Friday Free-For-All – 01/25/19

Friday Free-For-All

My favorite black leggings have several holes in them. I know, I know, what a first world problem, right? I’ve had them for going on three years now so it’s not like this is unexpected, but I wear these leggings multiple times a week. I got them when I was working at Athleta and still had a sweet discount. I can’t really afford to replace them right now, and I’ve never found a basic black legging that I liked as much. Not having an income is a huge bummer.

I had my first rehearsal for the Disney princess show I’m in on Tuesday. I’m very, very excited for this show, but also feeling a bit nervous because I haven’t been singing regularly for a while, so I’m rusty. Add to that the fact that I’m singing one of the most well-known and challenging songs in the Disney universe (Let it Go), and I’m a bit of a mess. I’m just trying to give myself time to get back in vocal shape and not freak out.

Vera had her six-month well child visit this week. She’s actually already almost seven months old, but our pediatrician is VERY popular and her schedule books up quickly. Our little girl is still a peanut–she’s 17th percentile for weight and 19th for height. Otherwise, though, she’s healthy and thriving and that’s what matters. She’s hitting all of the developmental milestones she should, so we’re happy.

I’m trying to “train” my hair to go longer between washes. One of the runners I follow on IG mentioned this in her stories, so I clicked over to the hairdresser she said she was following. This woman has gone up to 33 days without washing her hair. THIRTY THREE! And it still looked good! I’m not saying I want to go that long between washes (and with my fine hair and greasy scalp, I doubt I could), but right now I have to wash every other day. It’s just not very convenient when I have a lot of hair that takes a while to dry, it’s cold and wintry, and I have a small baby to take care of. If I could get to a place where I wash every three or four days, that would be ideal. Let’s see how it goes! I’m about to get very friendly with dry shampoo. And possibly hats, haha!

Have you ever heard of hair training? How often do you wash your hair?

Friday Free-For-All – 01/11/19

Friday Free-For-All

The #rbdrunstreak2019 is still going strong! I’m now 11 days in and feeling really good. I’m focusing on doing plenty of stretching and rolling, and trying to alternate “longer” runs with single mile days. I definitely feel like my stamina is improving, and I’m starting to feel like a runner again. I like it!

I did a couple of small car “maintenance” projects that have been on my list FOREVER. First, I changed the bulb in the overhead light. You know, the one that turns on when you open the car door? Ours blew a while ago, and it’s crazy how much you actually need that little light during dark winter nights, especially with a baby and all the attendant crap in the car. I also changed the auto-unlock settings. Since we bought our car, the settings have been that when we turn the car off, ONLY the driver’s door automatically unlocks, which is not a big deal, but can be inconvenient, especially, again, with a baby. Nothing is more annoying than trying to open the door to put the car seat in and having the door still be locked. I’m SO HAPPY to have done these two things. The last thing on my list is to get the battery in my fob replaced so I can use the lock/unlock buttons again. That’s another one of those things that becomes kind of important when you’re juggling a car seat, diaper bag, purse, and shopping bags.

Instagram targeted ads totally got me. I ordered a SheFit Apparel Ultimate Sports Bra last week after seeing them advertised. As has been covered pretty much ad nauseum on this blog, I am a busty runner, and have a hard time finding sports bras that cover the nexus of affordability, comfort, and support. The SheFit has pretty awesome fit and support, and a decent price, but I’m having some chafing issues at the moment. Stay tuned for a full review later.

I was cast in a show this week! It’s a Disney princesses and villains cabaret for kids. I am super rusty, so I just went in with zero expectations, more to get the feel for auditioning again and see my friends than with any thought that I might be cast. But lo, and behold, I got it! And I’m singing Let it Go from Frozen and Mother Knows Best from Tangled. No pressure, right? I can’t wait for rehearsals to start!

Have you ever changed the settings on your car or changed a bulb yourself?

Countdown to Disney!

One week from today, I will be flying to Orlando for the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon weekend, and I couldn’t possibly be more excited about it.

Work has been very busy and stressful this fall, and things have been very busy and chaotic personally as well, so I’m really looking forward to five whole days off of work, eating and drinking my face off at the Food and Wine festival, riding tons of rides, and soaking up some sun and warmth to fortify me through the cold, dark winter months ahead.

In anticipation of this most exciting trip, I will leave you with a few photos from last year’s trip, because it seems like all I want to do today is look at Disney pictures and dream about Mickey-shaped treats.



RIP Main Street Electrical Parade 😥


RIP Osborne Lights 😥


Quick Post-Disney Check In

Hi friends! I’m back from Disney World and slowly readjusting to normal life. I’m exhausted, but I had an awesome time. Stay tuned for a race recap! Of course, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the Wine and Dine Half Marathon turned into the Whine and Dine Quarter Marathon. Even though it wasn’t what we were all hoping for, it was still so much fun, and now I just have to go back to run the full course next year. #redemptionrace

This week may be a bit of a wash on the blog front. I kind of forgot that I’m on the makeup crew for Lyric Theatre’s White Christmas, so I have to be at the theatre every night this week from about 5-10 (or later), after working all day. I’ll try to get my race recap to you as soon as possible, as well as maybe a trip recap, but we’ll see. It all depends on how much sleep I get and how much free time I’ve got. I’m also way behind on reading and commenting on all of your blogs, but I’ll try to get caught up soon!

Happy Tuesday!

Friday Free-For-All – 10/30/15

FFFA (1)

The outpouring of support after my marathon announcement on Tuesday has been incredible. So many people have reached out to say good luck, congratulations, offer help, and say that they’ll be there to cheer me on. A friend of mine (multiple marathoner) who moved to Oregon recently sent an email offering tips, tricks, and even to help me with a training plan, and a friend from college who has run VCM actually popped by the blog to offer some advice. If I wasn’t excited already, I’m even more excited now that I know what an amazing support system I have in place. I can’t wait to start officially training in January!

I leave for Disney in less than a week! To say I’m excited would be the biggest understatement of all time. I haven’t been to Disney since I was three years old, so there’s the excitement of going to the Happiest Place on Earth, riding the rides, seeing the sites, and eating the food. But I also get to run a half marathon through the parks, and it culminates in a finisher’s party that’s part of the Food and Wine festival. And best of all, I FINALLY get to meet most of Team Can-Am in person. I’ll be running with Kim, Kellie, and Nicole, and we’ll be carrying a flat Lisa along for 13.1 miles of fun.

I still don’t have a Halloween costume. I was going to buy one of those Star Wars onesies, but when it came right down to it, I couldn’t justify the $25 for glorified PJs. I’ve had a few ideas since then, but nothing that wouldn’t involve spending money that I’d rather save for Disney. I may just have to bust out my tried and true Dorothy costume that I’ve worn umpteen times. We’ll see I guess. Speaking of Halloween…

I have not one, but TWO Halloween parties to attend tomorrow. Some theatre friends are hosting their annual Halloween shindig, and then another friend of ours is hosting one later in the evening as well. I feel like I’m back in college. PARTY TIME. EXCELLENT! Of course knowing me, I’ll still be home and in bed by midnight. I try to hang, but I’m just not that cool anymore.

Are you dressing up for Halloween? Any parties or fun plans?

Friday Free-For-All – 02/20/15


I had an audition last night! You already know that I’m a theater kid, and I’m currently involved with Legally Blonde the Musical, which goes up in April. Last night I auditioned for the musical Chess, which would happen in late summer. This is a great show, and it’s with a theater group that I’ve always wanted to work with, but never have before. It’s always tough to tell how things went, but hopefully by Monday I’ll have some news!

This is a jam-packed weekend. Rehearsal tonight, then tomorrow morning Ben and I are driving to my parents’ house in Quechee (about an hour and a half South) because my younger sister is visiting from Detroit. Then tomorrow night we’re driving back up for a party with the cast of Legally Blonde. Then Sunday I have rehearsal all afternoon, and then there’s a potluck dinner for the cast and crew of Legally Blonde. Whew! I’m tired already!

I’m getting a promotion! My boss called me into her office yesterday afternoon to let me know that I’d be transitioning into a different position, one that will be SO MUCH MORE interesting and engaging than the admin stuff I’m currently doing. It’s going to be challenging, but I think it will be a great change for me. It will be a slow transition with training and stuff over the next couple of months, and my official start date will be May 1!

I wish I were going to be in Disney this weekend. My fellow members of Team Can-Am, Lisa, Kim, Kellie, and Nicole, will all be there this weekend for the Princess Half Marathon and Glass Slipper Challenge. I’m very sad that I won’t get to be there running and/or cheering, but I know Lisa, Kellie and Nicole are going to rock their races and have a blast, and Kim will be the best cheerleader anyone could ask for. And we’ll all be together for Wine and Dine in November 😀

Are you doing anything fun this weekend?