Quick Monday Check-In

Hi, friends!

I didn’t really mean to disappear for two weeks, but c’est la vie. I was feeling exhausted and rundown, Vera wasn’t sleeping well, and then Ben’s spring break was last week, so I decided to spend my time doing other things.

Break was lovely. We spent lots of time together as a family, and got a ton of projects done around the house. We also have had fairly decent success with dropping overnight feeding and getting Vera to sleep through the night. And by success, I mean she only cries for forty minutes a night versus three straight hours. Fun times.

Now Ben is back to work and I’m sitting here with a cup of coffee, trying to get back into the swing of SAHM life. My race is in a little less than two weeks and I’m looking forward to that. I’ve been keeping up with running, though not really with strength or yoga, but I’m ok with that.

And on a completely random note, I unfriended someone on Facebook last night for posting GoT spoilers. Yeah, really. He posted literally moments after the episode ended, with a charming little note to the effect that if one hadn’t yet seen the new episode, one wasn’t really a true fan and therefore too bad.

Granted, I had already seen it, so he didn’t spoil anything for me. But that casual “fuck you” attitude for other people’s feelings really pissed me off. Ever heard of time zones, buddy? Ever heard of responsibilities like jobs, travel, and children that might prevent someone from watching immediately?

I’m the first to say that expecting everyone everywhere to avoid posting spoilers for all time is unrealistic, and if you really don’t want to see spoilers you probably should avoid social media. HOWEVER, I think a respectful 24 hours is due. And maybe a little sympathy for your fellow fans.

Has anyone ever spoiled a show/movie for you? How did you handle it? Am I overreacting?

Friday Free-For-All – 01/05/18

Photo Jul 14, 10 05 37 AM

Things are still moving forward on the house. We were thrown yet another curveball this week, but I think we’re still on track. At worst, we may have to push back closing a few days, which is not the end of the world. Keep those fingers crossed!

In spite of the crazy snowstorm and cold temps, I braved a night out with some friends last night. Stacy moved to Albany this past spring, but she was in town for work, so she, Abbie and I got together at the little “bistro” at the hotel where Stacy was staying. It was SO GOOD to see my friends, even if my drive home was a little hairy.

After all the holidays and visitors we’ve had, I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend. Of course, having Emily, Leah, and Jirka home for the holidays was awesome, but it meant we had a VERY full house and not a lot of quiet time. I want to sleep in and do lots of relaxing.

This week, I received one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever gotten. My aunt Lisa (dad’s sister) put together a beautiful binder of family recipes. From her, my Aunt Sherri, my Grammy, and my Great Grammy. Some of the recipes are even photo copies of hand-written originals straight from Grammy’s kitchen! Almost every essential is in there, from bread to pie crust to fudge and beyond. I can’t wait until we have our own kitchen again so I can get cooking!

What’s the most thoughtful gift you’ve ever received?

Weekend Update – Happy New Year!

Dang, I love long weekends! Three days off in a row is wonderful, but only having a four day work week after is the icing on the cake 🙂 I had a low-key but still super fun holiday weekend. Let’s look back at it, shall we?

After work, I headed to the gym for a little treadmill action, then went to my friends Nick and Nikki’s new house to check it out. They just closed today and were in the middle of a painting spree, so it was a bit chaotic, but I’m so excited for them! These are the friends who lost everything in St. John after Hurricane Maria, so I’m ecstatic that they get to put down some roots and have stability again. The best part is, their new house is in the same town as the house we’re (hopefully) buying, so we’ll still be super close. Yay!

After that, I headed back home for some family time. Emily and Jirka were scheduled to leave on Saturday, so we wanted to cram in more Catan and hanging out.

Emily and Jirka left for the airport around 9:30, which was a huge downer, but I’m very glad they got to be here for almost a month. After saying our goodbyes, we headed to our vet’s office to pick up Rocket’s prescription food, and then helped Nick and Nikki move for a few hours. It was a pretty streamlined process, and when we were done, they fed us pizza, which was awesome.

We got home around 2:30 and spent the afternoon napping, reading, and otherwise relaxing. After supper, an intense game of Catan took place, and then everyone was up late drinking and hanging out. It was a late night, and Ben fell asleep on the couch and didn’t get into bed until almost 5 am!

We all slept in late and had a leisurely breakfast. Around 11, mom, dad, and Leah headed into town to visit Grammie, who’s in the hospital with pneumonia, while Ben and I hung out for a bit longer before heading into town to do some errands before visiting Grammie.

Our visit at the hospital was short, but Grammie seems to be on the mend and eager to get back to her room at Sterling House, which is a good sign. At home, we had a simple supper of sandwiches and chips, then had a super low-key NYE. There was some Catan, but mostly lots of relaxing, and nobody made it to midnight. Leah had a 6 am flight back to DC, so we all went to bed relatively early. NYE in my 30’s is very, very different from NYE in my 20’s, haha!


