Friday Free-For-All – 11/17/17

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Not much news on the house front. We submitted an amended offer that included a one month housing contingency, and the seller’s team has until 5 pm today to sign. I’m not holding my breath right now. Having them sign would be a great first step, but I remain skeptical that they’ll be able to find suitable housing for the seller in one month. You never know, but I’m just not letting myself get excited right now. Patience and calm are key.

I am pretty much living for Thanksgiving break right now. As usual, I have a four day weekend, and I can’t wait to just chill out, eat delicious food, drink delicious drinks, and enjoy family time. Ben and I alternate Thanksgiving celebrations between our families, and this is our year to be with Ben’s family. This means we get to just hang out at home and not worry about packing, driving, and sleeping in someone else’s bed. Perfection!

Now that it’s dark at 5 pm and after work runs are off the table, I’m enjoying the recumbent bike at home again. It had been collecting dust for a while, but now it’s my best option for staying active on days when I just don’t feel like going to CrossFit. And since it’s at home, I can use wi-fi and watch my shows on Netflix, which helps the time go by.

Our 3rd wedding anniversary is next week! Since it’s Thanksgiving week, we are going to celebrate early by going out to dinner on Sunday night. I received a gift card to a great local restaurant for my work on the company’s United Way campaign, so dinner shouldn’t cost us a dime. Score!

We got three inches of snow last night! Of course, our totals are somewhat elevated due to the fact that we live basically on the side of a mountain, but it was SO lovely to wake up to. Now if the rest of the area would just catch up! I’d much rather look at snow than mud and sticks.

How excited are you for Thanksgiving?


Friday Free-For-All – 06/05/15

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I can’t believe I’m racing again this weekend! This will be four 5k races in four weeks! Yes, I know this is somewhat of a surprise, considering I didn’t write a goals post like I usually do. This race is purely for fundraising purposes; I’m exhausted from moving and running so many races lately, so I’m just looking to finish. The event is to support a fundraising effort for one of my sister’s students. It will be on the same(ish) course that I ran for the Color Run last year, and there will be some free food and ice cream, so I’m down.

I get to hang out with my friend Megan tonight. Megan played Paulette in the production of Legally Blonde I did in April. We’re basically the same person and I love her and miss her. We haven’t hung out in weeks! We’re meeting at Drink, a nice-ish cocktail bar downtown, and we’re inviting as many of our Legally Blonde friends as want to show up. It should be a great time 😀

Moving is coming along slowly. I’d say we’re close to halfway there. Most of the things we’ve brought into the apartment are unpacked and put away, but we still have a lot to do. I’m hoping to get some things squared away this weekend, which will lead to things feeling much more finished. But we sort of have our living room put together, and our bedroom is livable, so I’m happy.

I may have secured a bike! I got a free Schwinn mountain(?) bike from my friend Kyla. The previous tenants at her new apartment left it behind. I don’t know much about bikes, but I think the bones are good. I just need to take it to a shop to see how much it will cost to get it road worthy/if it will be worth paying to make road worthy. I REALLY want to get an estimate this weekend, because I’m desperate to have a bike for getting around town instead of driving.

Do you have a bike? What kind?

Who else is racing this weekend?