Weekend Update – Getting Back on Track

Happy Monday, friends! With Ben’s return to work looming, we’re trying to get our shit together a bit. During the first few weeks of having a new baby, it was all about survival. Now that we know a bit more what we’re up against, we can resume “normal” living. We got lots done this weekend, and it felt great!

This was a surprisingly busy day. I was up super early with V, and did a little cleaning up around the house before Ben was up for the day. After giving me a break to eat some breakfast and have coffee, he headed out to mow the lawn, which has been sorely neglected since we got home from the hospital. I continued to supervise baby and do more cleaning.

Around noon we headed into town to meet my friend Stacy for lunch at Chili’s. On the way home we also hit the bank to deposit a check that’s been hanging out for weeks, which felt good. And then Ben headed out to finish the lawn while I fed and snuggled a cranky baby.

We whipped up some burritos for supper, gave the baby a bath, fed her, and watched some nerdy BBC programming on YouTube before an early bedtime.

Once again, I was up early with baby girl; she’s usually ready for the day between 5:30 and 6 am. I grabbed a lactation cookie and made coffee while she kicked and cooed on her activity mat. After a feeding, I popped her in her Rock n Play (lifesaver!) for a power nap while I fed the kitties and power cleaned. Some friends were due to come over at 10 to drop off gifts and meet V, and our house required some additional spiffing.

After Ben got up, I made breakfast and some Oatmama lactation support tea, and worked on this blog post for a while. It’s not very often I get to just sit down with my chrome book and type without a baby in my lap or attached to me, so this felt like a total luxury.

After our friends’ visit, Ben headed out to do a MUCH needed dump trip. We hadn’t gone since before V was born, and we had garbage and recycling in very unbecoming piles in the garage. After a recent raccoon break-in (so gross), we were eager to get the garbage out of there. While Ben did the dump run and V napped, I did some dusting (hasn’t been done in forever!) and put laundry away.

Our lovely neighbor came over in the afternoon and brush-hogged some paths through our field down to the rail trail, which will make getting down there for walks and runs a lot easier going forward, hooray!


We also made a trip into downtown Jeffersonville for the annual Festival of the Arts. We met up with our friend Nikki and her son Kalamack and strolled around for an hour or so. It was a beautiful day to be outside, and it was lots of fun to see all the wares made by our neighbors.

In the evening we had crockpot chili for supper, and relaxed with some TV. I went to bed before 10 since I’d gotten up so early.

Ben did me a solid and got up early with V so I got to stay in bed until the luxurious hour of 7:30! After coffee and breakfast, we went for a lovely walk, putting our newly brush hogged paths to use. It felt great to get out and moving, and I felt more like myself than I have in a long time.


Later in the morning, I got to take a shower and chill out for a bit while Ben was on baby duty. Then we swapped and I hung out inside with V while Ben went out to work on a woodworking project. Between feeding cycles, I got to work on this blog post and binge watch a few episodes of Call the Midwife, my latest guilty pleasure.

In the afternoon, we brought a loaf of homemade bread over to meet our neighbors on the other side of the house. They just own land and camp there Memorial Day through Labor Day each year. It was really nice to finally go over and introduce ourselves, and they seem quite nice.

Supper was some steak and veggie kabobs on the grill, with molasses cookies and milk for dessert. After supper, we gave Miss V her bath, and then watched Hot Fuzz for the umpteenth time. It’s our favorite movie of all time, and if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it.

Have you ever seen Hot Fuzz? What’s your favorite movie?

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