Manic Monday Training Recap – 09/17/18

Manic Monday

Postpartum Recovery – Week of 09/10/18 – 09/16/18

Monday 09/10/18: Rest
I decided to take a full rest day to give my knees a chance to feel better.

Tuesday 09/11/18: 75 minute postnatal yoga
Vera and I hit up a lovely postnatal yoga class together. She was a champ and I got most of a workout in.

Wednesday 09/12/18: Rest
I wanted to give my knees another day to rest up after the pain I experienced this weekend, so I took a full rest day.

Thursday 09/13/18: 2.5 mile stroller walk
After Ben got home from work, we went for a family walk on the rail trail. It was a lovely evening, and felt great.

Friday 09/14/18: TIU Lift and Tone Booty Workout + 1.5 mile stroller walk
I kind of hate the TIU Girls, but I have to admit that their workouts are short and effective. In the afternoon, Vera and I took a walk on the rail trail and met up at the playground with my friend Nikki and her son Kalamack.

Saturday 09/15/18: 3.15 mile run/walk
I switched to 1:1 run/walk intervals today, and am happy to report zero knee pain and one happy runner!

Sunday 09/16/18: Rest
I was tired and sore after two days of decent workouts, so I took another rest day. Ben and I went to the Grand Point North music festival and left Vera with her grandparents for the firs time. It was hard, but wonderful.

I’m proud of myself for listening to my body and taking the rest I needed after noticing knee pain, rather than trying to push it. My body simply isn’t as fit as it used to be, and I need to give it time. I’m feeling pretty much 100% today other than a bit of DOMS, so I hope to go for a run/walk when Ben gets home from work tonight.

When’s the last time you went to a concert?

Manic Monday – 01/05/15

Photo Dec 30, 12 48 14 PM

Haha!  The triumphant return of Manic Monday!  Or, I don’t know, not so triumphant I guess, because I didn’t really do much in the way of running or training.  But I’m trying to get back on a normal blogging schedule, so here goes.

Monday 12/29/14:
I intended to do “runch,” but it was really cold and windy all week, so I chickened out.

Tuesday 12/30/14:
See above.

Wednesday 12/31/14:
I didn’t take a lunch break because I wanted to get out early.  Ben and I drove to New Jersey after I got out of work at 3:30–6 straight hours in the car.  Ouch.  I probably should have tried to squeeze in a run earlier in the week because sitting in a car that long was no fun.  Once we got to Mandy and Vinny’s, we had a pretty low-key celebration, but stayed up way too late.

Thursday 01/01/15:
I had intended to get up and do a New Year’s day run, but I drank a little too much the night before, and this ended up being a very lazy day.  I did, however, do a few squats, just so I wasn’t a total bum.

Friday 01/02/15:
We actually got our butts out of the house for a while and went on a nice walk/run in the dog park with Lily the beagle.  I climbed some trees too, and it felt great to get out and be active, even though it was very cold.  That night, we met some friends of our friends, and played Cards Against Humanity and drank sangria until 2:30 am!

Photo Jan 02, 2 48 16 PM

Saturday 01/03/15:
We slept in late late late, and I was feeling very off due to all the late nights, drinking, and junk food.  We attempted a shopping trip, but nobody was really into it, and we ended up coming home, ordering Indian takeout, and watching The Newsroom until midnight.  Such a good show!!!

Sunday 01/04/15:
We got up at 6 and were on the road by 7 to beat the holiday traffic home.  Even so, it took significantly longer than the trip down.  Ben and I took turns driving and napping, so we were able to catch up a bit on sleep.  When we got home, I did a bunch of meal prep stuff for the week, and then we went to bed early.

I am definitely feeling the effects of a few weeks of excess.  I’m exhausted and cranky, and my digestive system is all ahoo.  This week is all about getting back into a routine.  Rehearsals for Legally Blonde start tonight, so I need to be really focused about meal prep, workouts, and getting to bed on time.  Rehearsals are Monday, Wednesday, Friday nights, and Sunday afternoons.  On M-W-F, I won’t have time to go home between work and rehearsal.  From here on out, I’ll be leaving the house at 7 am on M-W-F, and sometimes not getting home until past 10 pm, so time-management and planning ahead will be key.

