Weekend Update – Lazy Long Weekend

Happy Tuesday, friends! I hope some of you got a long weekend like I did. It was just what I needed. In short, it was a lazy weekend. In long…

After work, I headed to the house we were watching and Ben was already back as well. We hung out for a bit and had supper, then he took off to broom ball while I stayed home and watched movies with Shadow the dog. We all headed to bed when Ben got home around 10:30.


Saturday was a loooong, laaaazy day. Since Erik’s house is in the middle of construction and kind of in the middle of nowhere, there’s not a lot to do besides watch movies. So that’s what we did pretty much all day. And it was glorious.

Around 5, we rousted ourselves to drive out to Jeffersonville to have supper with Nick and Nikki. The roads weren’t that great, and there was even some flooding in places, but we made it out there safe and sound.

We had a delicious meal of pork chops, asparagus, salad, and biscuits, and then spent the rest of the evening playing with their adorable son Kalamack, and chatting. We had hoped to play some games, but with a seven month old in the mix, it just wasn’t in the cards. We headed back to Williston around 10 and crashed hard.


We got up relatively early and proceeded to watch another movie while cleaning up after ourselves at Erik’s. We headed for home around 1:30 and spent the rest of the afternoon at home settling back in, unpacking, and in Ben’s case, bracing for the start of another work week.

Our kitties were very happy to see us, and we were just as happy to see them and sleep in our own bed.


I had hoped to sleep in, but my eyes popped open at 8 am and that was that. I got up, made myself breakfast, and then proceeded to have another pretty lazy day. I did a lot of reading, updated my planner, journaled, and generally loafed around.

The only semi-productive thing I did all days was venture into town to look in on our friends Jaska and Penelope’s chickens. Penelope was home alone with the flu, so I fed and watered their chickens so she wouldn’t have to trudge out in the cold and snow.

When I got home, I started defrosting some chicken thighs and continued reading until it was time to actually cook supper. I made a pretty decent chicken curry, if I do say so myself. Then Ben was off to his first soccer game of the season (he just joined a league), and I spent some quality time planning my packing and to-do list for Broadway Con next week. I can’t believe it’s almost time!

So now it’s Tuesday, and a short week to boot. Not only did I have the holiday yesterday, but I’m taking Thursday off because (theoretically) we’re CLOSING ON THE HOUSE! I say theoretically because we’re still not 100% certain it’s going to happen on Thursday, but regardless, I’m taking the day off because my friend Krissy is in town from San Francisco. We’re gonna spend a day shopping and hitting all our old haunts downtown, which means I’m only working three days this week. Score!

Friday Free-For-All – 01/12/18

Photo Jul 14, 10 05 37 AM

Long weekend, baby!¬†I’m one of the lucky few who gets MLK day off and I’m pretty pleased about it. Unfortunately, Ben does NOT get the day off, but what can you do? I’m planning to get caught up on some cleaning/household stuff and also maybe play some video games ūüôā

Ben and I are house sitting once again. This time for our buddy Erik. He’s got a big fluffy husky mix named Shadow, and a pretty sweet house that’s still somewhat under construction. The driveway is also long and twisty and snowy, so that’s been challenging this week. But the good news is, it pretty much halves my morning commute, which is quite nice. And as always, it’s nice to have a house to ourselves for a bit.

I’m currently on a Dunkin Donuts coffee spree. I’ve already gone twice this week, which for me, is highly unusual. I generally just drink coffee at home, or the free stuff at work. But since we’re house sitting, we don’t have our normal coffee setup, and I drive right by a DD on my way to work, so it’s been happening more than it should. If you are a Dunkin fan, try the Toasted Almond flavoring sometime. It’s unsweetened, so you’re not adding sugar or calories to your drink, but it is SUPER tasty.

Do you have MLK Day off?


Weekend Updates – Vet Visits, House Sitting and More

Happy Monday, friends! Welcome to another edition of Weekend Update!

Friday after work, I hit up CrossFit, which was both wonderful and hard, as always. This was my first time going to class twice in one week in a while, and I was FEELING it.

Photo Oct 27, 8 13 44 PM

After class I headed home to quickly pack my overnight bag for house sitting, and then zipped the 10 minutes down the road. I was greeted by two friendly puppers, and proceeded to spend the rest of the evening ensconced on a comfy couch, enjoying puppy snuggles and cable TV.

First thing in the morning, we took our kitties to their annual vet visits. Creemee has a little skin irritation on her neck that we got some ointment for, and otherwise they are in good health. Hooray!