Leah was already long gone by the time we rolled out of bed. I ate a quick breakfast and got right down to business. I put all my laundry away, made our bed, cleaned up our room, and vacuumed the whole downstairs. It always feels good to start the week off with things all put away and tidy.

Ben’s truck hadn’t been starting due to the cold lately (the highest temp we’ve seen in a week is 13!) so when we were able to start it today, we decided a little scenic drive would be a good idea to get the engine all warmed up. We drove by our house and saw that there’s a big dumpster outside, so it looks like cleaning and moving is going ahead there. Yay!

On the way home we stopped at our friends Norm and Jennifer’s house for a cup of tea and a cozy chat by the fire before heading home to lunch. I spent the rest of the afternoon continuing to get caught up on life stuff, mostly reading blogs and typing this post up, as well as giving myself a manicure.


Ben made a nice roasted chicken supper, and we were in bed pretty early, both of us dreading heading back to work today. At least it’s a short week!

This will be a busy week for me as I have at least one commitment every single evening after work, and today will be one of my busiest days of the quarter at work. But hey, at least it makes the days go by!

How did you ring in the new year?

Friday Free-For-All – 12/01/17

Photo Jul 14, 10 05 37 AM


Thanks for all your kind thoughts about Harley. She was truly a special pup, and will be missed.

We are officially under contract on our house! Things are far from certain, and the situation is still fairly complex, but we are absolutely delighted to have taken a concrete step in the right direction. Next comes all the inspection BS, hiring a lawyer, making sure financing is good etc. If all goes well, we will close in mid-January. Keep your fingers crossed!

My sister in law Emily comes home from Prague tomorrow! She is bringing her boyfriend, Jirka, and they will be home for almost the entire month of December, which the whole family is excited about. Tomorrow is also my father in law’s birthday, AND we’re seeing a show, so it’s big doings around here!

Christmas music season is in full swing for me. I know some people (like Ben) can’t stomach it until basically the week of Christmas, but I’m obsessed. We have a local radio station that plays Christmas music non-stop from Thanksgiving until Christmas, and you can bet I’ve been tuned in constantly.

I have a new snack obsession. Plain Greek yogurt with Honey Nut Chex. I know it sounds weird, but trust me, it’s delicious. You get a nice crunch and sweetness from the Chex, almost like granola. But I’m not a super huge fan of granola, whereas I could eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plus, you’re getting a good mix of protein and carbs. Give it a try! I’m sure you’ll thank me later 😉

How do you feel about Christmas music?

Weekend Update – Friends and Family

Hi friends! Since I’m no longer training for anything in particular, training logs are out, and Weekend Update is in!

Friday was a bit of a whirlwind. I ended up leaving work early to go look at a house with Ben (another big fat “no”), then met my friend Stacy at Burlington Bay Market for dinner before seeing the show. We ended up getting creemees and a bottle of whiskey (for after the show) as well 🙂

Ripcord was AWESOME. Laugh out loud funny and poignant too. The cast was phenomenal and the direction by our friend Abbie was spot-on. After the show, we headed to our accommodations for the evening: the Starlight Inn. It’s a delightful little motel that is Hollywood themed, and we stayed in the Elvis Presley room. So fun!

Photo Oct 14, 8 10 33 AM

After a late night of laughing, talking, and drinking, we were up relatively early for breakfast at the Guilty Plate Diner right across the street. I had the most delicious breakfast burrito I’ve ever had, and then we parted ways.

I headed home to quickly re-pack my overnight bag for a trip to my parents’ house, and Ben and I were on the road by 10:30 am. We arrived in Quechee right around noon, and commenced a super lazy weekend. We had unseasonably warm weather this weekend, so we spent a lot of time lounging on the deck, talking and eating snacks.

Photo Oct 14, 3 10 48 PM

My dad made a heavenly dinner of pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes, and a cheesy, spicy corn dish. We stuffed ourselves, then watched playoff baseball until I called it an early night around 9:30.

I slept for almost 12 hours, which I needed after Friday night’s exertions. Dad whipped up a big breakfast, and then he and mom went off to a couple of yard sales, while Ben and I made a quick trip to the NH Liqour Outlet (no taxes!), then went for a long walk around the neighborhood.

Photo Oct 15, 1 31 59 PM

My folks were home by the time we got back, and we had another lazy afternoon of football watching and snack eating. Dad made an early dinner of grilled burgers with potato chips, and then Ben and I headed for home.

We unpacked all our stuff, watched one episode of a TV show, and were in bed by 10. Perfection.

Have you ever stayed at a themed hotel (other than Disney)?

