Gearing Up For Show Week #2

Hey friends! I have gotten lots of sleep, exercise, and Ben time since last Wednesday’s post, and I’m feeling much more like myself.

The first week of shows was a bit rocky, but by the fourth show on Saturday it felt like we’d found our stride. I was completely exhausted after 7 straight days of rehearsals and shows, but I had all day Sunday off, plus Monday and Tuesday evenings.

On Sunday, I got out for a 10k long run (which I live blogged in my IG stories, which seemed to be a hit), and then Ben and I spent the afternoon hiking a steep trail on Mt. Mansfield. We got creemees on the way home, and had a nice supper with his folks before lights out at 9:30 pm.

Monday night was another restful night, with a roast chicken dinner and Rogue One on Netflix before another early bedtime.

Last night I hit up my first CrossFit class in almost two weeks, and then Ben and I did one more date night before he takes off on the second-to-last trip of the summer. We went to our member’s club, St. John’s Club, for an al fresco dinner on the patio, and then watched Sherlock together in our PJs. It was easy, cheap, and a perfect way to spend our last night together before he heads off for another week and a half.

Tonight kicks off the second weekend of shows for Dogfight, and after taking several days of vocal rest, I’m feeling ready to get back on stage. Even though I didn’t expect it to, this show has felt every bit as vocally demanding as Chess, even though the style of singing is a lot less difficult. Maybe it’s because I have more lines? Who knows. Regardless, I’m ready to kick some ass tonight.

Isn’t it amazing what some extra sleep and down time can do?

Manic Monday – 07/24/17

Manic Monday

Training For: Covered Bridges Half?

What Was Planned vs. What Happened

Monday 07/17/17: CrossFit | 5k Run
I decided it would just be too stressful and difficult to cram a CF class into my lunch break, and zipped out for a speedy 5k between rain storms instead. It was just what I needed.

Tuesday 07/18/17: Run 3 Miles | Rest
I ran out at lunch to get some birthday cards (my mom, dad, and older sister all have late July birthdays), and just relaxed on my lunch break.

Wednesday 07/19/17: CrossFit | Rest
Exhaustion set in big time, so I used my lunch break to just relax.

Thursday 07/20/17: Run 3 Miles | Rest
I took the day off of work, slept for 11 hours, and did NOTHING all day. It was glorious.

Friday 07/21/17: CrossFit | 5k Run
It was a hot one, and my legs felt like cement for the first mile, but I was happy to get another run in this week. I needed some endorphins and sunshine.

Saturday 07/22/17: Rest | Rest
Yay, Ben was home! We spent the day together running errands, I gave him a haircut, and then he came to see the show 🙂

Sunday 07/23/17: Run 6 Miles | 10k Run + 4 Hours Hiking
Note to self: attempting a steep and difficult hike up Mount Mansfield the same day as running 10k is not a great idea. Still, it was a fun day, and I got to spend it with Ben.

Unsurprisingly, my legs and back are absolutely shredded after yesterday’s exertions, and I also didn’t sleep well, so today will be a total rest day. I’m hoping that I can hit CrossFit at least once this week, too. I miss it!

When’s the last time you overdid it with your workouts?

Friday Free-For-All – 07/21/17

Photo Jul 14, 10 05 37 AM

BEN COMES HOME TODAY! For like, three whole days! This will be the longest he’s been home since July 1, and I am STOKED. He’s coming to see the show tomorrow, and then we are both actually home on Sunday, so I’m hoping we can just do an “us” day and hang out and relax together.

I took yesterday off and slept for 11 hours after opening night. I needed that, so badly. I’ve been feeling exhausted and emotional lately, so getting a bit caught up on sleep was 100% necessary. I felt like a new woman after spending pretty much all day parked on my tush.

Dogfight is going surprisingly well. I was very, very nervous about opening, but so far, so good. We had decent audiences for our first two shows, and I’m hopeful that as word of mouth spreads, we’ll have bigger crowds. At least one woman told me last night that she’s coming back, and bringing friends, which is always encouraging!

I’M GOING TO BROADWAYCON!! What is BroadwayCon, you ask? Well, it’s like ComicCon, but for Broadway. I’ve wanted to go the last two years but just couldn’t swing it. Since I’m not doing Disney this year (sadface), I decided to do BwayCon instead. I’m going with my friend Sarah. We’re going to take the train down, and she found an INCREDIBLE deal on a hotel a 10 minute walk from the convention center. I sprung for the “Gold” pass, which gets me some fun perks, including three guaranteed photo/autograph sessions with Broadway stars. I can’t freaking wait!

