Friday Free-For-All – 02/01/19

Friday Free-For-All

I did it! I completed an entire month of streaking! I will most likely be doing some reflective posts, but for now I will say, I’m super proud of myself and so happy I did this. I’m not sure how long I can or will keep going (the laundry is kind of killing me), but I will continue to take it on a day-to-day basis.

Welcome to February. My least favorite month. I don’t know why, but February always seems like the longest, dreariest month, even though it’s actually the shortest. Here in VT, it’s usually just cold, dark, and gross out. There are no fun holidays. It’s just boring. We’re going to try to combat the doldrums by taking a little day trip over Ben’s winter break.

I’m in love with my crock pot. I know the Instant Pot is like, the trendy thing right now, but I still can’t get enough of my regular old crock pot. Especially in the winter, I use it at least once a week, if not more. It’s so convenient to just dump some stuff in, turn it on, and have dinner ready. Shredded chicken thighs for tacos? Crock pot. Chili? Crock pot. Slow-cooked veggies? Crock pot. Winner.

I’m trying to get rid of stuff. No, I’m not watching “Tidying Up.” I tried to read Marie Kondo’s book several years ago and couldn’t finish it. It was a bit… weird. I liked some of what she said, but most of it was just too new-agey. No, this has been an ongoing project for me since we bought our house. Ben and I have been toting around a lot of unnecessary junk for years, and now that we’re in our forever home, it’s time to weed out the dross so we can have a clean, organized home. I’m not going about it in a super organized fashion. Mostly just picking a small area here and there that I can attack while Vera plays or naps. I started working on my bedside table yesterday, and it’s INSANE the kind of junk that has accumulated in there: CDs, old charging cables, notebooks, pens… Ugh. I’ve got a lot of work to do.

Do you have a Crock Pot or Instant Pot? Do you use it a lot?


February 2016 Wrap-Up

OK, February is now officially over, after having an extra bonus day–I’m looking at you, Leap Day! Thanks for giving me an extra day to give me a total of 87 FREAKING MILES for the month.

Photo Mar 01, 7 08 19 AM

Like seriously, how did that even happen? February was far and away my highest mileage month ever, and it’s crazy to think that the next few months will continue to build on that. What even is this?

All in all, February was a good month for training. I continue to be happy with Coach Suz, with The Plan, and with my overall performance. I could stand to be doing more yoga and rolling more often, but generally, I’m feeling pretty good about this whole marathon thing.

Things outside of running have been more challenging. We still only have one car, so getting to the gym, spin, or rehearsals can be dicey. And forget about just dashing out to do some errands after work, or on a Saturday. We’ve been borrowing cars and carpooling as much as possible, but…

over it

I’ve had my own car since I was 18, and I’m used to the freedom and independence of having my own vehicle. I hate being dependent on other people to get where I need to go, and Ben’s Nordic schedule has been totally unpredictable, so I never know if I’m going to be able to get where I need to be on time. Ben and I also haven’t been seeing much of each other lately because we’re both so busy, which obviously sucks. Now I know how he feels when I’m really busy with a show!

The good news is, Nordic Ski season is over after this week, which means that Ben will be home each evening in time for me to take the car wherever I need to go, whether that’s the gym, rehearsal, or just running some freaking errands for once. And of course, it will be nice to be able to spend more time together. Maybe eat dinner together more than once a week. You know, actually be a couple or something like that.

We’re also working on getting our meal planning and cleaning situation figured out, because the last few months have been rough on that score too. Our apartment is in a shambles, and we’ve been eating like a couple of garbage bins. It’s bad. I feel like nutrition is the one aspect of my marathon preparation that I just don’t have a handle on right now. There are a lot of contributing factors, but I’m working on it. I still have a post brewing on that, but it’s a little ranty and negative, so I haven’t quite found the courage to hit “publish” yet.

So while February was a great month for running, I’ll be happy to say goodbye, and welcome March with open arms.

How was your February?