Race Recap: GMAA Pump it Up 5 Miler

This is a recap of my personal race experience. If you’d like more nitty gritty details, you can check out my Bibrave.com review by clicking here.

What:  GMAA Pump it Up 5 Miler

Where:  Old Pump Road, Jericho, VT

When:  Saturday May 2, 2015.

I didn’t realize it when I signed up, but this race has apparently been going on for almost 40 years, which is pretty cool. It was also my first 5 mile race, and I’m glad it was.

Pre-Race (Registration, Pick-up, Facilities etc): This is a very no-frills race. Registration was $10, and you could pre-register online, or do race-day registration. There was plenty of parking at Jericho Elementary School, and 2 portable toilets were available to runners. About 5 minutes before the start, I walked over to Old Pump Rd (just across the street) to line up. There were some quick announcements, and then we were off.

During the Race: I started my Garmin when I started running, not when I crossed the finish line, because there was no chip-timing, just “gun” time. Old Pump Road is a great dirt road with rolling hills and lots of beautiful scenery. It was warm and sunny, but thankfully not hot, and the road was well-shaded in most areas. The route was out and back, which meant that we hit the water stop twice. It was around the 1.75 mile mark going out, and I walked a bit with my water. I felt good, but a little sluggish.

Right after the water stop, I caught up to a woman I’d been following for a while. We got to chatting, and her name was Dana. I stayed with her for about a half mile, and it felt really nice to make a friend out on the course. After a while, she let me know that I was going a bit too fast for her, so she dropped back and I kept going. The first half was overall uphill, and the second half was overall downhill, so I really just tried to let myself go on the downhills to make up some time. I walked the water stop again, because I had been going a bit too fast and was feeling tired. By mile 4 I was dragging quite a bit, and ready to be done. I managed to pass another couple of women right before the end, and sped up to cross the finish line.

Photo May 02, 11 02 58 AM

Finish line photo courtesy of Ben

Post-race: I was feeling a bit pukey, so I walked a couple of laps until I felt better. There was a truck parked right at the finish line that had big bottles of cold water in the back, so I grabbed one while we stood around chatting. Ben came to watch, and our friends Emerson and Lori also ran. They’re speed demons–Lori was the fastest woman overall and Emerson took first in his age group! I was also able to cheer my new friend Dana across the finish line, which was super cool.

Back at the elementary school, there were bagels with peanut butter and/or cream cheese and bananas, which I thought was perfect. GMAA had some very nice prizes–Snowflake Chocolates, Road Crew Crunch granola, a fresh-baked pie from the Poor House, t-shirts, gift cards and more. I was pleasantly surprised by the number and quality of the prizes for a race with a $10 registration fee.

  • Official Time: 51:34
  • 6th in AG (out of 7)
  • 70th out of 78 runners overall

My goals for this race were:

  • Don’t get injured–Check!
  • Only walk while drinking water–Check!
  • Finish strong–Check!

I was very pleased with how this race turned out. It was a beautiful day, and the course was absolutely gorgeous. And of course, I got my hard-earned maple creemee after, so who could be upset with a race that ends like that? I’m excited to hopefully do another 5 mile race soon, and I know I’ll be running this one every year.

Have you ever done a 5 mile race? What did you think?

Goals for the GMAA 5 Miler

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, this will be my first 5 mile race. I’m optimistic about my performance. 5 miles just seems like a really comfortable distance for some reason. Long enough to be a challenge, but not so long that I need to commit to a ton of time for training, or feel like I want to die during the race.

As is customary, I’ve decided to set out some goals for the race. Of course, since this is my first 5 miler, I don’t have a really solid idea of what is realistic or reasonable, so I’m just going pretty basic.

  • Don’t get injured
  • Only walk while drinking water
  • Finish strong

And that’s it. Really. Nothing earth shattering. This is my first race in months and my longest run since my last 5 mile training run in mid-March (which was also my longest run since November). I’m not expecting any miracles. I’m just hoping for a fun run and hopefully some nice, springy weather. And a maple creemee after 😀

What’s your favorite post-race treat?