Plan for the Week:

  • Monday:  2 easy treadmill miles, 15 min. on the recumbent bike, stretch; likely a physical warm-up at rehearsal
  • Tuesday:  Rest
  • Wednesday:  3 easy treadmill miles, leg strength, stretch; likely a physical warm-up at rehearsal
  • Thursday:  Les Mills Sh’Bam? (My friend from high school who is also in Legally Blonde is an instructor and has been pestering me to go)
  • Friday:  3 easy treadmill miles, abs, stretch; likely a physical warm-up at rehearsal
  • Saturday:  Rest
  • Sunday:  Possibly yoga before rehearsal

Are you feeling off track after the holidays too?  

How are you planning to start the year strong?

Manic Monday – 08/25/14

Welcome to another edition of Manic Monday, where I recap the previous week, and lay out a plan for the upcoming week.

Whew–what a week!  Birthdays and concerts and packing, oh my!  The good news is, I was pretty spot-on with my training this week, and I’m feeling great.

Monday (Scheduled Cross-Training Day)
This turned out to be a rest day.  It was our first evening back after house-sitting all weekend, and we were anxious to get some packing and homework done.

Tuesday (Scheduled Hill Repeats)
As you already know, I completed 5 hill repeats on Battery Street, and felt like a total bad ass afterwards.  We also took a load of furniture to our storage unit, so I got a little bit of alternative strength-training in.

Photo Aug 19, 5 39 50 PM

Wednesday (Scheduled Cross-Training)
Hit up the gym for 45 minutes on the elliptical machine, and when I got home, did 30 squats and a few hip-strengthening exercises.

Thursday (Scheduled 3 mile run)
It was a cool, rainy day, which is actually pretty great running weather.  Right after work, I did a quick 5k route around our neighborhood, and then we did more packing and another trip to the storage unit, and I did 35 squats before bed.

Friday (Scheduled Rest Day)
We had Ben’s birthday party at our place.  We had very little furniture and everything was a mess, but it was still a blast.  And we ended up with a lot of beer in the fridge–score!

Saturday (Scheduled 5 mile run)
I got up at 8 and knocked out 5 miles pretty easily.  While it was cool and breezy, it was humid too.  I felt really good the whole run, and was happy to have it out of the way.  The rest of the day was devoted to packing and cleaning, and then I went to the Champlain Valley Fair, where I ate my weight in fried dough nuggets, maple creemees, and french fries with nacho cheese dip.  So, so bad, but so, so good!  The Goo Goo Dolls concert was pretty good, but also kind of sad.  The band was frozen in my mind as they were in 1998, and now they just look old and tired, and the lead singer couldn’t hit all of the notes during Iris, which was unfortunate.

Photo Aug 23, 9 40 54 PM

Sunday (Scheduled Rest Day)
Ah, Sunday, a day devoted to rest… And by rest, I mean packing and cleaning.  My parents came up to help my sister get her stuff together, and Ben and I made 2 trips to our storage unit, and one out to his folks’ place in Underhill.  We also took a field trip to the Burton Summer Sale, where we each got $200 coats for $50.  Awesomesauce!  And Ben’s parents made us dinner, which was so nice, because our kitchen is a shambles and we’ve only got bare bones utensils until we complete the move.

All in all, this was a great week, and I’m hoping to continue the trend of getting all of my workouts done.  The goal for this week is to make time for exercise even though we’re going to be crazy busy with moving stuff. I already told Ben that I was planning to work out almost every evening this week, and he was psyched because that gave him more time to do homework every night before we commence moving activities.

How did your running go this weekend? Do you ski or snowboard?

Manic Monday – 08/04/14

Welcome to another edition of Manic Monday, where I recap the previous week and lay out a plan for the upcoming week.

