Pseudo-Whole Life Challenge Check-In

I realized today that it’s been almost two weeks since I decided to try following a modified Whole Life Challenge diet. As I predicted, it’s been difficult. And even though I’m not following the prescribed compliant/non-compliant food list to a T, I still haven’t been “perfect” by any means. In fact, I went completely off the wagon at my parents’ this weekend. And then again at my mother in law’s birthday dinner on Monday. And that’s A-OK by me. Here’s a little bit of what this week or so has been like.


  • I lost a pound!
  • I’m eating lots more fruit and veg than I normally do
  • I’ve realized I have a lot more will power than I thought, and I have the power to say “no”


  • The cravings for carbs and sugar didn’t really go away, even though I was VERY disciplined the first week. I just want to bury my face in a vat of mac and cheese every moment of every day
  • It’s hard to stick to a “diet” when you’re a) away from home, b) want to have a social life, and c) neglect your grocery shopping
  • My will power is not limitless. When faced with a full turkey dinner cooked by my dad, all bets are off

Even though I went off the rails this weekend, I don’t think I’m giving up. I will continue to avoid sugar, limit alcohol intake, and try very, very hard not to eat bread, pasta, or processed foods for the rest of the month. But I’m also not going to beat myself up if I can’t stick to it. Realistically, eliminating entire food groups is not the way I want to live my life. More than anything, I’m looking at this as an exercise in will power. If I can say no to cupcakes at the office one day, I can say no to them other days. And as long as I say no more often than I say yes, I should maintain a relatively balanced lifestyle, which is ultimately what I’m going for.

What’s your number one, all-bets-are-off, can’t-say-no-to treat or food?