Have you ever gone to a convention like ComicCon? Which one?

Dogfight Opening Night

Oh, man guys. I am le tired. The latest in the bizarre and unfortunate tale that has been this rehearsal process is that there was a “scheduling mishap” at the theatre last night. Stowe Theatre Guild’s theatre is on the top floor of the town municipal building, and somehow, an important town meeting was scheduled for last night. Because it’s the town municipal building, town business takes precedence, and we were told that we wouldn’t be able to start our dress rehearsal until they were finished. Which didn’t end up being until almost an hour and a half after we were supposed to start. I wasn’t in bed until midnight and I was up at 6 for work today. Yuck.

I’m sure with the excitement of actually having an audience, things will improve, but right now I’m so exhausted and frustrated it’s hard to feel excited. I’m not even sure I feel ready for an audience. I’m just huddled at my desk, alternating coffee and tea, and trying to get through my work day.

All I can say is, I’m so looking forward to the fall. I will NOT be auditioning for any shows, and I may not even volunteer for the makeup crew like I usually do. I just need to relax, hang out with Ben, and focus on house hunting.



Manic Monday 07/17/17

Manic Monday

Training For: Covered Bridges Half?

What Was Planned vs. What Happened

Monday 07/10/17: CrossFit | CrossFit
Another lunchtime CF workout down! We did 21-15-9 of hang snatch, overhead squats, and burpee bar jump overs with a 10 minute cap, then did some more overhead squat work. I’m finally seeing some improvement on these, yay! Not long ago I couldn’t even stand up from a squat holding a PVC pipe, but now I can use a 15# bar plus 10 whole pounds!

Tuesday 07/11/17: 3 Mile Run | Rest
Newp. Just didn’t happen. Insert excuse of your choice here.

Wednesday 07/12/17: CrossFit | Rest
I had a meeting right before lunch, which meant that I didn’t have time to change and make it to the noon class, and then I had to go straight to rehearsal after work. Boo.

Thursday 07/13/17: 3 Mile Run | Rest
Rainy day. No run. Blergh.

Friday 07/14/17: CrossFit | Rest
Pure exhaustion set in, and all I wanted was to go home and relax.

Saturday 07/15/17: Rest | 5 Mile Run
Not to get too morbid and detailed, but one of my in-laws’ cats died during the night, and I was home alone and had to deal with it, and did NOT deal with it well. Lots of tears and some mild hysteria. So I went for a nice long run to calm down. And then I went to a karaoke birthday party and sang too much and stayed up too late.

Photo Jul 15, 8 11 11 PM

Patriotic karaoke to kick off the night

Sunday 07/16/17: 4 Mile Run | Rest
This was all-day tech rehearsal for Dogfight. It was one of the fastest techs I’ve ever been a part of, and I was INTENSELY grateful to be home in time to eat supper, chat with my in-laws, and relax a bit before an early bedtime.

Overall: Not great, but could have been worse, considering that I had rehearsal every day except Friday and Saturday. I really wish I had made it to a second CF class, but I’m pumped I got a middle distance run in.

This week will be, in a word, insane. Dress rehearsals tonight and tomorrow, and shows Wednesday through Saturday. All of this after working full days every day. I would really, really love to make it to CF at least once, but I think this week it may just be out of the question. I brought my gym bag with supplies for both running and CF, and I think I’ll just make a game time call every day and do what I feel like. Which may be nothing. And that’s a-OK.

Friday Free-For-All – 07/14/17

Photo Jul 14, 10 05 37 AM

Have I mentioned lately that I miss Ben? Yeah, I miss him. He was home for approximately 24 hours on Sunday into Monday, and then promptly took off for the next leg of his crazy, jam-packed summer. The first week was sort of, “Meh, whatever, I can deal.” But this week was a lot harder. And this is just the beginning. I will maybe see him for a few hours this weekend, and then won’t see him again until the 22nd. Ugh.

