Weekend Update – We Moved In!

Happy Monday, friends! It was a long, but oh-so-exciting weekend moving into the new house. Yay! We are now officially living there, which is beyond excellent. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

I headed home Friday night to do some packing, since we planned to move all of the stuff from my in-laws’ house throughout the day on Saturday. It’s amazing how much stuff you can cram into a 10 x 10 bedroom, ya’ll. We had it packed to the rafters, so we more than had our work cut out for us getting it ready to move.

First order of business was a big breakfast to a) stave off my nausea, and b) fuel ourselves for the long day ahead. I had some grits first to sort of pad out my stomach, then had a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich and some coffee. Perfection.

We had a surprisingly large amount of furniture at my in-laws’: a bed, two dressers, a desk, two bookcases, and a futon. Plus our summer tires, camping equipment, and LOTS of other miscellany. The day was sort of haphazard because we were still packing while trying to move, but we made it work.

With three vehicles and myself, Ben, and my father-in-law packing and cleaning, we made three trips to the house, which covered the majority of our stuff. We left behind a few bulky items, plus Thor the fish, for another day.

After the last trip, we ate a final supper with my in-laws, then headed home to do as much unpacking and settling as possible before an early bed time. I overdid it somewhat, and my right hip and back were letting me know. I took a long, hot shower and passed the eff out.

We were up and at ’em at 7:30 to get breakfast and ready ourselves. We hadn’t done any grocery shopping yet, so we headed to downtown Jeffersonville for coffee, breakfast sammies, and a donut from The Cupboard. Between locals getting their morning coffee and ski bums fueling up for the day, the place was jamming. We had a nice little conversation with a local guy who knew EXACTLY where our house was just based on a brief description. Damn I love our small town!

At 9, Ben headed out to meet our caravan of friends and trucks at our storage unit, while I headed off to pick up coffee, snacks, and beer for all of our helpers. You can’t ask people to help you move and then not feed them, amiright?

Shortly after I got home, our friends Nick and Nikki showed up with baby Kalamack in tow. Apparently we had so many hands that our entire storage unit was unloaded and packed into trucks in 20 minutes flat, so Nick and Nikki were there to help unload.

Guys, I can’t recommend highly enough the way we moved. We had close to a dozen people and about 8 trucks, and all of our stuff was into our house within 30 minutes of arrival! Since I overdid it on Saturday, I just directed traffic and chatted with our helpers. We are so, so grateful for all the help we had. I couldn’t really have done much more than I did without possibly hurting myself, so it worked out perfectly.

Our helpers all stayed to chat for a while once the load-in was done, and then by about 1:30, Ben and I were left alone to nest. I wish I’d taken pictures, because we did SO MUCH unpacking over the course of the afternoon and evening. We also took a break to grocery shop, of course, because the only thing that can make a new house better is FOOD. And we made our first supper and sat down at the table to eat together, which was really lovely. And then we were both in bed and passed out before 10 pm because DAMN that was a long, busy weekend!

So now it’s Monday and I’m at work, when all I really want to be doing is unpacking and settling into our new house. C’est la vie, non? We still have plenty of work to do, including a second coat of paint in the kitchen/dining/living rooms, painting closets, and ALL the unpacking, but we’re trying to just take it easy and remember that we have all the time in the world. This is our forever home, and we’re not going anywhere anytime soon.


Friday Free-For-All – 02/09/18

Photo Jul 14, 10 05 37 AM

Thanks so much for all of your well-wishes! The response to our news on the blog and Instagram has been overwhelming and so positive, and we’re very grateful for your kind words and support. As ridiculous as social media can be sometimes, it always feels nice to share good news and receive such an outpouring of love ūüôā

We should be able to move into the house this weekend! It has seemed that things were just conspiring against us a bunch recently, what with the delayed closing, then travel right after closing, then Ben and I tag teaming illness, and then a giant snow storm on Wednesday, but I think the end is in sight! Ben and his dad did a ton of work last weekend removing the horrific wood paneling, patching, sanding, and priming while I was sick. Then my parents and father in law were absolute rock stars and painted the entire house yesterday while Ben and I were at work, so all we need to do now is haul all of our crap in. The plan for Saturday is to get all of our stuff that we’re currently living with at my in-laws’ into the house so we can start sleeping there. Then Sunday we will (hopefully) get a bunch of friends with trucks together to help us empty our storage unit. Wheeee!