After dropping the kitties off at home, we headed out to look at a couple of houses, and, well, we kind of fell in love with one. So much so that we immediately scheduled a second viewing for Sunday so that we could bring my in-laws for a more critical once-over.

In the afternoon, Ben headed off to play disc golf with some friends while I headed back to the house and took the pups for a walk, threw in some laundry, and watched Halloween movies.

Photo Oct 28, 3 07 23 PM

When Ben got home, we headed over to our friends David and Alex’s house for a low-key Halloween party. We had some drinks and some snacks, and were home in bed before midnight.

Photo Oct 28, 10 10 44 PM

We had a bit of a lie-in Sunday morning, and after breakfast headed out to our second viewing of the house we liked. My in-laws both gave double thumbs up, and we coordinated a meeting with our Realtor for today to put together an offer package. Eek!

Photo Oct 28, 8 04 02 AM

We spent the rest of the afternoon at our buddy Pete’s house watching football, then headed back to our house-sitting gig for supper and an early bedtime. Unfortunately, northern VT was smacked with a crazy strong wind storm, and I had a VERY hard time sleeping with the wind howling around the house.

The power went out overnight, which meant no shower, no coffee, and no breakfast. AND there were major road closures due to downed trees and power lines, so I was over an hour late to work this morning. Happy Monday!

Did you experience the wind storm in your area?

Friday Free-For-All – 10/27/17

Photo Jul 14, 10 05 37 AM

We’re house sitting once again this weekend. Sadly, Fran, the woman we used to stay with and help out, passed away. She moved back to Michigan last year and just passed away after a bout of pneumonia. The family is headed out to Michigan for her funeral, so we are staying at the house to take care of the dogs. While it will be nice to have a house to ourselves for a few days, the circumstances suck.

I’ve come down with a bit of a cold. I’ve had a sore throat since Wednesday, and I’m just feeling under the weather. I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend, with hot tub time and plenty of cable TV. I can’t wait to watch endless Halloween movies!

My seltzer habit is getting a little ridiculous. Polar seltzer is my favorite beverage right now, hands down. I buy a 1 liter bottle at least two times a week. It’s just so tasty and refreshing! And much more fun than regular water.

I finally ordered more filters for my desktop humidifier. I didn’t really need to use it much after Dogfight, but now that it’s cold/flu season, and the heat has kicked on at home and the office, I need the extra moisture. Thankfully, the filters are very inexpensive and available on Amazon Prime, so they’ll be here today. Woot!

Do you like Halloween movies? I only like not-so-scary ones.


Friday Free-For-All – 09/08/17

Photo Jul 14, 10 05 37 AM

We’re house sitting for our friends Jaska and Penelope this week. They live in a really cool old farm house, and we’re taking care of their cat and chickens. On the one hand, it’s been really nice to have our own space and a break from my in-laws for a bit. On the other hand, living out of suitcases and sleeping in someone else’s weird bed is not so great. I’ve been sleeping VERY poorly all week, and I’ve been exhausted and grouchy as a result.

I had my first Lyric Development Committee meeting this week. So far, it seems like I made a good choice. The other committee members are friendly, dedicated, and knowledgeable, which is reassuring. And it doesn’t seem like it will be an enormous commitment of time and energy, but I’ll still be making valuable contributions to the organization. I’m excited to see how things progress.

I haven’t worked out at ALL since Monday’s long run. It’s kind of a bummer because I was on such a roll in August, but c’est la vie. I’m overtired from not sleeping well, and it’s been a busy week with work and social engagements, so I’m just gonna let it go. I’ll start fresh with a longish run tomorrow or Sunday to get back on track.

I started watching Lost on Netflix recently and I’m OBSESSED.¬†I know it was huge while it was actually on TV, and then everyone was really pissed off about the ending, but I never watched it. I felt like it was finally time for me to know what all the fuss was about. Somehow, I have made it all these years without actually ending how the show ends. I know, amazing, right? Here’s to some delightful days of binge-watching ahead ūüôā

Did you ever watch Lost? Were you mad about the ending? No spoilers please!

Friday Free-For-All – 05/05/17

Photo Jul 14, 10 05 37 AM

It’s the weekend before my birthday (May 9), and I don’t really have any celebration plans.¬†Ben was supposed to be away this weekend, but his plans changed at the last minute. I’m gonna try to rustle up some people to do something tomorrow night, but I honestly won’t be upset if it’s not a big thing. After the big milestone of turning 30 last year, 31 just feels sort of “meh.”

