Friday Free-For-All – 02/15/19

Friday Free-For-All

My orchid is blooming! A few weeks ago I mentioned that it had buds, but I wasn’t sure whether or not it would open. Well, I’ve officially got one flower, and it’s beautiful! Yay!


Three-day weekend coming up! Ben decided to take a personal day on Monday, so we have a three-day weekend, and it’s jam-packed. Friend visits, birthday parties, and visits to indoor water parks, ahoy! I can’t wait to put Vera in a little bathing suit ❤

Valentine’s Day was super low-key for us. Vera and I went out for a Galentine’s lunch with my girlfriend Nikki and her son, and then Ben and I did a simple gift exchange. I got him ointment for his dry, cracked winter hands, and he got me Sour Patch Kids and herbed goat cheese. We wrapped up the evening watching Archer in bed and going lights out at 9 pm. #romance

Are you a green thumb, or a black thumb, like me?

Weekend Update – Lazy Long Weekend

Happy Tuesday, friends! I hope some of you got a long weekend like I did. It was just what I needed. In short, it was a lazy weekend. In long…

After work, I headed to the house we were watching and Ben was already back as well. We hung out for a bit and had supper, then he took off to broom ball while I stayed home and watched movies with Shadow the dog. We all headed to bed when Ben got home around 10:30.


Saturday was a loooong, laaaazy day. Since Erik’s house is in the middle of construction and kind of in the middle of nowhere, there’s not a lot to do besides watch movies. So that’s what we did pretty much all day. And it was glorious.

Around 5, we rousted ourselves to drive out to Jeffersonville to have supper with Nick and Nikki. The roads weren’t that great, and there was even some flooding in places, but we made it out there safe and sound.

We had a delicious meal of pork chops, asparagus, salad, and biscuits, and then spent the rest of the evening playing with their adorable son Kalamack, and chatting. We had hoped to play some games, but with a seven month old in the mix, it just wasn’t in the cards. We headed back to Williston around 10 and crashed hard.


We got up relatively early and proceeded to watch another movie while cleaning up after ourselves at Erik’s. We headed for home around 1:30 and spent the rest of the afternoon at home settling back in, unpacking, and in Ben’s case, bracing for the start of another work week.

Our kitties were very happy to see us, and we were just as happy to see them and sleep in our own bed.


I had hoped to sleep in, but my eyes popped open at 8 am and that was that. I got up, made myself breakfast, and then proceeded to have another pretty lazy day. I did a lot of reading, updated my planner, journaled, and generally loafed around.

The only semi-productive thing I did all days was venture into town to look in on our friends Jaska and Penelope’s chickens. Penelope was home alone with the flu, so I fed and watered their chickens so she wouldn’t have to trudge out in the cold and snow.

When I got home, I started defrosting some chicken thighs and continued reading until it was time to actually cook supper. I made a pretty decent chicken curry, if I do say so myself. Then Ben was off to his first soccer game of the season (he just joined a league), and I spent some quality time planning my packing and to-do list for Broadway Con next week. I can’t believe it’s almost time!

So now it’s Tuesday, and a short week to boot. Not only did I have the holiday yesterday, but I’m taking Thursday off because (theoretically) we’re CLOSING ON THE HOUSE! I say theoretically because we’re still not 100% certain it’s going to happen on Thursday, but regardless, I’m taking the day off because my friend Krissy is in town from San Francisco. We’re gonna spend a day shopping and hitting all our old haunts downtown, which means I’m only working three days this week. Score!

Friday Free-For-All – 09/01/17

Photo Jul 14, 10 05 37 AM

Happy September! We’re definitely getting a touch of fall here in the northeast. It’s usually in the 40’s in the morning when I wake up, but it’s still nice and summery during the day. I’m hoping these warm days last through September to make up for the rainy, cold June we had.

I had my wisdom teeth out this morning. I took a “sick day” from work, because my appointment is at 11:30. Thankfully, I only had two left that need to come out (had the other two out back in college), and it was just be a simple extraction rather than a surgical procedure, because the teeth are in my mouth. So far, no swelling and manageable pain. I just hope I can attempt a long run on Sunday or Monday. I need to ask my oral surgeon about that…

Long weekend, whoop whoop! I’m VERY excited to have a four day weekend, thanks to oral surgery and Labor Day. We’re taking a quickie road trip to MA tomorrow to see a show, then I hope to run long at some point, and maybe do a hike and/or some swimming with Ben too. I just hope the weather holds out, and my mouth doesn’t hurt too much.

Have you had your wisdom teeth out?


Friday Free-For-All – 02/17/17

Photo Jul 14, 10 05 37 AM

I just had my three year anniversary at work. I honestly can’t believe it’s already been that long. I know I sound like a broken record at this point, but I’m very lucky to have the job I do. Sure, it’s not a field or subject I’m passionate about, but the pay is great and the people are awesome. Also, I’m now fully vested in the 401(k) program, so, yay for retirement planning!

Long weekend ahead! We have Monday off for Presidents’ Day and I couldn’t be more stoked. Of course I will still have rehearsal and CrossFit and such, but it will be nice to have an extra weekend day for fun and productivity. And sleep. Sweet, sweet sleep.

I’m fighting a head cold and I hate it. Ben was sick all of last weekend and most of this week, and I can feel my body starting to succumb. I’ve got a dry, swollen throat, and some nasal congestion. I’m doing my absolute best not to give in, and fighting back with lots of tea, sinus irrigation (love my neti pot!), my desktop humidifier, and resting as much as possible. Which isn’t much because I’m stupid busy. But I’m trying. I simply don’t have time to be sick right now. My audition for Dogfight the musical is next weekend, and we leave for the Bahamas a week from Monday. No. Sickness. Here.


Do you have a long weekend too? Any fun plans?