Ummm, holy crap, it’s August!  How did that happen?!  This year is just flying by…  Anywho, this week was a good week.  While I didn’t manage to do my long run, I had a couple of great shorter runs, and did some at-home cross-training, so I feel good.

Monday (Scheduled Cross-Training)
Monday turned into an unscheduled rest day.  It was POURING most of the day, so I only walked TO work (~2.2 miles), and Ben picked me up in the evening for grocery shopping.  We made a quick dinner, and were in bed, lights out by 9pm, which we both totally needed.

Tuesday (Scheduled Hill Repeats)
I actually woke up 5 minutes before my alarm (5:10am, ugh!) and got my tushie out the door.  This time, I did 4 repeats of Battery Street instead of 3, and my average pace was a whole minute faster than last time I did hill repeats!  Woo!  Progress!  I also walked to and from work (~4.4 miles), did a 1 minute plank, 10 push-ups, and some clam-shells for my hips.

Photo Jul 29, 6 07 52 AM

Wednesday (Scheduled Cross-Training)
I walked to and from work (~4.4 miles), did a 1 minute plank, 10 push-ups, and clamshells.

Thursday (Scheduled 4 mile run)
I got up at the ungodly hour of 5:15 am and did 4 awesome miles. I felt really good the whole run, and probably could have gone further if I’d had more time. I’m definitely getting faster-woo! I also walked to and from work (~4.4 miles). After work, we had dinner with our friends Aimee ad Andrew. Aimee is 40+ weeks pregnant, so we spent a lot of time trying to convince the baby to come out 🙂

Photo Jul 31, 6 11 35 AM

Friday (Scheduled Rest Day)
We had a long day of driving.  Ben and I drove down to MA to meet up with our friends Pepe and Shannon so we could all carpool to a wedding in CT.  Our friends Jayson and Lauren got married 🙂  But since hotel rooms were $189 (!!!!), we drove back to MA that night and crashed at Pepe and Shannon’s.

Saturday (Scheduled 7 Mile Run)
This ended up being a rest day.  After a big brunch and driving home, we only had about 2 hours before we were due to go to a dinner party at our friend Erik’s house.  The spread was AMAZING.  We started with a soft cheese plate, then had a spinach salad with walnuts and goat cheese, and the main course was a pork, veal and beef meatloaf with a glazed bacon topper, and we finished with a chocolate espresso Dacquoise (Google it, it’s amazing).  Holy hell, it was delicious.  Before bed, I squeezed in 10 push ups and a few sets of clam shells.

Photo Aug 02, 10 00 50 PM

Sunday (Scheduled Rest Day)
Ben and I slept in till about 10, which was totally necessary after yet another whirlwind weekend.  After a leisurely breakfast and some blog catch-up, we had a very productive day of cleaning, packing, sorting through crap, and meal planning.  We were both exhausted, though, so we didn’t actually make it to the grocery store.  Oh well!  Right before bed, I did some squats and push ups using the Runtastic Squats and Push Ups apps (thanks for the heads up, Lauren!), and also did some clam shells and leg lifts for my hips.

My main goals for this week are to keep up with some light cross-training like hip strengthening exercises, push ups, and planks, and to fit in a long run this week.  I may need to squeeze the long run in during the week, because we have another wedding weekend in Maine this coming weekend, and I’m not sure what running conditions will be like.

How was your weekend? Did you manage a long run?

Manic Monday – 07/28/14

Welcome to another edition of Manic Monday, where I recap the previous week and lay out a plan for the upcoming week.

Monday (Scheduled Cross-Training Day):
Walked to work (2.21 miles).  My bike has been acting funny, and I knew we needed to grocery shopping after work, so Ben picked me up.

Tuesday (Scheduled Speed Work):
Ben and I were up late watching Season 3 of Hell on Wheels on Netflix (so good!  Any watchers?), so I was unable to drag my carcass out of bed for an early run, and after work we drove down to Quechee (about 1.5 hours) for my mom’s 60th birthday dinner, so this was an unplanned rest day, other than walking to work (2.21 miles).

