Weird Week

It’s been a weird week.  We’re house sitting for a very dear friend’s mother, watching her dog and mother (so basically we’re grandma and dog sitting).  Fran (grandma) and Annie (dog) are lovely and we really enjoy staying there, but it’s been tough sticking to our normal routine.

Typically, I’d be walking 2 miles to work every day, but now I’m driving.  We also usually do lifting on Monday and Wednesday nights, but someone needs to be home to help Fran with dinner, and since I’m still running on Tuesday/Thursday, I’m on dinner duty Monday/Wednesday.  This means I’m not getting any of my cross-training days in, which stinks.  I definitely sleep better and am generally in a better mood if I work out regularly.

And on top of that, our gig just got extended another week.  Initially, someone was supposed to come take over on Sunday, but she needs emergency heart surgery (poor thing!), so we’ll be away from home another week.  It’s going to be really difficult staying on track when we’re not at home.

How do you keep up with your training when you’re on the road?