My sister in law, Emily, is back! Emily got a temporary job for a few months to sort of test the “moving home” waters. She was able to keep her job in Prague as well, in case things don’t work out, so she’s pretty busy, but it’s great having her around. She’ll be looking for permanent full time work over the next couple of months, and if she gets a job, her boyfriend, Jirka, will move here too! Yay!

Decaf peppermint tea is a life-saver today.¬†I’ve had a resurgence of morning sickness the last couple of days, and actually threw up this morning for the first time my entire pregnancy so far! I stopped at the grocery store on the way to work for some mint tea and it is giving me LIFE. Well, that and the ham and cheese scones my lovely coworker Marci made for the office. Carbs first thing will need to be a thing I do until this nausea passes.

All you mamas out there, did your morning sickness reappear around 20 weeks, or is it just me?


Friday Free-For-All – 01/19/18

Photo Jul 14, 10 05 37 AM

Our house closing has been delayed, booooo. We sort of knew it would be a long shot to stay on schedule for closing yesterday (the seller’s lawyer is, to put it mildly, “difficult”), but we were hoping that things would work out anyway. Sadly, that was not the case, and our closing has been pushed back to next Wednesday afternoon. This is not ideal for several reasons, not the least of which is that Ben and I will both be out of town Thursday – Monday next week right after closing and therefore won’t be able to do any moving for almost a week. But I’m trying to focus on the positive, in that we ARE still scheduled to close. Which means…

it’s time to start packing. Ugh. Packing is the worst. Thankfully, most of our stuff is already packed up in our storage unit, but we do have a surprising amount of stuff spread out ALL OVER my in-law’s house. It should be quite a process collecting and packing it all. I may start in this weekend just to feel like I’m getting a jump on stuff.

Even though we didn’t close on the house, I kept my vacation day yesterday. In the morning, I had a commercial audition, went to yoga class, and ran errands. In the afternoon, my friends Krissy, Aimee and I had a shopping and coffee date. All in all, it was a delightful day, and I’m SO glad I didn’t go to work.

One week to Broadway Con! Technically, it’s less than a week until I leave, but the first day of the actual con is next Friday, and I couldn’t possibly be more excited. My friend Sarah and I are taking the Amtrak Vermonter from Essex Junction all the way to Penn station on Thursday next week, which should be an adventure. I can’t wait to see some shows and geek out about all things Broadway with a bunch of like-minded people. It also doesn’t hurt that next week is only a three-day work week, and the following week will be a four-day week. At that point I won’t have worked a full week for almost a month due to holidays and vacation days!

Do you have any vacations or trips coming up that you’re excited about?


Manic Monday – 06/08/15


Monday 06/01/15:  Active Rest Day 

I didn’t run, but Ben and I moved two carloads of stuff into our new apartment, which is on the third floor, oh, and there’s no elevator. It was actually a great leg workout.

Tuesday 06/02/15:  Active Rest Day

Like Monday, I didn’t run, but Ben and I spent several hours hauling crap up three flights of stairs, and Tuesday night was our first night sleeping in the new place–wahoo!

Wednesday 06/03/15:  Active Rest Day

More moving. More lifting heavy things. More stairs. I intended to run for National Running Day, but was just too tired.

Thursday 06/04/15:  5k Virtual Race for National Running Day/Nuun Running Day

Nuun sponsored a virtual 5k race for National Running Day, partnering with the Motigo app. It was my first (and honestly, probably only,) time using the app, and it was pretty cool. I got to hear some inspirational messages from Team Nuun, Kara Goucher, and my fellow BibRave Pros. I love the idea behind the app, but I just don’t think it’s right to ask your friends and family to pay to cheer you. If anything, the runner should pay a per race/monthly/yearly subscription fee that allows friends and family to cheer them for free. But that’s just my two cents.

Friday 06/05/15:  Rest Day

I intended to get up and run, but I was just feeling lazy and re-set my alarm. I had lunch with my friend Emily, and went out for drinks with the Legally Blonde crew after work.

Saturday 06/06/15:  Active Rest Day

More moving. Hauling things up 3 flights of stairs is a GREAT workout. We also took our bikes to Old Spokes home, which is a bike repair shop/used and new bike seller. Unfortunately, the Schwinn I scored last week needed a LOT of work, more than would have been reasonable to pay for, so I donated it to their charity program and bought my dream bike instead:

Please forgive the terrible picture.

Please forgive the terrible picture.

