Race Recap: Stowe Craft Brew Race 5k 2017

Where/When: May 20, 2017, 12 pm in Stowe, VT

Weather: Mid-60’s and sunny–perfect running weather!

Unlike when I did this race two years ago, I got there plenty early, and traffic was not an issue. I met my friend Megan in the parking area at about 11:20, and we were through the bib pickup line in about 10 minutes. There was a DJ playing music, plenty of porta-potties, and a water station right there at the start. We hung out, enjoying the sun and stretching, until about 10 minutes to noon, when we lined up in the starting chute.

Photo May 20, 11 58 31 AM

On the Course:
The race started right on time at noon, and we set off at an easy pace. Megan hadn’t ever run a 5k before, so we were taking it slow. After the first mile, we took our first walk break. The course was exactly the same as when I last did it; the first mile and a half are on a closed road, and the rest is on the bike path.

There was a water stop at the halfway mark, but Megan was carrying water and I wasn’t thirsty, so we didn’t stop. We took another walk break right before mile 2 to let Megan’s breathing ease up (she has mild asthma). We started running again after only a short break, and ran the remaining mile except for one uphill, and finished just under 42 minutes.

The finish line was MUCH better organized than last time I did this race. First was a line of volunteers handing out medals, then a line of volunteers with water bottles, and then a final wave of volunteers with Kind bars. It was easy to get one of everything and I didn’t feel rushed or like I had to compete with anybody to get what I needed. Megan and I sat in the grass, stretching and hydrating a bit, before heading to our cars to change for the finish line Brew Fest.

Photo May 20, 1 07 54 PM

I have to say, this year’s Brew Fest was AWESOME. There were definitely more breweries in attendance than last time, and lots more food options too. There was also cornhole, giant sets of Jenga, and a live band. The lines were never out of control, there were plenty of water stations, and it was just a gorgeous day. For the money, I feel like this is a better deal than the Burlington Brew Fest.

Photo May 20, 3 11 48 PM

We did a great job of alternating beer samples with glasses of water, and had DELICIOUS food truck fajitas for a late lunch. Samples were being served until 4pm, but Megan and I both left around 3:30. I had to get down to Stowe village for the Stowe Theatre Guild Season Kick-Off Cabaret (which was SO MUCH FUN), and Megan needed to get home to pack because she’s moving next weekend.

Photo May 20, 12 48 06 PM

All in all, this was a great experience. The Craft Brew Race has definitely addressed a lot of the issues that I had the first time I ran this race, and made lots of obvious improvements. All runners received a medal and pint glass, plus admission to the Brew Fest. There were also festival-only tickets, as well as steeply discounted designated driver tickets, so there was something for everyone. Admittedly, if it had been raining, it would have been a different story because there was no where to get out of the rain, but for the day we had, I have zero complaints, and I would do this race again in a heartbeat.

Have you ever done a Craft Brew Race? If you like beer and a well-organized race, I HIGHLY recommend it.

Manic Monday Training Recap – 05/22/17

Manic Monday

Training For: Craft Brew Race 5k (May 20)

Monday 05/15/17: 5k Run
I had something weird going on with my left elbow, so I decided to run instead of going to CF. It turned out to be a gorgeous evening and I ran my hilly route quite a bit faster than usual without it feeling extra hard. Yay!

Tuesday 05/16/17: 4 Mile Run
This should have been a CF day, but it was gorgeous and warm and sunny and I just wanted to run. So I did.

Wednesday 05/17/17: Rest
First Dogfight rehearsal, yay! We did a full read through of the script, and I’m so excited!

Thursday 05/18/17: Rest
I was planning to go to CrossFit, but when the time came, I just plain didn’t feel like it.

Friday 05/19/17: Rest
Once again, I should have gone to CF, but I didn’t feel like it.

Saturday 05/20/17: Craft Brew Race 5k
Stay tuned for a full recap later this week!

