Manic Monday Training Recap – 01/21/19

Manic Monday

Monday 01/14/19: 2.25 mile run + plank
My girlfriend Nikki came over and we switched off running and kid wrangling. I managed an entire mile at 10 min/mile pace, which was officially my fastest post-baby mile, woohoo!

Tuesday 01/15/19: 40 Minute Barre3 Booty Workout + 1 mile run
My friend Penelope came over for a Barre3 workout, and holy glutes and hammies, Batman! It definitely made my easy-paced mile afterward feel like WORK. I made sure to roll a bit afterwards.

Wednesday 01/16/19: 1.5 mile run
I was pretty sore and tired from the Barre3 workout, but I wanted to do just a bit more than one mile. This actually loosened me up quite a bit and made me feel better. That and some stretching.

Thursday 01/17/19: 1 mile run + yoga
During my run, I increased the incline one notch every tenth of a mile until I hit incline 2.5, then decreased it one notch every tenth of a mile until I was done. It made the mile fly by. Then I did Yoga With Adriene’s video “Yoga For Hips and Lower Back,” which was just what I needed.

Friday 01/18/19: 2.25 mile run
I pumped a bit of speed in the middle of this run, with .75 miles at 6, and .25 at 6.3. I was WORKING and it felt great.

Saturday 01/19/19: 2 mile run + stretching
I took it nice and easy for 2 miles, then spent a good 10 minutes stretching out after.

Sunday 01/20/19: 1 mile run + core
I felt a little fragile most of the day as I had my first post-baby hangover. Oops! But I still managed to fit in a short core workout and a mile to keep up with the streak.

Weekly Mileage: 10

Total 2019 Mileage: 29.25

Woohoo! 20 full days of streaking! I’m still feeling really good. No aches or pains, and no excessive fatigue. I’m hoping to start getting in some longer runs up to 5k soon, but my time is limited and my pace is slow, so I’m not sure when I’ll get there. In the meantime, I’m just happy to be running again 🙂

What’s your favorite post-run stretch? Mine is pigeon pose.

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