Friday Free-For-All – 03/27/15


My cousin started his own business making raw, gluten-free, vegan desserts! David started Buckleberry Foods a couple of years ago and is starting to do really well for himself. He just expanded his kitchen space and his products can be found in specialty food stores in New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. If you live in those areas, I encourage you to find them and give them a try. David’s an awesome dude and I’m really proud of him for taking the leap and starting his own business. I need to try to track down some of his treats–Espresso Cacao Crunch? Sign me up!

I’m exhausted today. Well, even more exhausted than usual. There was a surprise karaoke outing for my friend Erik’s birthday on Wednesday night after rehearsal, and I may have stayed out until 1 am, belting out Adele and Pat Benetar and enjoying some good company. While it was fun and I don’t totally regret doing it, I ended up getting about 3 hours of sleep on Wednesday night and now feel like death. I went to bed at 9 pm last night and still feel like I could use another 18 hours of sleep. Oh well. Sometimes you’ve just gotta make irresponsible choices in the name of fun and friendship!

Today is Ben’s graduation from the Teacher Apprenticeship Program! Unfortunately, I don’t get to attend the ceremony because of Legally Blonde rehearsal, but I’ll be meeting up with him and his parents downtown for celebratory drinks later. Now Ben just has to wait for his information to be reviewed by the state, and if all goes well he’ll be a licensed teacher in a matter of weeks! I’m so excited for him, and so proud of him. We’re also feeling very lucky that he has a couple of great opportunities on the horizon, so hopefully we’ll both be gainfully employed and living on our own again by summer. Woot!

Have you stayed out/up way too late recently? What for?

Have you ever tried or seen Buckleberry Foods products?