First Post-Baby Race: DNS

Those of you who follow me on Instagram already know this, but my first post-baby race didn’t exactly go the way I’d hoped. In fact, it didn’t go at all.

We packed up the car and headed to my parents’ place on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. It was our first holiday as a family of three, and we were excited to see my parents and my sisters. I made lists on lists to make sure that we wouldn’t forget anything we might need with a baby in tow. But I forgot one crucial thing for myself: a sports bra.

While for some women, the lack of a sports bra might not be a deal breaker, that is SO not the case for me. I was a busty runner long before baby, and now that I’m breastfeeding, my boobs are even more out of control. I can’t just run out to Walmart or Target and get something last-minute. Of course, I discovered the missing sports bra at 7 am on Thanksgiving, so even if I weren’t a busty lady, replacing the bra would have been tricky. Add to that the fact that Baby V had her first fever overnight on Wednesday into Thursday and we were up all night, well, it wasn’t exactly a recipe for a good race anyway.

Obviously, I was incredibly disappointed that I wouldn’t be running. But honestly? It was kind of a blessing in disguise. It was absolutely FRIGID on Thanksgiving morning, and windy to boot. And I would have had a really hard time leaving a sick, cranky baby to go run.

This was yet another reminder that life with a baby is always going to be different, and will continue to throw curveballs. My priorities have shifted and that’s OK. As one IG follower commented, “Baby snuggles > running.”

When is the last time you DNS’d a race?

The Race That Wasn’t


I was supposed to run my 4th consecutive VT Corporate Cup Challenge on Thursday night. As you have already gathered from my Manic Monday training recap, I did not. And I am 100% ok with it.

I have a complicated relationship with this race because, while I get free registration, an early release from work, and free dinner, the race itself has a lot of logistical issues. Usually, we have a pretty high rate of participation in our office, but for some reason, this year just didn’t work out. One by one, people kept dropping out due to injuries, illness, or business conflicts. A determined core of 4 of us were still planning to go as of Thursday morning, but I’d be lying if I said I was excited about it.

When our office manager walked into my office around lunchtime and said, “How bad do you wanna race tonight?” I was IMMEDIATELY ready to throw in the towel. Getting into Montpelier for this race is a HUGE hassle that always stresses me out. The weather was really iffy. And quite frankly, I didn’t want to spend my entire evening out and about, driving an extra 40+ miles.

Instead of racing, our team just went out for a nice dinner and drinks on the company dime. The whole thing is about team-building and spending time together anyway, and it’s a heck of a lot easier to get to know each other over dinner than it is during a race. And then I was home at a totally reasonable hour, which was also wonderful.

It’s kind of funny that May was supposed to be this crazy race-filled month, and now I will only end up running 2 out of the original 4. Considering that the two I’m missing are the two I didn’t have to pay for, I’m certainly not that broken up about it.

What do you do when you’re just not feeling a race? Push through, or bail?

Manic Monday – 03/23/15

Photo Dec 30, 12 48 14 PM

A nasty cold really derailed this week. I didn’t run once.

Monday 03/16/15:  Unscheduled Rest Day. This should have been an easy 3 mile run, but I was feeling really yucky after work, so I just ran a few errands before rehearsal, where I did a fair bit of dancing and jumping rope. I also did 10 push ups, 10 triceps dips, and a 30 second plank before bed.

Tuesday 03/17/15:  Rest Day. I was still feeling gross, so Ben and I went out for dinner and a movie. I still managed 10 push ups, 10 triceps dips, and a 30ish second plank when we got home. I was in bed, lights out, by 10.

Wednesday 03/18/15:  Unscheduled Rest Day. I developed a nasty cough overnight, so no running, again. 😦 I had rehearsal and did some jump rope stuff, but was mad to miss another day, especially during race week. But I did my push ups, triceps dips, and plank.