Sunday 05/21/17: Rest
I did a few things around the house in the morning, and then had rehearsal in the afternoon.

This was not a stellar week. As you may recall from last week’s post, I’m just having a hard time figuring out my priorities right now, and being whiny and resistant to changes in my schedule. However, I’m determined to knuckle down and figure things out this week. The weather is messing with my plans a bit, as it’s currently raining and today is a run day, but I’ll figure it out.

Do you find it easy to shrug off an “off” week? Unfortunately it can often cause me to backslide even further…

Manic Monday – 05/15/17

Manic Monday

Training For: Craft Brew Race 5k (May 20)

Monday 05/08/17: CrossFit
More back squats, ugh. I finally established a one rep max, though, which is good. And then we did a choose your own adventure comprised of various combinations of pull-ups, push-ups, squats, and running. Woof.

Tuesday 05/09/17: 4 Mile Run
I was going to do 3.1 miles for my 31st birthday, but my boss insisted I leave early, so I managed 4 miles before meeting my friends for dinner. I ended up with perfect negative splits for a nice little progression run.

Wednesday 05/10/17: CrossFit
One rep max on Chest Presses plus 20-15-10-5 Push Presses with progressive load, box jumps with increasing height, and a 200 m run. I finished in 13:39 and was PUMPED.

Thursday 05/11/17: 4 x 400 with W/U and C/D
My company ended up bailing on the Corporate Cup Challenge (more on that tomorrow), so I did some speed work on my lunch break instead.

Friday 05/12/17: Rest
A friend was in town from Colorado just for the weekend, so I skipped CF and we did dinner and drinks.

Saturday 05/13/17: VT Respite House Jiggety Jog 5k Race
You can expect a full recap later in the week, but if you follow me on Instagram you already saw it was a strong race 🙂

Sunday 05/14/17: Rest
I literally sat on my butt all day hanging out with my family for Mother’s Day.

This will be my first week of rehearsals for Dogfight, and due to rehearsals being in Waterbury (30-40 minutes away), I will need to switch up my schedule a bit, which I’m not super psyched about.

I’ve been on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday kick with CF for months now, and I’m reluctant to switch up my days because a) I don’t know if I can handle going to class two days in a row, and b) the only way to avoid going to class two days in a row would be to drive in from Underhill on Saturday mornings, which I don’t think I will do consistently. Ah, life.

How do you feel about changing your schedule? I’m generally not good with change…

A Very Race-tastic May

I know I haven’t been running much lately, but in spite of that, the month of May is chock full of races. I haven’t got many races that I’m planning on beyond May because I just don’t know right now what this year is going to bring, but let’s take a look at what I’ll be up to in the oh-so-full month of May.

Vermont Corporate Cup Challenge 5k – May 11
This is a race that you all probably recognize by now. In spite of the fact that it’s one of the oldest road races in Vermont, organization continues to be lacking. Parking and potties are a cluster, and race etiquette is non-existent. You may ask, “If it’s so bad, why bother?” I keep coming back because a) I get free registration through work, and b) it’s a team-building exercise that usually ends with dinner and drinks on the company. Who could say no to that?

Vermont Respite House Jiggety Jog 5k – May 13
If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I run this race every year. It’s a fundraiser for the Vermont Respite House, which provides end-of-life care for terminally ill Vermonters. My grandmother passed away there, so it’s a cause that’s near and dear to my heart. It’s also super well organized, with great post-race food and prizes. I’ve also gotten a birthday-week PR the last two years running, so it’s safe to say that I love this race and am excited for it.

Craft Brew Race 5k – May 20
My friend Hannah really wants to do her first 5k this year, and she asked if I would run the Craft Brew Race with her. Of course I said yes! I did this one a couple of years ago, and while the noon start time made for a stupid hot race, I enjoyed both the race and the brew fest immensely. Plus, Hannah is one of my favorites, so it will be fun to hang out with her for the day.