Wednesday (Scheduled Cross-Training Day):
Since I missed my speed work on Tuesday, I got my butt over to the gym for a treadmill day.  I did a 1 mile w/u, working my way up to a 10 min/mile pace, then did 4 x 400 at 8:34 pace, with 400 recovery at 10 min/mile pace in between, and a short cool down, for a total distance of 3.24 miles.  I was a sweaty, sweaty beast when I finished, but I felt really strong.  I’m excited to keep up these workouts!  I also walked to and from work, for a total of about 4.4 miles.

Photo Jul 23, 6 45 00 PM

Thursday (Scheduled 4 mile Run):
Walked to and from work (~4.4 miles), and hauled a bunch of file boxes around while at work.  Ben and I also had a long overdue date night, which was wonderful.  Tacos and margaritas at El Gato, and Fro Yo at Orange Leaf.  Mmmm.

Friday (Scheduled Rest Day):
Walked to and from work (~4.4 miles), and hauled a bunch more file boxes around while at work.  After work, I met up with my friend Emily for dinner, drinks, and shopping 😀  I really needed some new work clothes, so this was timely.

Saturday (Scheduled Virtual 10k Race):
I ran the Jost “Beat the Heat” virtual 10k.  It went really well, but I’m waiting until I receive my medal to do a full recap 🙂 The rest of the day was errands related to moving, and then we had some friends over in the evening for video games, beer, and wine.

Photo Jul 26, 8 59 48 AM

Sunday (Scheduled Rest Day):
Ben and I had a lazy morning with omelettes, coffee, and video games, and then I drove down to Quechee for my dad’s birthday celebration.  His actual birthday is Tuesday, but we decided to celebrate on Sunday so I didn’t have to drive 3 hours round trip on a Tuesday again (my parents’ birthdays are exactly one year and one week apart).  While it was a lot of driving, I’m glad I went.  I could tell my dad was really happy to have the whole family there.

Plan for this week:
I sort of fell off the wagon with my plank challenge, so I’m planning to revive that this week.  I left off at 1 minute, 30 seconds, so I’m going to start there and keep going.  I also want to get back to my 10 push-ups per day, and add in some daily hip strengthening exercises, since my hips were very sore for a few days after the half.  I think I may actually need to set a “workout” alarm on my phone or something, otherwise I’m never going to remember to do this…

Otherwise, it’s business as usual:

  • Mon:  Cross train
  • Tues:  Hill repeats (4 total this week)
  • Wed:  Cross train
  • Thurs:  Short, fast run
  • Fri:  Rest
  • Sat:  Long run (7 miles)
  • Sun:  Rest


What was your favorite part about this weekend?  Mine was my maple creemee.  Mmmmm ice cream!

Manic Monday – 07/14/14

Welcome to another edition of Manic Monday, where I recap the previous week, and set out a plan for the upcoming week.

I don’t have much to report today.  As I mentioned on Friday, I haven’t run in about 2 weeks.  The good news is, I’ve been keeping up with riding my bike to and from work every day, and I started a 30-day plank challenge on July 1.  I haven’t been keeping up with it as much as I’d like, but it’s definitely helping to keep me a bit more active than I might be otherwise.


Biked to work (~3.8 miles), and 1 minute plank.  I got a ride home from Ben because we needed to go to the grocery store.


Biked to and from work (~7.5 miles), and 1 minute 10 second plank.


Biked to and from work (~7.5 miles), and 1 minute 15 second plank.  After work, I met some coworkers at a really great open air bar/club on the waterfront called Breakwaters.  One of my coworkers is in a band, and they were playing.  I had a couple of drinks and nibbled some sweet potato fries and nachos.  Yum!