Friday Free-For-All – 10/13/17

Photo Jul 14, 10 05 37 AM

I am officially on the #pumpkineverything bandwagon. Usually, I just stick to tried and true items like the PSL, but I’m branching out this year. So far, the clear winner is the Pumpkin Spice Rx Bar (so delicious!), and the loser is Burt’s Bees Pumpkin Spice lip balm. It smells more like chai and has a terrible aftertaste. I still want to try the pumpkin spice Cheerios too.

I’m having a sleepover tonight! My friend Stacy and I are going to see the show that our friend Abbie directed, and then we’re having a grown-up sleepover at a hotel. Whee! I’m excited to see my friends and have an all-night ladies night. This week at work has been pretty rough and I need to unwind a bit.

We’re going to see my folks this weekend. Once again, it’s been longer than I’d like to admit since we’ve headed down to see them. Unfortunately, mom has to work on Sunday, and we aren’t arriving until midday Saturday, so it’s a somewhat abbreviated visit. Still, it’s the first weekend we’ve had/will have free for a bit, so it was now or never. I’m looking forward to just relaxing and spending time with the fam.

Workout motivation is super low right now. I worked out once last week, and twice this week. I bring my gym bag with me to work every day, and when the time comes to go to class or go for a run, I just put my poor, neglected gym bag back in the car and go home. Blame it on what you will–the time of year, post-race blues, my insatiable desire to watch Netflix and knit–it’s a thing, and I’m not worried about it. Motivation ebbs and flows, and after finally hitting my half marathon PR goal, I don’t have anything driving me.

Happy Friday the 13th!

The FOMO is Real


I don’t suffer too much from FOMO as far as social events go. I’m a bit of an introvert, and usually I’m pretty happy to just be hanging out at home with my cats and my husband. I’m generally happy when plans fall through or people bail, because it means I don’t have to put on pants and a bra and leave the house.

The only things I get true FOMO about are shows. Namely, shows that I want to audition for but somehow don’t work with my schedule, or could have auditioned for and didn’t and now I’m missing out on the experience. This FOMO is what has led to me doing two shows back-to-back on numerous occasions, even when I was exhausted and it probably would have been better to just take a season off.

As I contemplate our (hopefully) impending pregnancy, I’m ALREADY obsessing over the shows and theatre opportunities I might miss. For instance, Lyric Theatre Company’s fall show A Christmas Story the Musical is auditioning right now. The music is by Pasek and Paul, of Dear Evan Hansen and Dogfight fame. There’s a GREAT part for me. And the rumor mill is suggesting that audition turnout hasn’t been that great, meaning that I stand a very strong chance of getting the part I want. SO TEMPTING. Obviously I’m not auditioning because hello I need a break. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

What if a local company does a show I really, really love while I’m 6 months pregnant, or I’ve got an infant child dependent on breast milk? I live in a relatively small city in a small state and some opportunities literally only come up once in a lifetime. I only have so many years left where it’s feasible for me to be cast in RENT, or The Last Five Years. Dogfight is a perfect example–it was the first time the show had ever been performed in Vermont, and due to the fact that it’s a small, not well-known show that never made it to Broadway, it might be YEARS before it’s produced in the area again, if ever, at which point, I will be too old to play Rose. I got lucky on this one.

I just can’t seem to shut off the nagging voice in my head that’s telling me to run out RIGHT NOW and audition for anything and everything I can until I’m too pregnant to pass as non-pregnant. I’m exhausted and burned out and have SO MUCH TO DO but I can’t help but think “What if I don’t get to do another show for a year? Two years? THREE YEARS?” I play mind games with myself, like, “You might not even get pregnant the first month. Or second. Or third. You could totally do a show this fall.” Which is INSANE! Cause if I do get pregnant right away, I’d be working a full time job AND rehearsing 15+ hours a week during my first trimester. That sounds terrible. But then, that devil’s advocate again. “If you don’t get pregnant by January, you can TOTALLY audition for the spring show.” I can’t stop.

Obviously, starting a family is my priority, and once you have a child/children, you’re simply going to miss some things. That’s how it goes. I get it. I’m sure once I have my own actual child, I will be a lot less worried about FOMO and more worried about keeping said child clean and fed and happy than “Oh, man, I could be rehearsing 20 hours a week right now.” I firmly believe that having children won’t preclude me from pursuing my passions. I have a loving, supportive husband who wants me to do what makes me happy. We are a team, so it’s not like I have to worry about, “Oh, well Ben can’t handle the kids without me.” That’s silly. It will just take some time to adjust to life with children. And I truly can’t wait. I just need to tell the FOMO to kindly shut the hell up.

Do you ever suffer from Fear of Missing Out? How do you handle it?

