24 Week Pregnancy Update


According to my Ovia Pregnancy app, Baby Girl is the size of an eggplant.

I had another prenatal appointment this week, which is always incredibly reassuring. I thought that once the baby started moving my fear that something was wrong would go away, but if anything, it’s intensified. It’s like, “Oh my god, she hasn’t moved in two hours, something must be wrong!” I’ve always had a touch of hypochondria, and being pregnant has just made it worse. But hearing that little heart beating a mile a minute at the midwives’ office just lets me know that she’s in there and doing fine.

Thankfully, I’ve got my sleep situation somewhat figured out. Using my pregnancy pillow and assorted other pillows, I’m able to prop myself up so that I can sleep on my back on an incline, thereby saving my hips from pain. I slept SO MUCH BETTER this week, it has been incredible.

Symptom-wise, not much has changed. Belly button continues to shift from innie to outie. Skin on my boobs and belly is itchy but still no stretch marks. Round ligament is still a butthead, making exercise difficult. I bought a belly support band and it has helped some, but walking is still uncomfortable after 10 minutes or so.


I went shopping for some more maternity clothes this week. Up until now, I’d been making do with a few key pieces (leggings, maternity jeans, a couple of t-shirts), because some of my pre-pregnancy wardrobe is loose and forgiving enough to have gotten away with until recently. Now though, those items are either a) officially too small, b) unflattering on my ever-growing bump, or c) I’m sick to death of wearing them over and over. I got a few more simple pieces that I feel comfortable wearing both to work and in my day-to-day life, and I’m hoping this will be enough to get me through the rest of my pregnancy.

In other news, we are now signed up for breastfeeding and childbirth classes, which is a relief. I’m a bit peeved at myself for procrastinating as long as I did, because the (very popular) classes at my yoga studio sold out while I was dithering, so now we have to go somewhere else. I’m sure it will be just as good, but it’s still annoying. We’re also planning to get certified in CPR, I just need to get us signed up.

I feel like up to this point I’ve been worrying so much about getting through pregnancy that I haven’t spent much time considering actual labor and delivery, not to mention the reality of being a mom, and I’m suddenly feeling very nervous. In addition to signing up for the childbirth and breastfeeding classes, I bought Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth on the recommendation of a good friend. I’m hoping that by reading up some now and then reinforcing my knowledge through the classes, I can manage some of my newfound anxiety.

Parents out there–did you do childbirth education classes? Were they helpful?