Friday Free-For-All – 08/31/18

Friday Free-For-All

Goodbye, August! I can’t believe summer is almost gone. Of course, our summer flew by in a bit of a new-parent haze, but still. Slow down, time!

Is it just me, or is everyone and their mother selling Beachbody plans? Don’t get me wrong, I understand woman wanting to find a side hustle to help provide for their families, but it just seems like you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a “coach” who wants to sign you up for her “team.” I’ve been trying to connect with people on my new blog IG handle, and it seems like every single person who has followed me so far is trying to get me to sign up for their next challenge group. I’m sorry, but last time I checked, selling superfood shakes and pushing someone else’s workout plan doesn’t make you a coach. Maybe I just don’t really understand how it works, but it feels icky to me. Unless you have some kind of legit certification, you are no more qualified than I am to be telling another person how to work out.

I have determined that I will only shop in the boys section for Vera from now on. The clothes are just so much better. Honestly. There are a lot more of what I would consider to be gender neutral options in the boys section. As far as I’m concerned, dinosaurs, robots, and woodland creatures are neither masculine nor feminine. Yeah, you can find that stuff in the girls section, but the animals have eyelashes and pink bows. I got these awesome pants for Vera in the boys section at Old Navy, and I can’t wait to put them on her.


Do you stick to the “appropriate” gender section when shopping for your kid(s)?

5 thoughts on “Friday Free-For-All – 08/31/18

  1. txa1265 says:

    Totally with you on the Beachbody thing … I find it annoying and obnoxious when people start to cross from passive ‘this worked for me and now I am a rep’ to actively pushing it through social media PMs.

    But then I am immediately distrustful of every fad diet … especially where someone is sellign you something that substitutes a processed product for knowledge of how to better take care of yourself. In my cynical opinion Beachbody is no more than a reinvention of 1980’s SlimFast with more appropriate 2010’s buzzwords (SUPERFOODS!).

    I have no conceptual issue with Paleo or Keto types of things – in fact Lisa’s doctor has her on a very restrictive diet right now (added to her food allergies & intolerances it is REALLY restrictive) so I can see how various foods mess with people who don’t have my ‘garbage disposal’ GI system :). The problem I have is the snake-oil aspects. A few years ago I remember being at Barnes & Noble looking for a new baking cookbook, and it felt like every other book was about Paleo. I’m sure if I went in today it would be the same – but for Keto.

    Sorry – rant over 🙂

    • Rae says:

      Everything you’re saying is stuff I’ve said/thought before. “Meal replacements” just seem like an inherently bad idea to me. I may not always eat the most nutritious foods, but at least I’m eating actual FOOD. The one thing I’ve consistently taken away from working with various nutritionists or registered dieticians is that drinking calories doesn’t give you the same sense of satisfaction as eating food, leading you to eat more calories in order to gain that satisfaction, thereby sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

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