Problem Solved; For Now

I can’t believe I’m finally able to type this: I HAVE FOUND RUNNING SHOES THAT WORK FOR ME! Hallelujah, strike up the band, people! It’s been over a YEAR since I started looking for replacement running shoes, and I have finally, finally found ones that work.

The Altra One 2.5’s are my new go-to’s. I have now put about 45 miles on them, including several “long runs” and two 5k races, and things feel great. My toes aren’t rubbing and I’m not feeling any weird pain or anything. Obviously, I’m delighted.

The bad news, however, is it looks like the One 2.5’s I’m currently loving have literally just been replaced by One V3. We all know that new versions of our favorite shoes aren’t necessarily the same, and can even be different enough to make them unwearable, so obviously I am annoyed.

It seems like I just can’t catch a break. I’m planning to buy at least one pair of the limited One 2.5’s available as a backup, and I’m willing to try the V3 because of Altra’s generous 30 day return policy, but COME ON, man! Can’t I just have a shoe that’s available for longer than a year?

When you find a good running shoe, do you hoard them like I’m about to?


Friday Free-For-All – 04/28/17

Photo Jul 14, 10 05 37 AM

My acne has come back with a vengeance since I went off hormonal birth control. The only reason I went on birth control at age 18 was because I had terrible acne that didn’t respond to ANY  over the counter OR prescription meds, and I was desperate. The pill helped some, and I eventually did Accutane, which REALLY helped (and was also AWFUL for me), but I’ve never had what I would consider good skin. The last few years, though, I finally sort of figured out what worked for me and only had occasional breakouts. But now that I’m off the pill, all hell has broken loose again and I don’t know what to do with myself. My self-confidence is in the absolute pits right now. It’s also hard because I’m trying to switch to using more natural, cruelty-free products, and I’ve found those to be much more expensive than run-of-the-mill drugstore products. Ugh.

Ben is currently on spring break and I am positively green with envy. It has been SO HARD this week getting up and going to work while he’s still snoozing away. I know I should just get over it, because this is going to be my life from now on and summer is coming, but it stinks.

I have been something of a social butterfly this week. On Tuesday, I hung out with my friend Stacy who is moving to Albany after this week. On Wednesday, Ben and I went to a dinner party at our friend Erik’s house. Last night, we went out with some of Ben’s coworkers. Tonight, we’re going to a “Fundue” party. And tomorrow, Ben’s aunt Karen is coming up from New York and we’re having family dinner together. While I LOVE seeing our friends and doing fun things, all of this socialization really takes it out of me. I’m looking forward to a quiet, lazy day on Sunday to recuperate.

I bought some Vega Protein and Greens powder and a shaker bottle. Because I live 45 minutes away from my CF box, it makes getting a decent snack in me within the “optimal protein window” pretty difficult. And I’m usually RAVENOUS by the time I make it home, meaning I end up eating too much at dinner. I’m hoping that by mixing up a protein shake to drink on the way home after class, I can curb my overeating and maybe start to lose some of this extra weight I’ve picked up. A girl can dream, right?

The Altra One’s have arrived! I ordered them in 9.5 and 10 because I wasn’t sure which size I needed. I ended up keeping the 10s because I felt good about the extra room. So far, I’ve run a 5k in them. It’s still way to early to tell if I’m happy with them, but the good news is, there was nothing immediately bad about them, as was the case with the Hokas. Fingers crossed!

Have you ever struggled with acne? What products work(ed) for you?

The Return to Running

Five months is kind of a long time to take off of running. I didn’t plan to take a specific amount of time off, I just didn’t want to push myself back into something that had become a bit of a chore. Marathon training WHILE rehearsing for a show and then having a DNF, and having another weather-related race disaster with the 100 on 100 relay, I just WAS NOT FEELING IT.

Recently, I’ve been easing back into running with a couple of short runs a week. It’s been nice, and dare I say, not as challenging or awful as I thought it would be (thank you, CrossFit!). Of course, now that I’m back at it, it’s hard not to want to be exactly back where I was, running PR 5k races and putting in all the miles. It’s hard to look back at where I was this time last year and not be disappointed in my mileage and paces. I’m just trying to remind myself that I did, in fact, take five whole months off. And that this time last year I was nearing the end of marathon training, so it’s not fair at all to compare now to then. Running again feels good, for the most part, so there’s no need to let it make me upset when I’m just getting back to it.

But the shoes. DEAR GOD THE SHOES. Will my shoe saga never end? I’ve been hunting for my perfect running shoe for over a year now, and it’s hard not to feel like there may never be an answer for me. I’ve put in so much time and effort, not to mention MONEY, with zero success.

The Hoka Claytons are officially dead to me. I’ve put in about 40 miles in them over the last 9 months and still can’t go more than one mile without horrific blisters on my insteps, no matter how much anti-chafe product I slather on. I’d post pictures, but I don’t want to make anyone puke. I had to throw my blue Mirage 4s away this week because the heels were ripped out so badly that it was causing blisters on my heels. And my orange Mirage 4s (my original pair), are over 3 years old and completely shot. Which means, I’m effectively running shoe-less.

I am biting the bullet today and ordering the Altra One 2.5s in two different sizes, so I can try them on and see if they even remotely might work. I’ll keep the ones that fit the best and try them out for 30 days. Altra has an AMAZING 30 day guarantee, so I’m hoping that these might finally bring an end to my shoe woes and get me back out and running comfortably.

I really hope I can get my shoe situation together before the racetastic month of May. I’ve got FOUR races, and if I don’t have good shoes, I’m going to be a very sad panda. If I have to put in any more miles with those damn Hokas, I may quit running altogether.

Anyone in the market for a lightly used pair of Hoka Claytons?