Biked to and from work (~7.5 miles), and 1 minute 25 second plank


Lots of walking and swimming at the family reunion

Photo Jul 12, 4 50 18 PM


Lots of walking, swimming, and seafood at the family reunion 😀

Photo Jul 12, 6 45 54 PM


Lots of driving and bad food on the way home 😦

I would do a recap of the reunion, but every day was pretty formulaic:

Wake up early because sun is shining on tent and I’m roasting.  Walk 1/2 mile to pond.  Swim.  Walk 1/2 mile back.  Coffee.  Brunch.  Walk 1/2 mile to pond.  Swim.  Walk 1/2 mile back.  Snack/nap/chat/squirt gun fight/help around the farm.  Walk 1/2 mile to pond.  Swim.  Walk 1/2 mile back.  Dinner.  Several beers.  Rubber band war (rubber bands from lobster claws are AWESOME).  Sleep.  Repeat.

I’m really excited to be home.  Miraculously, Ben and I get to spend the next two weekends in a row at home.  We have a few activities planned, but it will be nice not to travel.  I’m hoping to get back into a routine here–the last few weeks have been a bit crazy.  I want to re-focus on eating better, and get back to regular running and cross-training.  In tomorrow’s post, I’ll share my plan for how I hope the next few weeks will go as I decide what fall half I’ll be running.

How was your weekend?

Manic Monday – 05/26/14

Welcome to another edition of Manic Monday, where I recap the previous week, and lay out goals for the upcoming week.  Please remember that unless otherwise noted, I’m walking or biking the 2 miles to work every week day, and sometimes home again as well, in addition to whatever workout is listed.

I know, I know, it’s Tuesday, not Monday.  But I had a jam-packed weekend and by the time I got home, I just didn’t feel like logging in.  So just pretend with me 🙂

Scheduled cross-training day.

  • Squats:  1 x 10 @ 20 lbs; 1 x 10 @ 30 lbs; 1 x 10 @ 50 lbs
  • Leg Press:  1 x 12 @ 90 lbs; 2 x 10 @ 180 lbs
  • Bent over row:  3 x 12 @ 15 lbs
  • Biceps curl:  3 x 10 @ 10 lbs
  • Push ups:  10 on knees
  • Various abs exercises and stretching – 10 minutes

Scheduled 3 mile run.  Ben joined me for a 3.2 mile run at 5:30 am.  I actually really enjoyed running early in the morning.  Firstly, there was less traffic to deal with, and secondly, it meant that after work I could just come home, cook dinner, and hang out instead of having to squeeze in a run.

Scheduled cross-training day.  Other than walking to and from work, I didn’t do a workout today.  I’m overtired and I haven’t been sleeping well, so I decided to just take it easy.

Scheduled 3 mile run.  Ben and I went for another 3.2 mile, 5:30 am run.  Our new plan is to get up at 5:30 every work day.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we will run, and on the other days we’ll actually be able to take it easy before work–hang out, have a cup of coffee together, watch the news etc.  I’m very excited about this, especially because my body seems to be programmed to wake up at dawn these days.

Friday – Sunday
No workouts, but much fun was had.  I’ll be putting together a Memorial Day weekend post for tomorrow so you can see what we got up to!

As for last week’s goals, I didn’t do as well as I would have liked.

  • Actually do push ups.  I did them more than I didn’t, but I still didn’t do them every day
  • Run in the morning.  Done!
  • Focus on nutrition.  Doing better.  Logging my eats has been helping, but I still need more protein and more veggies, and less sugar.  This weekend was tough,  but I definitely did better than I could have, so I’m not going to stress out over it.

And some new goals for this week:

  • Continue morning running.  It works, I like it, and it leaves my evenings free
  • Don’t skip the long run.  The half is only a little over a month away, so I’d like to get into the double digits a few times just to feel better about the whole thing.  I didn’t do a long run this weekend because we were traveling, so I need to get it in this week.

On the whole I’m feeling pretty good about my training.  I know there are some things I could be doing better, but I’m confident at this point that if I keep doing what I’m doing, I should be able to at least finish the half, even if I have to take some walking breaks.

What are your goals this week?


Manic Monday – 05/19/14

Welcome to another edition of Manic Monday, where I recap the previous week, and set out goals for the upcoming week.

Scheduled cross-training day.

  • 30 minutes elliptical, level 10 on hill setting, and reverse mode
  • 1×12 leg press with 90 lbs
  • 2×12 leg press with 180 lbs

I wanted to do more leg work, but every time I looked, the squat racks were all taken, and the free weights area was a zoo.  Nevertheless, it was a good workout, and my legs were very tired by the end.

Scheduled run day.  My legs were really tired and a bit sore from Monday’s workout, but I knew I had to run since I wouldn’t be able to Wednesday, and had a race Thursday.  I ended up doing 2.6 miles, because I was messing with my route a lot, trying to avoid other pedestrians and traffic crossings.

Scheduled cross-training day.  Unfortunately, it didn’t happen today.  It was our last day of house-sitting for Ben’s parents, and as a thank you, they wanted to cook us a nice dinner and hang out.

Race Day–VT Corporate Cup Challenge.  It was a hot, humid evening, so it was one of my slowest 5k times ever, but I really don’t mind.  I had an awesome evening with my coworkers, and got to have beer and chili afterwards–yum!

Corp cup 3

Scheduled rest day.  My coworker is moving to Tennessee, so we went out to the Farmhouse for a late lunch/early dinner.  Then we went to another coworker, Kari’s, house to help finish off a keg of Switchback (don’t mind if I do!), and then out to see April’s husband’s band play their last gig.  It was a good night, but we didn’t stay out too late because I had a long run scheduled for Saturday morning.

9 mile run on the schedule.  This went surprisingly well.  I was tired from Friday night’s festivities, but managed to finish in a respectable amount of time, and I didn’t want to die the whole time.  My left calf was SUPER tight after though.  Then, Saturday night, I attended a bachelorette party.  Needless to say, it was a late night with lots of drinking .

Photo May 17, 10 47 53 AM

Scheduled rest day.  I slept in until 11, which is ridiculous.  Then it was lots of cleaning, meal planning and grocery shopping.  We also went to Oakledge Park to meet up with some friends.  They all played ultimate frisbee and kickball while I lounged in the sun and read.  It was glorious.

So, how did last week’s goals turn out?

  • Continue taking the stairs Check!  I took the elevator once just because it was right there, but other than that I was good
  • Take care of my foot.  Check! I would say foot is about 99% well, so I’m feeling really good about this
  • 10 push-ups every day.  Eh, not so great.  I did them some days, but not others.
  • Run in the morning once we’re done house-sitting.  Last Thursday would have been my first early morning run, but I had a race in the evening, so I deferred.  Right now, my run days are Tuesday and Thursday, so we’ll see how it goes tomorrow

Goals for this week:

  • Actually do pushups.  I may need to set an alarm or something…
  • Run in the morning.  Tuesday and Thursdays at least, maybe more if I feel like it
  • Focus on nutrition.  This is a multifaceted thing, but basically I need to watch what I eat more.  I’m going to start using My Fitness Pal again, and try to back off on the sweets and the booze.  I’ve gained some weight over the last few months and it feels yucky.  Not to mention the fact that with proper nutrition, I will likely be a better, faster runner.

So overall, last week was a good training week.  After my long run on Saturday, I’m feeling much more confident about the whole half marathon thing.  I figure if I can run 9 miles, I can most likely run 13.1.  I have 4 more weeks of training, and I’m scheduled to get up to 11 miles prior to the half, so by that point, I should be more than ready.

I’m trying to be a good blogger and get some more interesting/informative posts together this week.  It’s tough to be organized, though.  I plan to at least have my VT Corporate Cup Race Recap ready to go this afternoon, along with a long run fuel review, and maybe an app review as well.  We’ll see!

What did you get up to this weekend?

Do you track your calories/meals?  If so, what app/website do you use?

