Weekend Update: Mardi Gras and Freezing Cold

Happy Monday, friends. Winter returned to the Northeast with a vengeance this weekend. Temps were in the negatives all weekend, and now we’re supposed to get a foot or more of snow this week. Eep! Let’s take a look at what I got up to this weekend.

CrossFit–>rehearsal–>home as usual. Everybody was in bed by the time I got home so I just went straight to bed.

I got up around 8 to cram a few things in before heading into town for Mardi Gras. Yes, we celebrate Mardi Gras in Vermont. Yes, we do it on a Saturday. In March. We’re special. I know.

I cleaned the bathroom and neatened up some stuff in our room, then got dressed and headed into town to meet my friend Brita for a drink before the parade. Then, we did some pre-game drinking at my friends’ salon right down the street. I may have had one more drink than completely necessary, and ended up on the front page of the Burlington Free Press website singing my face off while everyone else is posing nicely for the camera. I blame the Hamilton soundtrack…


After the parade, we went to the Hilton Garden Inn, where I did NOT have anything to drink, and hung out chatting and sobering up for a while. I was meeting Ben and some of our other friends for dinner and to see Logan so I left a little before 5. I absolutely housed half of a buffalo chicken pizza, chugged some water, and felt a lot better. Logan was pretty good. I honestly didn’t really know what it was about other than Wolverine, but I liked it a lot. Much grittier than other X-Men movies.

By the time the movie was over, I was exhausted. Ben and I went home, watched one episode of The Crown, and I passed out.

Sunday was another early morning for me, because I wanted to hit up the Athleta friends and family sale before rehearsal. I got a new pair of capris, with POCKETS, and a pair of shorts for summer. About half my wardrobe at this point is from Athleta, and I’m not mad about it.

Rehearsal was a long one. We’re at the point now where we’re putting larger chunks of the show together, which is always difficult and time-consuming. I was tired and cranky, but we got through it and I was home a little after five. I didn’t do any meal prep yesterday, which is likely to bite me in the ass later this week, but I think I can get it done tomorrow night. Fingers crossed.

And now it’s Monday. My first full week at work since coming back from vacation. And we’re in for a huge snowstorm tomorrow. Ugh. Bring on all the coffee.

Are you in for snow in your neck of the woods this week?


Manic Monday – 03/02/15

Photo Dec 30, 12 48 14 PM

This week was heavy on running and light on cross-training. While that’s definitely ok once in a while, I don’t want that to become the norm. I really love my CXWORX and Body Pump when I can get there, and I want to continue to build my strength for injury prevention.

Monday 02/23/15:  Ran 3 miles on the treadmill and stretched, then lots of jumping rope and dancing at rehearsal

Tuesday 02/24/15:  Rest day

Wednesday 02/25/15:  Speed work–1 mile warm up, 4×400 with 400 recovery in between.

Thursday 02/26/15:  Rest day. Normally I would have gone to CXWORX, but we had a pizza and beer date with some friends instead 🙂

Friday 02/27/15:  Unscheduled rest day. I intended to run, but realized I forgot my sneakers, boo. I actually considered going to Fleet Feet and buying sneakers since I need a new pair to rotate in anyway, but I just can’t justify the purchase right now, so I just relaxed until rehearsal.

Saturday 02/28/15:  “Rest” day. I got to ride the Legally Blonde float in the Mardi Gras parade, and spent  some time running around helping to construct the float beforehand, walking around before and after, and throwing beads to the crowd. I also parked my car many, many blocks from the after party, and had to walk there to get home.

The float as seen from the back.

The float as seen from the back.

My awesome pink wig

My awesome pink wig

Sunday 02/29/15:  First rehearsal at the Flynn theater! I wish I’d taken some pictures, because this theater is beautiful. Fully restored art-deco. It’s great. We rehearsed all of the big dance numbers, including the jump rope number, so I got in several hours of dance and jumping rope.

I’m feeling REALLY worn down today. People at work and in the cast have been getting sick left and right, and I feel like it’s only a matter of time until I succumb. I’m trying to hydrate like crazy and eat well, but I just need more sleep, and that’s hard to come by right now.

The good news is, I have a 4-day work week and a 3-day weekend to look forward to. Ben’s cousin Scott is getting married this weekend, so we’re headed over to Ithaca for the festivities. Other than the wedding on Saturday, we don’t have much to do other than drive, so I’m hoping to catch some car naps and rest up.

Does your town/city celebrate Mardi Gras?

Have you ever gotten to ride a float in a parade?