So far I’m digging post-workout protein shakes. I do feel like they’re helping me not pig out every night. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that the stuff I bought (Vega Protein and Greens) has Stevia in it. I strongly dislike the taste of Stevia, and while I can definitely taste it and I find it somewhat unpleasant, I’m just gonna deal with it. This particular product is pretty affordable, and I like the other ingredients. I got the vanilla flavor, but I think maybe next time I’ll get the chocolate to see if that helps to disguise the Stevia aftertaste more. If not, I can try to find something else without Stevia.

As of Tuesday night, we are home from house sitting, and I am SO HAPPY. While it was really nice for us to have some time alone as a couple, I missed our kitties, I missed our bed, and I actually missed my in-laws quite a lot. Whoulda thunk? I’m also excited to play some video games and prep¬†healthy weekday lunches. I have GOT to get my shit together.

I’m entering the last week of my fundraiser for the VT Respite House Jiggety Jog, and I’m almost at my goal! I have some very generous people in my life, and I’m so happy to be nearing my goal of $1,000. If you feel moved to make a donation, you can donate online by clicking right here.

Do you like the taste of Stevia?


Friday Free-For-All – 04/21/17

Photo Jul 14, 10 05 37 AM

TGIF! This was a busy, stressful week at work, and I am SO GLAD it’s almost over. I’m also pumped because next week the majority of my team is out at a conference, so it will be just me and Freda holding down the fort. It should be a much more quiet¬†week, and I can’t wait.

We’re house sitting until May 2. We’re back to our usual house-sitting gig for almost¬†two weeks. We’ll be hanging out with Annie the Jack Russell Terrier and enjoying mountain views and hot tub time. While I genuinely love living with Ben’s parents, it will be nice to have our own space for a few weeks.

Ben’s job situation remains up in the air. He was supposed to have his interview this week, but due to last week’s emergency situation, it’s been pushed back. Obviously, we are frustrated and disappointed to be left in limbo another week, but it is what it is. Fingers crossed he gets an interview scheduled for next week.

I got a haircut at a new salon this week. I’m still actively growing my hair out, but I like to get a trim every three months to keep the ends healthy. I used to go see a friend of mine, but at $65 bucks a pop, it just wasn’t fiscally responsible. I tried out a new place, and it was pretty decent. My stylist was a bit loopy, and talked WAY too much, but for the price, I was happy with what I got. And now I can stop snipping individual split ends when I’m bored at my desk.

I have a new Podcast obsession. I go in fits and starts with Podcasts. I feel like I find one I get really excited about, but lose enthusiasm quickly. But this new (to me) one is GOLD. It’s called Theater People, and it features full-length interviews with Broadway stars. For a total theatre nerd like me (yes, I spell it “re” and not “er”) it’s PERFECT. I have a 45 minute commute each way to work, and I have been loving getting behind the scenes info, advice, and inspiration¬†from performers I admire.

Are you as happy as I am that it’s Friday?

Friday Free-For-All – 05/20/16

FFFA (1)

House sitting again.¬†Ben and I will be house sitting for some family friends out in Underhill starting next Wednesday, and going until June 2. Obviously, being away from our own home and kitties so much is not ideal, but we’re really trying hard to work our “side hustles” now that Ben’s job situation has become so tenuous (we still don’t know exactly how many class sections he’ll be teaching and what his salary will be). We really want to start seriously considering buying a house or land to build on, which means we need to build up a down payment. Which means house sitting, babysitting, and both of us possibly getting part time jobs. Speaking of which…

I may be working a few hours a week at Athleta this summer. My friend Chris is the store manager, and they’re looking for extra part-time help. I put in an official application and had an¬†interview this week, and I’m still waiting to get the official word. I think I’d really like working at Athleta, I think the extra income would be great, and I think building a relationship with them could be really good once I start having kids and maybe only work part-time.

I put my money where my mouth is and bought a 10-class pass to my hot yoga studio. At first I was sort of reluctant to pony up the cash, but when I thought about how much I’ve enjoyed going these last few weeks, and realized that laying out the cash in one lump sum would save me $5.50 per class, I bit the bullet. I’ve added buying a pass every other month as a permanent item in my budget, so I think I’ll be able to keep up with it. I’m excited to see how continuing my practice will affect my running and recovery!

THE TRUCK IS FIXED! Hallelujah and praise little baby Jesus, I have my own car again! I can’t tell you what a relief it is to know that if and when I need it, I have a car available to me. I still plan to walk to work most days, but it will be amazing to be able to run errands on lunch or immediately after work, get where I need to go, and not have to coordinate schedules with Ben every single day. FREEDOOOMMM!

