Friday Free-For-All – 01/09/2015


Woohoo!  The first Friday Free-For-All post of 2015!  It’s been a big week around here.  Let’s see what’s up.

Rehearsals for Legally Blonde started.  And they’re AWESOME!  So far, we’re only doing music, but for someone like me, who went to school for theater and grew up singing, there’s just something so exciting and magical about singing and performing with a large group.  Plus, the people are really fun.  Woo!

I got my very first GPS watch!  Ben got me the Garmin FR 220 for a wedding/Christmas gift, and it finally arrived!  I’m totally in love, and can’t wait to take it for an outdoor run.  I’ve used it for one treadmill run (internal accelerometer approximately measures distance), and it seems to be about a quarter of a mile off from the treadmill calibration, but I’m not worried about it.

I got a bonus at work.  This bonus is much-needed and much-appreciated, and means that I can actually afford to do the runDisney Wine and Dine half marathon in November.  Yaaaaay!  I can’t wait to finally meet my accountabilibuddies in person and run through the happiest place on earth with them 😀

It’s been f$(%ing freezing!  As I drove home from rehearsal on Wednesday night, the temp was -10, and that’s without windchill!  I actually saw a guy out running on Thursday morning and wondered what was wrong with his brain that he thought that was a good idea.  I mean, I get that most people prefer running outside to running on the treadmill, but seriously?  Yikes.

I was diagnosed with ocular migraines.  Yep, that’s really a thing.  I had a couple of very scary episodes of blurry vision on Thursday morning and made an emergency appointment with an ophthalmologist.  Turns out, some people have migraines without actually getting a headache; it just manifests as a weird, vibrating blind spot, and usually dissipates after 10 or 15 minutes.  I’m very relieved, because I was honestly worried I might have cancer or be going blind.  I’m a hypochondriac at the best of times, but when something like this happens, I’m on high alert.  While I’m grateful that it’s nothing super serious, it’s a little scary that I could go temporarily partially blind at any time.

Have you ever heard of ocular migraines? Ever had one?

What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods?