Friday Free-For-All – 02/13/15


The weather for tomorrow’s race is not looking super awesome. In fact, it looks pretty yucky. Cold, cold, cold! Thankfully it’s a 5k, which means that I’ll be done in about 35 minutes and can warm up with hot chocolate and crepes.

Not to beat a dead horse, but I work for a great company. This little gem was waiting on my desk this morning–a small packet of roasted almonds and a few chocolate treats. Not so much sugar to be damaging, but enough for a little afternoon pick me up.

Photo Feb 13, 7 52 34 AM

CRISPY M&M’S ARE BACK!┬áThose of you who follow me on Instagram saw this yesterday, but it’s worth saying again: I am SO happy that Crispy M&M’s are back. Everyone knows they’re the best flavor (followed closely by almond, and then plain), and they never should have gone away in the first place. They better stick around this time. My heart can’t take losing them again.

Photo Feb 12, 1 10 48 PM

Who’s racing this weekend?

What’s your favorite flavor of M&M’s?