Thursday 03/19/15:  Rest Day.  It was my younger twin sisters’ birthday, so I met up with my parents, one of my sisters (the other one lives in Detroit), and her boyfriend for a drink and some appetizers at Buffalo Wild Wings. I was really proud of myself for only having one beer and a few nibbles before going home to a dinner of brown rice chicken stir fry. Yum!

Friday 03/20/15:  Unscheduled Rest Day. I was still feeling sick, and wanted to reserve all of my energy for rehearsal, since I knew we were going to be working the jump rope number  A LOT. I picked up my bib for Saturday, gassed up the car, and picked up my shoes for the show, then had a long, tiring rehearsal, and went to bed.

Saturday 03/21/15:  Spring Fling 10k. When I went to bed Friday night, I had every intention of getting up to try and at least run, if not “race” the 10k. Unfortunately, I had a miserable night of sleep and my sinuses were full of gunk, so when my alarm went off in the morning, I made the decision to stay in bed and try to get more sleep. I’m gonna talk a bit more about this decision in tomorrow’s post, but in short, I have no regrets. I spent the day watching movies and knitting and it was just what I needed.

Sunday 03/22/15:  4 hours of jumping rope and dancing at Legally Blond rehearsal. It was a good rehearsal, and it really feels like things are coming together. Less than three weeks until opening night!

The goal for this week is just to get healthy. My schedule is only going to get more crazy over the next three weeks, so I need to be taking care of myself.

When is the last time you took a complete lazy, sitting-on-your-butt day?

My First DNS?

I’m taking a break from happy wedding stuff to talk about something not so fun.  I promise a wedding recap is in the works.

As I’ve already mentioned a couple of times (here, here and here), I’m having foot issues.  According to my research, it looks like a possible stress response or maybe stress fracture, because the pain lessens with rest, and increases with use.  This means that I wake up every morning feeling fine, and then my foot begins to hurt more and more throughout the day, which is a horrible tease.

For the last few days, it hasn’t been super bad, but it’s also not really getting better.  I’ve been just a little bit busy lately what with getting married and all, so I haven’t made an appointment with the doctor yet.  I’ve also been kind of putting it off because in my brain, if I don’t have an actual diagnosis, I can just sort of pretend it’s not happening and do my own thing, whereas a diagnosis and doctor’s orders might involve things like boots and not running for 6 weeks.  I’m also sort of afraid of the potential cost of diagnosing my issue.  I’m on a high deductible insurance plan, which means I pay for everything out of pocket until I hit $2500, and x-rays and MRIs ain’t cheap.  And then there’s the possibility that after spending all the time and money for appointments and imaging, I could walk out without a diagnosis at all, and just end up back where I started…

I haven’t run in about 2 weeks, which up ’til now hasn’t been a problem because I’ve been so busy. But I’m signed up for a Turkey Trot 5k on Thursday and a Santa 5k on December 7, and as of right now, I don’t think I’ll be able to do either.  I’ve never had a DNS before, and now I may have 2 in a period of about 2 weeks.  This stinks on multiple levels.  Firstly, that’s about $75 in registration fees that I can’t get back.  Thankfully, both races support excellent charities that I’m happy to give my money to, but it’s just not the same as giving them my money and doing a fun race.

Secondly, the Turkey Trot is a pretty easy course, and I was hoping that after a strong summer training season and a half marathon PR, I could get a shiny new 5k PR too.  That’s obviously out of the question now.  Even if I do run on Thursday (yes, thank you for your concern, I know I shouldn’t), there’s no way I will race it and risk further injury.

I will most likely head over on race morning, pick up my t-shirt and bib, and just cheer on the other runners.  It will make me really pissy, but I guess I’ll survive.  And in the meantime, I’d better call the doctor.

Have you ever had a DNS (did not start)?

How do you handle injury? Do you rush straight to the doc, or do you try to ignore it and hope for the best?

Are you running a Turkey Trot on Thursday?