A 70’s era 3-speed cruiser. I have ALWAYS wanted one, but have never been in a position where I could justify the purchase. Now that we live in a place where bike commuting is often faster and easier than driving, I decided to throw caution to the wind, and I couldn’t be happier. She’s perfect.

Sunday 06/07/15:  Run for Martha 5k Race

Recap coming soon! You may have seen on my Instagram that it was a short course, but I’ve got some thoughts I’ll share during my recap. Then I had Chess rehearsal, and afterwards, Ben and I had dinner and drinks with our friend Erik.

Hello, gorgeous!

Hello, gorgeous!

Yes, that’s a lot of whiskey. No, we didn’t drink it all. Not for lack of trying, though!

Now that the bulk of our moving adventure is over, I’m hoping to get back on a somewhat normal schedule this week. Here is my tentative workout plan:

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: ¬†3 miles (Maybe throw in some intervals?) in the morning; run-walk with my friend Emily after work
  • Wednesday: ¬†3 miles
  • Thursday: ¬†3 miles (Maybe some hill repeats?)
  • Friday: ¬†Rest day
  • Saturday: ¬†First meeting of the Lake Champlain Running Club (stay tuned for a post on this!)
  • Sunday: ¬†Rest day

What’s your drink of choice? Mine is vodka and soda with lots of lime. Or a margarita ūüėÄ

Friday Free-For-All – 06/05/15

FFFA (1)

I can’t believe I’m racing again this weekend! This will be four 5k races in four weeks! Yes, I know this is somewhat of a surprise, considering I didn’t write a goals post like I usually do. This race is purely for fundraising purposes; I’m exhausted from moving and running so many races lately, so I’m just looking to finish. The event is to support a fundraising effort for one of my sister’s students. It will be on the same(ish) course that I ran for the Color Run last year, and there will be some free food and ice cream, so I’m down.

I get to hang out with my friend Megan tonight. Megan played Paulette in the production of Legally Blonde I did in April. We’re basically the same person¬†and I love her and miss her. We haven’t hung out in weeks! We’re meeting at Drink, a nice-ish cocktail bar downtown, and we’re inviting as many of our Legally Blonde friends as want to show up. It should be a great time ūüėÄ

Moving is coming along slowly. I’d say we’re close to halfway there. Most of the things we’ve brought into the apartment are unpacked and put away, but we still have a lot to do. I’m hoping to get some things squared away this weekend, which will lead to things feeling much more finished. But we sort of have our living room put together, and our bedroom is livable, so I’m happy.

I may have secured a bike! I got a free Schwinn mountain(?) bike from my friend Kyla. The previous tenants at her new apartment left it behind. I don’t know much about bikes, but I think the bones are good. I just need to take it to a shop to see how much it will cost to get it road worthy/if it will be worth paying to make road worthy. I REALLY want to get an estimate this weekend, because I’m desperate to have a bike for getting around town instead of driving.

Do you have a bike? What kind?

Who else is racing this weekend?

Friday Free-For-All – 05/29/15

FFFA (1) It’s moving time! ¬†We haven’t gotten the final word from our property manager, but we’re anticipating that we’ll be able to start moving into the apartment this weekend. The timing isn’t ideal; we have the Craft Brew Race tomorrow, and I have rehearsal and a birthday party on Sunday night. But what can you do? At least we (hopefully) won’t have to move stuff after work all next week.

Today will (hopefully) be my last day with a car commute, and I am SO relieved. Driving around at rush hour stresses me right out, and makes me an angry, foul-mouthed person. I seriously can’t keep my composure anymore. It’s a good thing I keep my windows rolled up, because if other drivers heard what I was yelling at them, I certainly would have more than a few road rage-induced incidents.

I’m racing tomorrow! ¬†You can read my goals for the race here. Regardless of whether or not I hit my goals, I’m VERY excited for this race. It’s the first time Ben and I have raced together since 2012, and there’s a Brew Fest at the finish line. We also get pint glasses and medals, so I’m a happy camper. I’m just worried that the race might be cancelled, because the weather forecast is calling for thunderstorms right around the time of the race start ūüė¶

I hit 100 miles in 2015 this week.¬†That puts me pretty far behind in my goal to reach 500 miles for the year, but with Spartan and Wine and Dine training on the horizon, I’m confident I’ll get there. And if I don’t, it’s not the end of the world.

My 5 week Pilates class series is over. I only went to 3 of the 5 classes. While I enjoyed myself, I don’t really notice a significant difference in my body or strength. I think if I had actually gone to all of the classes, I might have had better results. I also think having more than one class a week would have helped, but oh well. It was fun to try something new, and now I know that Pilates is an awesome workout if I’m ever in the mood for something a little different in the cross-training department.