Things with Dogfight are slowly but surely improving. It’s no longer the train wreck I feared it would be, and we still have 3 more rehearsals before we open. I’m just still very nervous about playing guitar onstage and singing at the same time. We may have someone play backstage while I pretend to play, but I’m not sure how much better that will be. Also, I change ON STAGE not once but twice, once WHILE singing, so yeah, I have a lot of stuff to figure out. Oy. Speaking of Dogfight…

We did another live TV promo like I did for Chess. I had to stay overnight in Stowe and get up at 4:15 am to do some live promotional segments on our local news station. I know it’s an important thing to get the word out, but man, live TV is terrifying, having my face and voice on the internet forever is terrifying, and doing it before I’ve even finished a cup of coffee just isn’t fair. If you’re interested in seeing/hearing me sing some stuff from the show, click here!

I am so. freaking. tired. Tonight will be my first night off all week, and I can’t wait to go home and just do NOTHING. The whole fam is away at the family reunion in Maine, so I’m home alone again with the animals. I woke up at 4 am after a loud noise, convinced there was someone in the house, and lay there panicking for a solid 15 minutes before realizing Creemee was just going to town on her scratching post. Oof. I’m sleeping forever tomorrow. FOREVER.


Six Month CrossFit-iversary

Today marks six months since my very first CrossFit class. I thought now would be a good time to check in with how I’m feeling and how it’s going.

As I have said many times already, CrossFit is great for me. I’m feeling a lot stronger and more comfortable in my own body than I have in a while, which is a pretty nice feeling. And I’ve had some notable gains since I first started, including:

  • I can do two or three “real” push ups (from my toes)
  • I used to not be able to do overhead squats even with just a PVC pipe, but now I can do an entire workout with a 15# bar plus a bit of weight
  • I used to be told every class that I wasn’t squatting low enough, and now I’m actually being told that I’m squatting too low
  • My shoulders look beastly, in the best possible way–my traps are POPPIN’!

I’m also really starting to feel like I’m part of the CrossFit Burlington community, which is wonderful. The people at my box are just so cool, fun, encouraging, and inspiring. Honestly, if it weren’t for the people, I don’t know that I would have stuck with it this far. The recent pig roast sort of solidified that feeling. I was nervous about it and planning to only stay for an hour or two, but ended up staying until midnight, just talking and laughing.

Additionally, my mental toughness quotient has gone way, way up. It no longer crosses my mind during a workout to say “I can’t” or “I give up.” I can slow down, or catch my breath, but stopping just isn’t an option. Even if it’s something I KNOW I can’t do, like scaling a wall during obstacle course training, I TRY. I’ve got bruises all over my arms from trying over and over again to pull myself over that wall. I’m proud of those bruises, because they represent a huge change in me. Before CrossFit, I rarely pushed myself outside my comfort zone. Now, pretty much every class has me way outside my little box, and I freaking LOVE it. CrossFit makes me feel like a total badass, like nothing else in my life, including running, has.

Unfortunately, there are some things that I haven’t yet achieved, mostly through my own shortcomings. I haven’t been super consistent with going to class since April, which makes it hard to have consistent improvement. I have a few long-term fitness/CrossFit goals that I know I will never reach if I don’t make going to class a priority, and get there more than once a week.

I also haven’t really lost any weight, which has been disappointing. I expected the fat to just melt away due to all of the lifting and gaining muscle mass. I realize this was a very unrealistic expectation, mostly due to a) not going to class consistently, as I’ve already stated, and b) nutrition, which is a constant struggle for me, as those who have been reading this blog for a while know.

The good news is, I’ve been doing really well with my “no booze during the work week” rule, and have also been doing “no sugary treats during the work week.” I said no to brownies, yesterday, people! There’s been a box of pastries on the kitchen counter since Grammy’s birthday on Sunday and I HAVEN’T TOUCHED IT. I’ve also eaten salad for lunch three times this week, and I’m drinking upwards of 90 oz of water a day for the show, so I’m currently on an upswing in the nutrition department.

Things are going to be crazy for the next month due to Dogfight rehearsals and shows, but once the show is over, I am going to fully commit to going to class three times per week, no excuses. I’m hopeful that bringing some consistency to my training and cleaning up my diet will help to encourage the improvements I’ve been missing.

Regardless of my own shortcomings, I’m SO GLAD I started going to CrossFit, and hope to continue going as long as my body and my budget allow it.

Setting My Sights on Fall

My plans to train for and then register last-minute and run the Stowe 8-Miler fell through spectacularly, as I sort of suspected they would. I was busy, I didn’t make running a priority, and I blew my budget yet again, making registration downright irresponsible, even if I had been properly trained.

