Friday Free-For-All – 09/07/18

Friday Free-For-All

I caved and ordered a pumping bra and it’s a game changer. I was reluctant to spend the money, but I am SO glad I did. Previously, in order to pump I’d have to hold the flanges to my body, meaning that for the 10 – 15 minutes I pump everyday, I couldn’t do anything with my hands. Now, the bra holds the pump flanges close up against me, and I can eat, drink my coffee, or play with Vera while pumping. That was twenty dollars well spent as far as I’m concerned. In case you’re wondering, I got this one in size Large (for reference, I’m a 34 G).

We transitioned Vera to cloth diapers this week. So far, so good. She’s just barely big enough to fit into them, and they give her a hilariously gigantic butt; it’s adorable! It remains to be seen how well I can keep up. We’re planning to still use disposables for travel and overnights, but using cloth diapers the majority of the time will significantly reduce the cost of having a baby, and the savings will increase twofold if we have another baby.

My return to running still seems to be going well. I’m determined not to get too hung up on numbers and speed and just get back into the swing of things in a healthy manner, because I’m just so happy to be back at it. I don’t want to go too hard and get injured and knock myself out of the game again. I’ll be doing a longer “run” of 4 miles this weekend, and it will be my first jaunt with 2:1 walk/run intervals. I’m excited to see what I can do!

Do you have any experience with cloth diapers?

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