Do you drive to work? Does commuting stress you out?

Tuesday Things

Did anyone else’s schedule get thrown totally out of whack by Memorial Day weekend? I kind of forgot that it was Monday, and forgot to post my usual Manic Monday recap. I’ve decided to do a quick overview of the week today instead, and try to get back on track next week.

  • I ran three times, for a total of 6.3 miles
  • I skipped Body Pump, Pilates, and CXWORX, and I don’t feel the least bit guilty about it
  • I spent most of Saturday dealing with an upset stomach
  • On Sunday, I decided¬†not to drive the 45 minutes into Burlington to spectate the Vermont City Marathon, and had my first meeting with the Chess cast and crew

For the next week or so, things are going to be all over the place due to moving. We still don’t know exactly when we’ll be able to get into the apartment, which means that we just kind of have to pack and hope for the best. Our lease officially starts on June 1, which is Monday, but we’re hoping that we’ll be able to get in on Saturday or Sunday, and at least get everything¬†into¬† the apartment, so that we can live there and¬†worry about unpacking later.

Because the week is so up in the air, I’m not going to lay out a workout schedule, other than my last Pilates class on Wednesday after work. I’m hoping that I’ll continue to be able to squeeze in some lunch runs, but the weather forecast isn’t looking so great, so I’m just going to take every day in stride and do what I can.

Do holiday weekends throw off your schedule?

Friday Free-For-All – 05/22/15

FFFA (1)

BibRave is looking to expand their BibRave Pro Ambassador Program.¬†If you like to run races, talk about running, and hang out with cool, like-minded people, you should consider applying to be a BibRave Pro. You’ll get access to all kinds of products and free or discounted race registrations all over the country, and get to be part of a really cool team. If you’re interested in learning more, go to bibravepro.tumblr.com.

Photo May 15, 10 47 33 AM

Speaking of BibRave, you should check out my Discounts page. We just added tons of new discount codes or discounted registration links, so chances are there’s something near you, or something you’ll want to travel to!

It’s marathon weekend here in VT!¬†The Vermont City Marathon takes place every Memorial Day weekend, and it’s a huge event. I’m ashamed to say that in my 20+ years living here, I’ve never actually watched the race. In high school I wasn’t interested, and in college I was always working. And now, when I’m actually really interested, I live about 40 minutes outside of town, and trying to drive in on Sunday morning will be nutty due to traffic and road closures ūüė¶ Whether or not I make it to spectate, I’m hoping to get to a runner/blogger meetup that’s being organized by Stacey, the Cape Cod Runner. She’s trying to get some people together at the Farm House on Saturday afternoon,¬†so I’m going to do my best to get there.

We’re moving in a little over a week! While I’m still super excited, I’m also starting to stress out about the move itself. As of right now, our move-in day is June 1, which is a Monday. Neither Ben nor I can take any additional time off right now, so I have no idea how things are going to go. Thankfully, 90% of our stuff is already packed and just needs to be moved from our storage unit to the apartment. But the remaining 10% is surprisingly scattered all over my in-laws’ house. I’m also pretty sure that there’s simply not enough room for all of our junk at the new place, which means we have a lot of sorting to do. I’ve already started by going through my closets to get rid of stuff I don’t wear anymore, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’m just sort of blithely ignoring things right now and pretending that everything is totally under control. I’m sure by this time next week I’ll be freaking out.

I am SO PUMPED that it’s a three day weekend. Other than a quick meeting for Chess on Sunday, and the blogger meetup on Saturday afternoon, we have NO PLANS. I’m excited to do some relaxing, and also hopefully do some packing and move related business to help mitigate the stress I described above. Mostly, though, I’m excited that next week is only a four day work week. This week covering for my coworker has been really stressful, and I’m beyond relieved that she’s back in the office on Tuesday.

What are your plans for Memorial Day weekend?

Manic Monday…Er, Tuesday

Welcome to another edition of Manic Monday (Tardy Tuesday?), where I recap the previous week, and lay out a plan for the upcoming week.

So, yeah, I’m a day late. ¬†My excuse is that I was moving all weekend, my computer still isn’t set up, and I’m exhausted. ¬†Sorry!

This week was pretty dang good, if I do say so myself.  In spite of the fact that we made at least one move-related trip somewhere every night this week, I managed to get in a decent amount of workouts.

