Sunday Summary – 4/6/14

Oops!  Yet another “Sunday Summary” on Monday.  Maybe I should just change it to weekly wrap up so I can post it whenever?  But I really like alliteration…  Oh well.  Anyway…

What a difference a week can make!  Being back home has been incredible, both on the running front, and on the healthy eating front.  I have really been focusing on upping my produce and protein intake.  I also hit all my mileage goals and managed to get some cross-training in.  I’m feeling great!

Monday:  First day back in the gym for lifting in over two weeks, and boy did I feel it!  Squats, dead-lifts, bench press, bent over rows, donkey kicks, fire hydrants, lots of abs and a one minute plank.  It was nice to just get a full-body, all over workout in.  I also walked 2 miles to work in the morning.

Tuesday:  Walked 2 miles to work in the morning, and then did a lovely 3.3 mile outdoor run.  It was warm(ish), then sun was out, and I felt great, even though it was wet and muddy!

Wednesday:  Walked 2 miles to work in the am.  The weather was incredible and I thought about going for a run, but my calves were still stiff and sore from my Tuesday run, so I decided not to push it.  I had a glass of red wine and watched the Walking Dead instead 🙂

Thursday:  Walked 2 miles to work in the morning  Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite as nice out as Wednesday, but I got a comfortable 4 miles in.  My calves are a bit sore again, so I’m really looking forward to getting the foam roller that I ordered.  I hear it hurts so good!

The view over Lake Champlain

The view over Lake Champlain

Friday:  Ben and I went over to our friends’ house for a couples date.  We had a few drinks and played some Wii.  We were supposed to go downtown to meet up with some people after, but I was tired, and knew I had a long run scheduled for Saturday morning, so I just hit the hay at 11.  I turned down drinks so I could get my sleep for running… Who am I?!?!

Saturday:  LONGEST RUN EVER!  Personal record of 6.1 miles.  And what’s crazy is, I actually maintained an average pace of just about 10 minutes/mile.  That’s WAY faster than I expected.  I’m feeling way more confident about my ability to complete a half after this.  From here on out, every long run will be a distance record.  Yeehaw!

Photo Apr 05, 9 37 08 AM

Sunday:  We slept in.  Had a leisurely breakfast.  Did our taxes (yuck).  We went for frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf (yum!) and then decided to go for a nice long walk along the water front and through downtown, which helped to offset the fro-yo a little bit 🙂  Then I made some absolutely heavenly butternut squash soup for dinner–recipe will be posted this week!

Frank's Red Hot makes everything better!

Frank’s Red Hot makes everything better!

This has been a really excellent week, both on the life side of things and the running side of things.  I’m feeling way more positive about running, and excited to continue on this journey.  I think it’s the weather.  It’s finally warming up and the sun is streaming through the windows as I type.  Definitely a mood booster!

Sunday Summary–03/30/14

This has been another challenging week.  Another week away from home, off our normal routine.  I am SO EXCITED that we got to go home today and settle back into our own home and snuggle our kitty!  We did some grocery shopping and meal planning, which is going to help so much in getting back to the gym.  We tend to plan quick, easy meals for gym nights, and more elaborate meals for non-gym nights.

I’m hoping that now that we are done house-sitting (for the time-being), I can get back to my regularly scheduled training program.  The Light the Night 5k is in 3 1/2 weeks, so I need to get my miles in!

Monday:  After dinner, Ben and I took Miss Annie for a nice, long walk.  It was still super cold and my face was numb by the time we got home, but it felt so nice to get outside and get my body moving.  Come on, spring!  I want to run outside!

Tuesday:  Another 3 miler.  I decided to do a 3 minute walking warm-up, because I find that my body does much better with a good warm up, and I can keep going a lot longer.  It felt good to get running again, although my left inner thigh muscle (adductor?) was super tight and had been bothering me a bit.  I finished up with lots of stretching.  I’m planning to buy a foam roller in the hopes that some massage will help.  We also took Annie for a short walk after dinner.

Wednesday:  Lazy day–no workout.  We intended to take Annie for a walk after dinner, but she has been super itchy lately, so we decided to give her a bath with her special oatmeal and aloe shampoo instead.  Since she was all wet and it was freezing out, no walk.  But I’m glad we did the bath, because she was much less restless last night, so we all slept better!

Photo Mar 28, 10 00 52 AMThursday:  I’m happy to report that this 4 mile run was a lot better than last week’s.  While it certainly wasn’t easy, I managed to run the whole time.  I experienced some yucky lung stitches for the first mile or two, but I just focused on breathing and good form, and I made it through.  Finished up with lots of stretching.  My thigh muscle felt great after some light massage and a few days off.

Friday:  After dinner, I took Annie for a 2.5 mile walk.  It wasn’t sunny and nice, but it was warm.  It felt good to be outside.

