. In the afternoon, we headed over to my in-laws so Ben could put a new muffler on the truck, and then we stayed for supper, which was very much appreciated. Any time we can get a meal cooked for us is a big help right now. We ended up being at my in-laws’ for almost 8 hours, by the end of which I was absolutely fried and more than ready to be home. I fed Vera, took a shower, and went straight to bed.

Sunday was another early morning for me. I like to be up early with Vera to give Ben a chance to get a few more hours of uninterrupted sleep. I fed her and put her in the Rock n Play to nap while I made coffee and breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen a bit.

Ben was up for the day around 9:30, and we hung out for a while, sipping coffee, watching Coco, and snuggling the baby. In the early afternoon, we decided we should get out of the house and do something productive, so we made a meal plan and grocery list for the week, then headed off to the store.

It was dreary sort of day, so we decided to just surrender to inertia and spent the rest of the day watching YouTube videos, blogging, eating, and other miscellany. We had leftovers for dinner, thanks to my in-laws, and not having to cook for a third night in a row was such a luxury.

Vera was a bit gassy and fussy, so it was a later night than I would have liked. Once she went down though, she slept for one 3 hour chunk and then another 2.5 hour chunk immediately following, which felt like such a win. But then of course, she was up for the day at 5:30 am. Happy Monday to me!

Have you gone out to breakfast recently? What did you have?


12 thoughts on “Weekend Update – Out and About

  1. Anna @ Piper's Run says:

    It’s always nice to get out for a meal with a baby (or kids) in tow! We haven’t done breakfast out in a while but my kids love it! I remember taking our first born out for meals and she happily sat in her car seat or on me.

  2. txa1265 says:

    It’s funny – I am not much of a ‘go out to breakfast’ person at this point, not sure when that happened. When we are traveling I tend to want something simple and relaxing at the cottage before we start the say, or in a hotel just get breakfast there (though in recent Europe or Barbados trips that was pretty elaborate!) … and at home, well, pretty much same! Will be interesting on vacation next week just Lisa and I in the Lake Placid / Saranac Lake area 🙂

    Nice getting to not cook – every little break is wonderful! Glad you were able to get out!

    • Rae says:

      Breakfast is pretty much my favorite food group, haha! I love love love getting breakfast out because I’m usually too lazy to cook breakfast at home.

  3. SuzLyfe says:

    We went out to breakfast this weekend! I got a loaded omelet and Alex got bacon waffles. As in, waffles with pieces of bacon right in there! I had a little nibble (dairy, you know), and they were legit. A nice sweet/savory balance with the syrup.
    Good for you for getting out! We relied on a lot of takeout, but if you can get out and get her fed, then you are golden.
    I feel a bit like I am dealing with a newborn right now with Em’s fussing. She’s been so good for the past month, but this past week she’s lost it. Yay Wonder Weeks + teeth!

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