Friday Free-For-All – 01/16/15


Ben and I had our first date night in I don’t know how long.  It’s been at least since before the wedding.  That’s not to say that we haven’t been spending time together, but most of the activities/parties/trips we do are with other people, and it’s really important for us to have some one-on-one time.  First up was dinner at VT Tap House.  We each had a couple of beers, and split a white pizza with roasted corn, black beans, tomato, chicken, and a cilantro lime drizzle (OMG so good!), and then I had vanilla ice cream and Ben had apple pie.  We finished up with a night out at the movies, and saw Unbroken.  While the story is amazing, I feel like it was over “Hollywood-ified,” if that makes sense.  I really want to read the book now!

I finally tried a Sh’Bam class.  My high school friend Brad, who is also in Legally Blonde with me, has been trying to convince me to come to one of his classes for ages, so I finally bit the bullet.  My coworker Freda and I attended the 5:30 class on Thursday.  I’ll do an actual recap next week, but for now let me say, I LOVED it!

I got my new driver’s license with my married lady name!  Just in case you were wondering, all of the name change hoops you have to jump through after getting married are ridiculous.  First up is a trip to the Social Security office, which is like the DMV on steroids.  Then, a trip to the DMV, which is just unfair.  Then you have to run around to all of your banks, creditors, and various online accounts to make the changes there too.  Next up is the passport, so we can take some awesome trips this year!

Married ladies, did you change your name?

Have you seen Unbroken, or read the book?

Have you ever taken a Sh’Bam class?