Vermont City Marathon Relay – May 28
This one is a little iffy because I know my friends Jaska and Penelope are getting married that day. I think depending on the start time of the race and the start time and location of the wedding, I can make it work. I want to make it work. My office got a relay team spot, so I’d only be running one leg of the marathon, and I think it would be really nice to have a positive experience on the course after my disastrous marathon attempt last year.

I’m glad that these are all short races, because it means I can train for them relatively easily, without having to commit to a full-on training schedule or lots of long runs. I’m also optimistic that all of the CrossFit will have helped make me stronger by then, so who knows what I might be capable of?

Do you have any races planned for May? Do any of your months look like my May as far as number of races?

Race Recap: Craft Brew Races Stowe 5k

This is a recap of my personal experience. If you’re looking for more nitty gritty race details, check out my BibRave review here. Don’t forget to review all your races on BibRave.com!

What:  Craft Brew Races 5k

Where/When:  Saturday May 30, 2015; 12 noon; Stowe, VT

Conditions:  Sunny, hot and humid


Ben and I had a leisurely morning hanging around the house, then left at about 10:45 for the 40ish minute drive over the mountain to Stowe. I wish we’d left a bit earlier, because traffic was pretty bad. We parked at about 11:50 and hightailed it to the registration area. There was a big clump of people waiting for bib pickup, and a lady screaming that in order to get our bibs, we’d need to go to a separate area to figure out our bib numbers. I was immediately pissed that they hadn’t emailed this information out beforehand. Add to that the fact that there were 6 “lines” for different number ranges crammed into about 10 feet worth of tent and it was kind of a disaster.

Eventually we got sorted, got our bibs pinned on and ran over to the plentiful port-a-potties. I came out and Ben wasn’t where I thought he was going to be, and I didn’t see him anywhere, so I just made my way to the start, and got there in the nick of time–the crowd was already moving by the time I got to the start area!

Photo May 30, 12 05 33 PM


I started out at an easy pace, feeling good and excited to run. Within the first 5 minutes Ben passed me from behind, and I didn’t see him again until after the race. The first mile was great-sunny and warm but not awful, and a family set up a beer station right at the one mile marker. I didn’t stop because I was on the opposite side of the road.

During mile 2, I started to get very hot and uncomfortable. There wasn’t a lot of shade. There was a water station at about the 1.5 mile mark, but it was SUPER congested, because it was right where the route turned from a road onto a narrow bike bath, and there was actually a line forming up for water. I didn’t want to stop, which, in retrospect, was a mistake.

The bike path was a nice change, because there was actually a little bit of shade, but even so, the afternoon was really hot and humid. During mile 3, I had to take a couple of walk breaks, just to re-set my mind a bit. As I came into the final 0.1 mile, I saw Ben near the finish line. He gave me a high five and I sprinted in for the finish.


I was feeling pretty gross, and I got a little pissy because I was standing next to a volunteer who was handing out medals and water. I was waiting for her to finish untangling a medal, and when she was done, she literally looked right at me, huffing and puffing, and turned away from me to hand a medal and water bottle to someone else. I was about to say something not very nice when another volunteer did an amazing stealth pass and slipped a water bottle and medal into my hands. It was pretty awesome.

Photo May 30, 12 53 28 PM

I met up with Ben and we went to change out of our running shoes and into flip flops. Pro-tip–always bring a change of shoes for after a race. Your sweaty, swollen feet will thank you. After that, the afternoon was spent blissfully chowing down on food truck tacos and sampling tasty brews. We ran into our friends Hannah and Jayden (Elle and Emmett in my recent production of Legally Blonde), and had a great time hanging out.