Manic Monday – 4/28/14

And here we are, another Manic Monday, where I recap the previous week’s training etc, and set out some goals for the upcoming week.  

This week hasn’t been a stellar week on the training front, but as I mentioned in Friday’s post, I’m ok with having off weeks and not following my training plan to a “t.”  I’m staying active, I’m doing my long runs, and I’m living my life.  I’m happy.

Photo Apr 25, 9 34 49 AMMonday
This was a scheduled cross-training day, but since it was Marathon Monday and the weather was so beautiful, I had to go for a run.  I intended to do a quick 2 miles, but I ended up doing 2.4.  I also started out waaay faster than I usually go, and when I got home and looked at my splits, realized I ran a 7:59 mile.  Umm, what?  I have never run that fast in my life!  It felt amazing to see those numbers when I never expected to.  Yay!

This was scheduled to be a 4 mile run, but life sort of intervened.  Ben was at his parents’ place in Underhill (about 30 minutes away) for a few days working on our truck since he’s on spring break.  I had to pick him up tonight so he could bring our kitty to the vet Wednesday morning.  We had dinner with his parents and didn’t get home until after nine, so no workout.

Photo Apr 24, 9 48 07 PM

Drugged out kitten

Other than walking to and from work (2 miles each way), I didn’t do anything.  I had very good intentions of doing some leg stuff at home after dinner, but then I put my big, cozy sweatpants on, and well, I just didn’t feel like it.  The kitty was all loopy from her procedure and I just wanted to snuggle her and relax.

This was supposed to be a 5 mile run, but honestly, I’m realizing that I don’t really have time for more than 3 miles during the week right now if I want to eat dinner and be in bed at a reasonable hour, or not get up while it’s still dark.  I fully intended to do 3 miles after my hair cut, but then it was such a beautiful night, and my hair looked so good, and we didn’t have any food in the house…  I went home and grabbed Ben and we went out to dinner.  Of course, we had to wander around downtown for about a half hour until we found a place that didn’t have a long wait.  There must be some event at UVM this weekend because restaurants were PACKED!  So at least I got some walking in 🙂

Scheduled rest day.  Ben left for a bachelor party weekend in Atlantic City so I spent some quality time with the kitties and Netflix.

This was supposed to be my long run, but due to some family drama that kept me up most of the night, I slept in instead.  I used the day for cleaning and meal planning, which was much needed.

Photo Apr 27, 10 11 56 AMSunday
I got my 8 miles in–8.1 miles to be exact.  It actually went really well, in spite of the fact that it was cold and rainy the whole time.  This was my first long run with my hydration belt (awesome) and some fuel (vanilla bean GU–review coming soon), and I definitely think that helped.  After some vigorous stretching and foam rolling (ow), I did nothing but relax and binge-watch Glee on Neftlix.  Don’t judge–I stopped watching after season 2 and I’m curious about what’s happened since.

Photo Apr 28, 8 02 17 AM

My right hip was a little sore all day yesterday, but it feels looser today.  Unfortunately, I woke up with some pain in my right foot this morning, which is kind of weird.  I didn’t have any foot pain during my run or after my run yesterday, but it’s pretty angry right now–it definitely didn’t appreciate my walk to work.  The plan is to take it easy and play it by ear as far as my scheduled runs for tomorrow and Thursday.  If I’m still in pain, I won’t run.  I’m also finally going to bite the bullet and get new shoes this week, hopefully before my long run on Saturday.  My current kicks have over 400 miles on them, and they’ve never really been that great for me anyway.  Now that I’m getting into the higher mileage, it’s gonna be really important to get proper footwear.

My ONLY goal this week is to take it easy and make sure that my hip and foot pain don’t get worse/turn into full-blown injuries.  I’m still a newbie with all of this, and I can’t tell if I should see a doctor or not.  I’m currently on a high deductible ($2500) insurance plan, so I have to pay for EVERYTHING out of pocket, and I can’t really afford a lot right now :/