Saturday:  I got up early, fueled up with water and toast with PB, and hit the dirt for 5 miles.  This was my longest run in almost a year, and it actually felt great.  I think outdoor running is going to be a game changer for me 🙂

Sunday:  Another rest day.  We were very productive after we got home–meal planning, grocery shopping and laundry.  It felt good to get back into out home routine.

So that’s it–another week of training down.  This coming week begins higher mileages, including some that will be record breakers for me as far as distance goes.  I’m excited to tackle the challenge.

How was your week?

Sunday Summary–03/23/14

So this summary is a day late, whoops!  As I said the other day, this has been an off week.  I simply haven’t been getting to the gym as often as I’d like.  The good news is, I discovered that the people we’re house-sitting for have an elliptical and a bowflex-type thingy in the basement, so I should be able to do more cross-training this week!

Monday:  No workout.  Zip.  Zero.  Nada.  Bummer.

Tuesday:  Ran 3 miles in under 30 minutes (on a hill setting, no less!), which is a personal best for me.  I was super stoked; although my blisters are still killing me.

Wednesday:  Once again, no workout.  But I did make really delicious chicken and green beans for dinner, so that was nice.  And Ben and I spent an hour or so in the hot tub, which, if you ask me, was a great trade-off.

Thursday:  I struggled through 4 treadmill miles, with a few 60 second walking breaks mixed in.  Between the blisters and being overtired from my longer-than-normal commute, I just wasn’t feeling it today.  But I did it.  Then I did a bunch of stretching.  My reward was delicious shepherd’s pie and a big ol’ salad (not pictured cause I inhaled it)

Shepherd's Pie

Friday:  I took Miss Annie for a nice long walk this evening–about 40 minutes total.  I sprinkled in a few minutes of jogging because I could tell Annie needed the exercise, and quite frankly, I did too.  It felt great!  And it was a beautiful evening.


Saturday:  I got up early and got my tushie on the elliptical machine.  I finished a half hour program, and decided to do another one.  I discovered this morning that watching “The Walking Dead” while exercising is EXTREMELY motivating.  I need to be in shape in case there’s a zombie apocalypse!

Sunday:  I intended to take Annie for a nice long walk, but the wind was bitterly cold, and after about a half mile, I turned tail and headed home.  My cheeks were numb!  So I decided to jump on the elliptical again and did another hour, plus lots of stretching.

You may notice that I didn’t get a long run in on Saturday.  We’re staying on a dirt road that doesn’t get plowed/sanded well, and it’s been snowing a few inches almost every night, so I haven’t been able to get outside to run.  We’re also currently about an hour away from our gym, so it’s not worth driving all that way just to do a treadmill run.  This means I’m behind on my training miles, so I’ve decided to repeat Week 2 of my training program (3 mile run, 4 mile run, 5 mile run).  I may not be able to get my long run in this Saturday either, but I’ll just have to play it by ear.

How did your week shape up?

Sunday Summary–03/16/14

Instead of doing daily workout posts (so boring), I’m going to do a recap every Sunday.  I plan to also throw in fun things that happened during the week, some food porn, and other randomness.  So, without further ado, the inaugural Sunday Summary:

Monday:  Walked 2 miles to work; 40 minutes strength training and stretching (bench press, squats, leg press, row, pull-ups, abs)

Tuesday:  Walked 2 miles to work; ran 3 treadmill miles on a hill setting (level 2), at 5.5mph, and finished up with lots of stretching–my hips are SUPER tight!

Wednesday:  Walked 2 miles to work;  Since it was super snowy, I didn’t make it to the gym. Instead, I shoveled for 15 minutes, then did some arm work  at home (pushups, dips, shoulder press, biceps curls, triceps curls, bent over row with kickback)

Thursday:  Walked 2 miles to work through CRAZY snow.  Then after all my complaining, the sun came out in the afternoon and it stopped snowing, so I actually made it to the gym. I ran 3.1 miles, between 5.5 and 5.7mph, did some assisted pull-ups, and lots of stretching.

Faster than Tuesday!

Faster than Tuesday!

Friday:  Rest day.  I started out walking to work, but my friend Andrea drove by and offered me a ride.  Since it was only 9* out, I accepted gratefully.  I did walk 2 miles home, though.

Saturday:  I got up early and hit the gym to get my 4 mile run in so that we could enjoy the rest of the day.  This is the longest run I’ve done in over a year and I was really nervous, but I seem to have found my stride lately, because it felt great!  Although I did end up with some gnarly blisters.  Guess I need some new socks!

Sunday:  Rest day.  Ben and I are house-sitting in a pretty rural area, so I REALLY rested.  We drove Fran (my friend’s grandmother who we are “watching” in addition to house-sitting) to Church, then watched TV and knitted most of the day.  We did end up taking Annie (cute little Jack Russell) for about a mile walk.

I’m really proud of myself because I hit my goal mileage for training, and I did a fair amount of cross-training too.  Week one of half-marathon training in the bag!

How was your week?  Did you hit all your goals?