Weekend Update – Flying Solo

Good morning and happy Monday, friends! I hope you had an excellent weekend! Mine was a great mix of productivity, relaxation, and spending time with friends 🙂

I snuck out of work early to get home and let the dogs out. I always feel bad when they’re stuck home alone all day. They were VERY happy to see me. I spent my evening in my PJs, chilling with the animals and finally wrapping up LOST on Netflix. Next up is season 2 of Stranger Things, and then maybe Grey’s Anatomy? That’s another one that I know was hugely popular when I was in school, but I never watched.

The only crappy thing about Friday night was burning the ever-loving shit out of my hand while loading the wood stove. Seriously. Ouch.


The dogs woke me up around 7:30 and I was up for the day. I made myself some breakfast, fed the dogs, fed the horse, and got started on the first of several loads of laundry. I changed the sheets on our bed and everything!

After the flurry of activity in the morning, I spent the afternoon in my comfy pants binge-watching season two of Stranger Things. So good! Around 6:30 I had to pretty much force myself to get dressed and put some makeup on to go into town for my friend Megan’s birthday celebration. It took a LOT of effort, but I’m glad I ended up going. So many friends were there, and it was great to see everyone.

It was another early morning thanks to the dogs, and another productive morning. I did another load of laundry, vacuumed, and put away all the laundry I did on Saturday.

Around noon, I left to meet my friend Sarah for lunch. We’re going to BroadwayCon together in January, so we did a little bit of brainstorming about what we want to do while we’re in the city. We decided we’re going to see Phantom of the Opera (which neither of us has seen even though it’s been playing FOREVER), and Come From Away.

By the time I got home, Ben and my in-laws were home from New York too. We spent some time chatting and catching up, and after a delicious beef stew supper, Ben and I hunkered down in our room to relax and watch the Ken Burns Prohibition documentary on Netflix.

All in all it was a great, lazy weekend, but I have GOT to get my butt in gear and get back to CrossFit and at least try to run. I can’t go complete couch potato all winter. It won’t be pretty.

Did you have a lazy weekend like me?


Weekend Update – Changing Things Up

Since I’m no longer training for anything specific, I figure that Manic Monday training recaps aren’t really relevant. This is especially true considering that last week the only workout I did was one 5k run. I was pretty freaking sedentary. Because I felt like it. And that’s A-OK.

With that in mind, I will likely return to posting a “Weekend Update” on Mondays instead. I enjoyed writing these little posts this spring while I was busy with 9 to 5 and not running much.

It will be safe for you to assume that I’m trying to hit CF 2-3 times a week, and probably not running very much. This time of year I always fall into a much more sedentary lifestyle. After a busy spring and summer of rehearsals, shows, and half marathon training, I’m ready to take a big old step back and just relax. With that said, here’s Weekend Update!

I skipped CrossFit and ran a couple of errands before going home. Ben had a broom ball game, but I was able to hang out with him a bit before he left. I had supper with my in-laws and then had a quiet evening watching Lost on Netflix and knitting.

We were up relatively early to go look at another house. This was by far the best house we’ve seen, but not so great that we were ready to make moves. It’s already got two offers in, and needs a few significant (and costly) repairs, so we’re taking a “wait and see” approach. If the seller accepts one of the pending offers, no worries. If both offers expire, we might be ready to take next steps.

After that, I spend the rest of the morning getting caught up on laundry and cleaning/organizing around the house. Despite my best intentions, most cleaning stuff just gets pushed off onto the weekends.

I wrapped up my productivity around 1 pm and spent the rest of the day just binge-watching Lost and knitting. I have been a knitting MACHINE lately. It’s very relaxing to do while watching TV.

We had supper with my in-laws and hung out for a a few hours. While I went to bed at the responsible (and boring) hour of 10, Ben and his folks stayed up late, listening to music and talking.

Sunday morning was MUCH more leisurely. We all had a nice sleep-in until the dogs starting whining around 9:30. My father in law made us heavenly omelets and biscuits from scratch. I inhaled my omelet before I could snap a photo, but here’s a biscuit shot:


It was a gray, rainy morning, so I just loafed around for a while, trying to decide what to do with my day. It cleared up around noon and Ben left to go play Frisbee golf with friends, and I headed into Williston to buy more knitting supplies with some AC Moore coupons.

After a quick trip, I was home and once again knitting and Netflix-ing. For a while I felt guilty about not doing something more active or productive, but ultimately decided that I’m overdue on rest and relaxation so I just went with it.

When Ben got back from Frolf, we headed over to Cambridge for a quick visit with our friends Nick and Nikki. They’re our friends who evacuated from St. John after Hurricane Irma. While the circumstances suck, it’s been really nice having them so close again. We sat on Nick’s mom’s deck and chatted and had some snacks until their supper was ready, and we went home for our own supper, then more Netflix and bedtime.


The view from the deck

All in all, it was a super lazy weekend, and I’m pretty happy about it. We’re traveling the next two weekends in a row, so it was great to just be home and relax.

Anybody else have a lazy weekend like me?

Friday Free-For-All – 09/08/17

Photo Jul 14, 10 05 37 AM

We’re house sitting for our friends Jaska and Penelope this week. They live in a really cool old farm house, and we’re taking care of their cat and chickens. On the one hand, it’s been really nice to have our own space and a break from my in-laws for a bit. On the other hand, living out of suitcases and sleeping in someone else’s weird bed is not so great. I’ve been sleeping VERY poorly all week, and I’ve been exhausted and grouchy as a result.

I had my first Lyric Development Committee meeting this week. So far, it seems like I made a good choice. The other committee members are friendly, dedicated, and knowledgeable, which is reassuring. And it doesn’t seem like it will be an enormous commitment of time and energy, but I’ll still be making valuable contributions to the organization. I’m excited to see how things progress.

I haven’t worked out at ALL since Monday’s long run. It’s kind of a bummer because I was on such a roll in August, but c’est la vie. I’m overtired from not sleeping well, and it’s been a busy week with work and social engagements, so I’m just gonna let it go. I’ll start fresh with a longish run tomorrow or Sunday to get back on track.

I started watching Lost on Netflix recently and I’m OBSESSED. I know it was huge while it was actually on TV, and then everyone was really pissed off about the ending, but I never watched it. I felt like it was finally time for me to know what all the fuss was about. Somehow, I have made it all these years without actually ending how the show ends. I know, amazing, right? Here’s to some delightful days of binge-watching ahead 🙂

Did you ever watch Lost? Were you mad about the ending? No spoilers please!