Do you have your own car, or do you have to share with a spouse/family member?



Friday Free-For-All – 05/13/16

FFFA (1)

We’re house-sitting for Ben’s parents this weekend. This means we’re back at our old stomping grounds in Underhill. Which means I’m commuting 45 minutes into work each way. This time of year, though, it’s not so bad. No snow means it’s faster, safer, and a lot prettier to get back and forth. Plus, Ben’s parents have 2 dogs, 3 cats, a horse, and chickens, so we have lots of animal friends to snuggle and play with. It’s also quiet out there, and dark, so I’ve been sleeping pretty well, which is a nice bonus.

I ran the 5k last night with ZERO foot pain! I took it easy and was hyper aware of my foot the whole time, and I didn’t feel anything. Woohoo! I will obviously continue to be super conscious of it, and play all of my runs on the safe side. No more racing until after the marathon! I’m hopeful that with continued rest and rehab, my foot will be 100% ok by May 29.

My parents got me a $50 giftcard to Dick’s Sporting Goods for my birthday. In addition to all the other stuff they got me already! I think this weekend (as long as my foot is feeling ok), I’m gonna head over there and just dedicate some time to trying on new and different shoes, to see if I can find a good alternative. At this point, I’m pretty much committed to wearing my old Saucony Mirage 4s for the marathon, but I’m going to need something new soon, and I think since I’ll mostly be running shorter distances this summer, I can try something more minimal like Nike Frees. I used to run in Frees all the time and LOVED them, so that may be a good option for me. Fingers crossed!

Do you have to drive to work everyday? How long is your commute?

Manic Monday – 04/20/15

Photo Dec 30, 12 48 14 PM

This is my first week back on a regular schedule after the craziness of the last few weeks of Legally Blonde rehearsals and performances. Considering that I was still catching up on sleep, I give myself a solid A for effort, and look forward to really getting back on track in the coming weeks.

Monday 04/13/15: ¬†Rest day.¬†I didn’t have to go to work until noon, so I slept in, trying to get caught up after running on caffeine and adrenaline for weeks on end.¬†

Tuesday 04/14/15:  Rest day. Words cannot describe how nice it was to just go home after work for the second day in a row. We had a nice dinner together, and then I went to bed early again.

Wednesday 04/15/15: ¬†2.5 miles easy.¬†This was my triumphant return to running after almost 5 weeks off. It was also my first runch of the year, and it felt amazing. I was able to squeeze in 2.5 miles, stretch, rinse off, change, and eat, all in my hour long lunch break. I can’t lie, this may happen every day…

Thursday 04/16/15:  Rest day. I was going to runch again, but forgot that I had a hair appointment that I needed to leave work early for, so I had to skip my lunch break. Oh well!

Friday 04/17/15: 2.5 miles easy.¬†My lunch date cancelled at the last minute, so I scooted out for another short run. The weather was perfect once again, so while it wasn’t the best or fastest run, I appreciated it a lot.

Saturday 04/18/15: ¬†Three hours of warehouse cleanup for Legally Blonde, which was actually very good exercise–sweeping, mopping, moving furniture around etc. Then I came¬†back to the place we’re house-sitting, showered, and lounged around for the rest of the day.

Sunday 04/19/15: ¬†3 miles.¬†I had hoped to get at least 4 miles, but this run was HARD. I can definitely tell I’ve lost fitness over the last few weeks of not running. But I’m glad I got out there anyway.

The plan for this week is a bit altered due to house-sitting. The elderly woman that we stay with, Fran, is in poor health right now and needs much more help with cooking dinner and cleaning up around the house, so either Ben or I have to be home in time to get dinner on the table by 5:30 (she’s also diabetic and needs to eat on time). Ben is on spring break this week and is picking up a lot of slack, but I don’t want him to feel like he’s on his own. This means that most evenings, rather than going to class or going for a run after work, I need to book it home. But Ben is a good sport, and told me to do what I needed to do, so I’ll hit Body Pump if nothing else.

  • Monday: Lunch run (if it’s not raining); Body Pump
  • Tuesday: Lunch run or walk (if it’s not raining)
  • Wednesday: Lunch run (if it’s not raining)
  • Thursday: Lunch run or walk (if it’s not raining)
  • Friday: Rest day
  • Saturday: At least 4 miles
  • Sunday: Rest

And of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t wish lots of speed and smiles to everyone running the Boston Marathon today. Go get ’em!

Have you/do you ever house sit?