Friday Free-For-All – 05/12/17

Photo Jul 14, 10 05 37 AM

I met my fundraising goal for the Jiggety Jog this weekend! I actually surpassed it, thanks to the generosity of my friends and family, and I couldn’t be happier. Every year, I hear from so many people about how the Respite House made a difference in their lives or the lives of their families, and I am so proud to support such an amazing cause. Now all that’s left to do is run a victory lap of a 5k race 🙂

My birthday was Tuesday. I am now 31 years old, and not ashamed to say it. Although I did buy some eye cream this week, hehe. I also got a new driver’s license on Monday since mine expired on my birthday. My good luck streak with license photos continues; it’s not a perfect photo, but it isn’t half bad either.

We’re going to visit my parents this weekend. I’m ashamed to say I can’t remember the last time we went down to see them. They’re just far enough away that it always seems really hard to get there. I feel guilty sometimes, but then I remind myself that it’s JUST as easy for them to come to us, which they haven’t done either. It’s a two-way street, ya’ll. But anyway, we’ll be doing a joint Mother’s Day/birthday celebration for my mumma and me, and all of my sisters except the one who lives in Detroit will be there. Yay!

Do you have any Mother’s Day plans?


The Words You Never Want to Hear/Read

I got a text from Ben on Wednesday morning that read “FYI we’re in lockdown. My class is safe.” Apparently someone called and made threats of violence against Essex High School, so the entire school went into lockdown mode for almost three hours, while rumor swirled.

There wasn’t much more information on the outside, as news outlets just circulated the same basic story. I was stuck at work, which was actually a great distraction, but I was preoccupied all day, constantly refreshing the Burlington Free Press website for updates, worrying about the what-ifs.

Thankfully, police and a bomb squad ensured the safety of everyone in the school, and Ben came home Wednesday afternoon, but it was a scary, weird day. When you see this kind of stuff on the news, you never think it could happen to you.

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time Ben and I have been in this sort of situation; we lived in the Boston area in 2013, and he worked downtown. After the marathon bombings, he was stuck at his office, and I was in Watertown. Cell phones weren’t working and I had to call his office to get a hold of him to make sure he was ok.

And we were in Watertown the night the Tzarnaev brothers led police on a high-speed chase down Mt. Auburn Street. We had just gotten back to our apartment from dropping my sister off at Logan and Ben said “I think those are gunshots.” And I said, “No way, it’s just firecrackers.” And then there was an explosion, and we hid in our basement for 2 hours, listening to police scanner apps on our phones. And then spent the entire next day on lockdown along with all the other citizens of Boston.

I am very grateful for the quick, decisive action of the school district and local law enforcement for keeping the students and teachers safe. Now I just hope they find the bastard who called in those threats.

Weekend Update: Family Visits, LuLaRoe, and Taco Night

Happy Monday, all! This weekend went by in a blur. They just never seem long enough!

Work–>CrossFit–>Rehearsal is my usual Friday night schedule. We were released a bit early, which was excellent, because Ben’s uncle Bill and cousin Justin decided to make an impromtu visit to see Grammy before Justin moves to Colorado in a couple of weeks. I arrived home just before they did, and managed to start a fire in the woodstove by myself for the first time ever! We had a few drinks and chatted for a while, and I went to bed around midnight. They stayed up until the wee hours!

I slept in until about 9:30, then got up to find breakfast-making already in full swing. Ben and uncle Bill made bacon, eggs, and home fries, yum!

We were supposed to take Grammy out for lunch, but breakfast ended up being more like lunch, so we went for an afternoon visit instead. We chatted for an hour or so, and then I headed over to my friend Abbie’s house for a LuLaRoe party. I was a good girl and only bought one shirt, even though there were at least five other things I wanted. I wish I’d had more time to chat and hang out, but I needed to head back and pick up Ben for taco night at our friends David and Alex’s house.

I decided to DD for the night, and we carpooled with our friends Merlin and Kat. The food was delicious, and the company was excellent, but we stayed out a bit later than I would have liked. I’m such an old lady these days. I didn’t get into bed until after 1 am, and I was WIPED.

I slept in again after our late night, then got up and did my usual Sunday morning tidy up. I tend to just let everything pile up during the week and then do a big clean on the weekend. Not ideal, but it’s what I can manage right now.

We had 9 to 5 rehearsal at the Flynn today, which is always a treat. It’s such a beautiful theatre, it makes me feel like a star every time I get to be on that stage. We did a full run through of the show, and it has really come together over the last week or so. It’s very exciting to be at this point and still have so much time to work and polish stuff before we open on the 6th!

Photo Mar 19, 1 40 08 PM

Looking out into that audience is one of my favorite views in the world

I’m starting the week off a bit behind the eight ball because I neglected to do any meal prep this weekend. I’m hoping that I can make it through Monday and Tuesday, and then do some cooking tomorrow night for the rest of the week.

Do you like to stay up late, or are you like me, and go to bed early?