Friday Free-For-All – 10/06/17

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We’ve been looking at houses. Yay! It’s still early times, but I figure, the more stuff we look at, the more it will help us zero in on what’s important to us, what we really want vs what we don’t want, and ultimately help us find “our” house. Unfortunately, due to the rapid pace of real estate turn-around here, cramming in viewings is messing with my schedule. Stuff keeps coming up last minute, or we can only see things on a weeknight, so I’ve been having trouble making it to CrossFit/running. It sucks, but since finding a house is really important to us, it is what it is.

I’m trying to break the “snooze” cycle. I’ve written about this before, but I have a huge problem with hitting the snooze button multiple times each morning, or resetting my alarm for a later time after it goes off. This leads to feeling drowsy all morning, and from everything I’ve read, is generally bad for one’s sleep cycle. To combat this, I’ve started leaving my phone on the desk across the room, so I HAVE to get up to turn it off. Not only that, but I turn the lights on immediately, which forces me to open my eyes and wake up. I started this on Wednesday morning, and so far, the results have been great. I wake up a lot faster in the mornings, and generally feel more energized. Fingers crossed the trend continues!

Work is gonna be CRAZY next week. Not only is it our quarterly reporting time, which is always my busiest two weeks each quarter, but my colleague is out and I’m covering all her work in addition to my own. Eek! I’ve written before about how this can be very challenging. She’s been with the company for 20 years and knows everything backwards and forwards, whereas I’ve only been with the company 3 years and only cover for her a couple of times a year. Inevitably, some weird and wonky thing comes up that has me scrambling. Fingers crossed that this week is relatively smooth.

Happy Friday!


Struggling to Adapt

This is my first week of the “new normal” now that Dogfight rehearsals are starting. During 9 to 5, I had rehearsals from 7 to 10 pm MWF, and 1-5 on Sundays. This meant that I had plenty of time to hit CrossFit MWF from 5-6, eat, clean up, and get to rehearsal. Now, I will have rehearsal from 6 to 9 pm MW and 1 to 5 Sundays. I will no longer be able to fit CF in between work and rehearsal on Mondays and Wednesdays, so my well-established schedule is out, and I’m not happy about it.

I like to have a couple of nights a week where I can either a) go straight home after work, or b) have time to do stuff with Ben and/or friends. Now that I can’t do CF Monday/Wednesday but still have rehearsal, I have to do CF Tuesday/Thursday/Friday. This means I will have ZERO nights per week where I don’t have scheduled activities. Granted, getting done at 6 pm isn’t that late, and leaves some free time, but CF leaves me sweaty and gross, so doing fun things afterward is a lot more challenging.

Also, I’m honestly not sure if I’m capable of going to CrossFit two days in a row. I haven’t done it before, and I’m still usually pretty sore the day after class. Weekends are out because I already drive to and from Burlington five times a week for work; I’m not adding in an extra commute.

I may try lunchtime classes, but because they’re an hour long, that doesn’t leave me any time for travel and/or cleaning up and changing before getting back to work. And the 6 am classes are out of the questions, because I’d have to get up at 5 am to drive into town. I’m toying with the idea of talking to my boss and seeing if I can either come in an hour late or leave an hour early on Mondays and Wednesdays and just skip a lunch break so I can fit class in more easily, but I don’t want to be a pain.

Yes, this is all first-world-problem-y, and yes, it’s a set of circumstances I CHOSE to put myself in, but, as Stewie Griffin says:

Are you adaptable, or are you married to your schedule like me?