Still, though, the itch to race remains. I’ve once again tentatively identified a race: the Charlotte Covered Bridges Half Marathon on September 9. Admittedly, 9 weeks to train for my first half since Wine and Dine may not be enough. But I’m much stronger these days, both mentally and physically, thanks to CrossFit. I think if I can just tough out a compressed 9 week bastardization of a Hal Higdon plan, it’s doable. It may not be pretty, and likely won’t be the PR race I’m hungry for, but it’s something.

One of the main reasons I’ve so got my sights set on this fall is because we are also aiming for fall as our target “get pregnant” time. I wrote a longer post about it but never actually hit “publish.” Long story short, we had to push back our timeline because of our Bahamas trip this spring, and that pesky little Zika virus. Our doctors recommended that we wait six whole months from our time of potential exposure, which puts our safe window right around the second week of September. When/if I get pregnant, I doubt I will have the time, energy, or desire to run long. So it’s now or never (at least for the next year or so).

It would feel pretty great to actually follow through on training and run this race, but here’s the reality check: my show opens in a week, and runs for three weeks. That’s another month of driving to and from Stowe 4-5 times a week, which only leaves my lunch breaks and weekends for getting in workouts, including both CrossFit and running. As I’ve said before, CF is my priority right now because I’m paying for it, and running on my lunch break can only happen on good weather days. So will I actually train? Only time will tell.

What’s the shortest training cycle you’ve ever used for a half?

Manic Monday – 07/10/17

Manic Monday

Training For: Nothing

What Was Planned vs. What Happened

Monday 07/03/17: CrossFit | Rest
We were released early from work, which threw off my schedule big time. I ended up just going home to eat dinner, run lines, practice guitar, and eat before rehearsal.

Tuesday 07/04/17: 3 Mile Run | Rest
I was in the Stowe 4th of July parade to promote the show, and I had intended to go home and run afterwards. My plans changed when my friend Brita invited me to her gorgeous house where we day drank and sat in the sun all afternoon, and I got a TERRIBLE sun burn. Ouch!

Wednesday 07/05/17: CrossFit | CrossFit
First noon class in the books! It was a great class, more obstacle course race-y than lift-y, which was fun. Going back to work after all sweaty and hot was tough, but I think it’s doable a few times a week.

Thursday 07/06/17: 4 Mile Run | Rest
I was still feeling my sunburn quite a bit, and didn’t want to get any more sun by running outside.

Friday 07/07/17: CrossFit | CrossFit
This workout was deceptively hard. It was 7 rounds of 2 minutes of work followed by a minute of rest, starting with a max cal row, max rep box jumps, max rep push ups, max rep dumbbell front squats, max rep ring dips, max rep burpees, and then another max call row. I was sweating like a pig by the end.

Saturday 07/08/17: Rest | 4 Mile Run
I knew Sunday was going to be a busy day, so I squeezed my run in between thunder storms on Saturday morning. It was humid as all hell, but I got it done.

Sunday 07/09/17: 5 Mile Run | Rest
It was a day full of family, rehearsal, and fun. We celebrated Ben’s Grammy’s 89th birthday with a big family BBQ. I had to leave for 4 hours in the middle to go to rehearsal, but it was still nice to see everyone. I ate way too much though, and my stomach is making me pay for it today.

Not a bad week, all things considered. I made it to two CF classes, which is my new self-imposed bare minimum, and I ran for the first time in a couple of weeks, so I’ll take it. Hoping to do at least as well if not better this week.

Friday Free-For-All – 07/07/17

Photo Jul 14, 10 05 37 AM

My sunburn is finally fading a bit. I felt SO FOOLISH walking around with big, white raccoon eyes and a red nose all week. I’ve been trying to keep everything well moisturized, but it’s only a matter of time before I start to peel. While I weirdly love peeling off dead skin, it looks gross. I have started researching all natural daily moisturizers that contain SPF so I can avoid this situation in the future…

My in-laws are taking an overnight trip to celebrate their anniversary, meaning I will be home all alone with the animals tonight. I don’t think I’ve ever actually spent a night by myself at the house, so it will be weird. Thankfully I have lots of kitties and doggos to keep me company.

Someone found this blog with the search term “beer in bed,” and it tickled the hell out of me. I rarely get to see the specific search terms that lead people to my little corner of the internet, but this one made me so happy!

What’s the weirdest search term that’s ever brought someone to your blog?