NBD, just me and Elle Woods :)

NBD, just me and Elle Woods 🙂



We didn’t bother checking our results until we left. I clocked in at 32:01, and Ben came in at 30:12, which is pretty amazing considering his training for this event was non-existent! On the way home, we stopped at Bingham Falls for a swim with all our clothes on. It was SUPER cold and refreshing–almost like an ice bath! When we got home I showered, wolfed down two hot dogs, took a two hour nap, woke up, watched a movie, and went to bed 🙂

My goals for this race were:

  • Beat Ben–nope
  • Sub-30 finish–nope
  • Don’t get wasted–CHECK! I had a nice little buzz but didn’t get too drunk and had zero hangover on Sunday

I’m not even mad that I didn’t achieve my two running related goals. I had a feeling Ben was going to sneak attack a win (what a butthead), and it was WAY too hot to worry about my pace. I should have thought about that whole noon start time thing before setting any time goals.

Have you ever had a volunteer snub you when you were desperate for water?

Have you ever done a Craft Brew Race?

Friday Free-For-All – 05/29/15

FFFA (1) It’s moving time!  We haven’t gotten the final word from our property manager, but we’re anticipating that we’ll be able to start moving into the apartment this weekend. The timing isn’t ideal; we have the Craft Brew Race tomorrow, and I have rehearsal and a birthday party on Sunday night. But what can you do? At least we (hopefully) won’t have to move stuff after work all next week.

Today will (hopefully) be my last day with a car commute, and I am SO relieved. Driving around at rush hour stresses me right out, and makes me an angry, foul-mouthed person. I seriously can’t keep my composure anymore. It’s a good thing I keep my windows rolled up, because if other drivers heard what I was yelling at them, I certainly would have more than a few road rage-induced incidents.

I’m racing tomorrow!  You can read my goals for the race here. Regardless of whether or not I hit my goals, I’m VERY excited for this race. It’s the first time Ben and I have raced together since 2012, and there’s a Brew Fest at the finish line. We also get pint glasses and medals, so I’m a happy camper. I’m just worried that the race might be cancelled, because the weather forecast is calling for thunderstorms right around the time of the race start 😦

I hit 100 miles in 2015 this week. That puts me pretty far behind in my goal to reach 500 miles for the year, but with Spartan and Wine and Dine training on the horizon, I’m confident I’ll get there. And if I don’t, it’s not the end of the world.

My 5 week Pilates class series is over. I only went to 3 of the 5 classes. While I enjoyed myself, I don’t really notice a significant difference in my body or strength. I think if I had actually gone to all of the classes, I might have had better results. I also think having more than one class a week would have helped, but oh well. It was fun to try something new, and now I know that Pilates is an awesome workout if I’m ever in the mood for something a little different in the cross-training department.

Do you drive to work? Does commuting stress you out?

Goals for the Craft Brew Races 5k

This will be my fourth 5k race this month. I’ve already PR’d once, so I’m not really gunning for a top time going into this race. I’m planning for it to just be fun, especially because Ben will be running with me! This will be the first race we’ve run together since 2012, and I’m very excited.

HOWEVER, I know my competitive side will rear its ugly head once I cross the starting line, so I’m going to do my best to be well hydrated and fueled on Saturday, because right now, my main goal is:


Theoretically, this is a distinct possibility. Ben hasn’t done any distance running to speak of in years. His broom ball season ended months ago and he hasn’t been doing any kind of cardio since then. I, on the other hand, have been running regularly and am in pretty good form. But he’s sneakily fit, and has amazing powers of mind over matter. He can just decide he’s going to do something and do it. I’m nervous.

Other, lesser goals include:

  • Sub-30 time
  • Don’t get wasted at the finish line Brew Fest

There are going to be over 40 breweries present, and we get unlimited samples. This could be dangerous. I need to remember to drink a ton of water and eat something, because we may be moving before and after the race and Brew Fest, and the last thing I’ll need is to be drunk and/or hungover and moving heavy things to a third floor walk up apartment.

Have you ever done a Craft Brew Race?

What’s your favorite beer/brewery?