Monday (Scheduled Cross-Training)
I spent 45 quality minutes on the elliptical, and then did 40 squats.  And then moved a bunch of crap into our storage unit.  Hooray, cross-training!

Tuesday (Scheduled 30 min tempo run)
I already talked about this a bit the other day, so in summary–yes, I did my first tempo run, and it went well. ¬†Afterwards I did plenty of stretching and rolling, because¬†the elliptical made my left calf super tight for some reason.

Wednesday (Scheduled Cross-Training)
I did not work out on Wednesday. ¬†Ben and I spent a good 2 hours after work packing, and then took a load of stuff to his parents’ house, where they fed us delicious, delicious pasta. ¬†I was intensely grateful for a good meal, because our kitchen was a train wreck and we didn’t have any plates or bowls left to eat with. ¬†I did do 45 squats, though.

Thursday (Scheduled 3 mile “easy” run)
The only workout I did was scrubbing our toilet and tub, cause they were NASTY.  And then we ate giant burritos for dinner and watched Futurama until we fell asleep.  It was glorious.

Friday (Scheduled Rest Day)
Total rest day, other than packing and cleaning.

Saturday (Scheduled 6 mile run)
I actually managed to squeeze this in–I just got up early and banged out 6 miles that were neither easy nor hard, so I’ll call that a win. ¬†And then we packed and cleaned and hauled stuff around ALL DAY. ¬†Then I read and ate fro-yo for a few hours while Ben played basketball. ¬†And then we went to a suspenders surprise birthday party. ¬†Being the (exhausted) party animals that we were, we were home and in bed by midnight.

Photo Aug 30, 8 46 23 AM

Sunday (Scheduled Rest Day)
There was nothing restful about this day. ¬†So much cleaning. ¬†So much packing. ¬†So much stressing about whether or not stuff would fit in the cars. ¬†We took a brunch break to meet up with our friends Nick and Nikki, and refueled with eggs, bacon and home fries. ¬†And allthecoffee. ¬†By about 3 pm were officially at the in-laws’, but still had lots of unpacking and organizing to do. ¬†We quit around dinner time and had some well-deserved beers, and went to bed at 9.

This Week:
The goal for this week is to develop a new routine based on my new 45 minute each way commute. ¬†I want to make sure I’m still fitting in all my runs, and I really want to check out a Body Pump class this week, since I’m now pretty much driving right by my gym every day. ¬†But on the flip side, I need to make sure I get home in time to help with dinner, eat, and get to bed at a decent hour. ¬†It’s going to be an interesting balancing act, for sure!

What was your favorite thing about this long weekend? Are you looking forward to fall?


Friday Free-For-All (Twelve)

Welcome to Friday Free-For-All, where I talk about anything and everything on my mind.  This is usually just a great big brain dump, so brace yourselves!

Moving sucks. ¬†There, I said it. ¬†I’m sure you all know how much moving sucks. ¬†It just does, there’s no getting around it. ¬†We have too much crap. ¬†Every time we move, we bitch about how we have too much crap, but we just keep shuttling it around and acquiring more crap all the time. ¬†I will be a very happy girl on the day we buy a house and never have to move again.

Summer is almost over. ¬†Seriously, how did that happen? ¬†It’s crazy! ¬†This time last year, Ben and I were packing up our apartment in Boston and getting ready to move in with his folks. ¬†One year later, we’re packing up our Burlington apartment and getting ready to move in with his folks. ¬†I feel like I’m stuck in a time loop.


I’m hoping that we can sneak in a few more summery activities before fall. ¬†On my list are hiking Mt. Mansfield and swimming in a river. ¬†Not negotiable. ¬†On a related note…

Hooray for three-day weekends! ¬†I couldn’t be happier about the timing of Labor Day and how it fits in with our moving schedule. ¬†I’m hoping we can get all the moving crap done and over with by Sunday so that we can just use Monday as a relaxation/summer fun day.

I jumped on the Erin Condren life planner bandwagon. ¬†I ordered this thing¬†3 weeks ago¬†and it just shipped. ¬†It had¬†better be worth the wait (and the $50 price tag). ¬†I seriously can’t wait to have this thing in my hot little hands. ¬†I will always prefer an actual paper planner to a calendar app. ¬†Call me a Luddite if you will, but that’s just how I roll.

I ordered this one in orange with light gray scales :)

I ordered this one in orange with light gray scales ūüôā

What are your plans for the holiday weekend?