Weekend Update – Haircuts & Settling In

Happy Monday, friends! Things are slowly but surely coming together at the house. We did a TON of work this weekend, and we’re really starting to settle in, which feels great.

After work I headed straight home. Ben had a broom ball game, but not until 9, so we hung out for a while and did a few little cleaning/unpacking projects.

Once he left, I got started on the second coat of paint in the kitchen/living/dining rooms. We got zero-VOC, low fume paint, and the nurses at my practice said it was safe for me to paint, so paint I did. I got a major jump start on the kitchen, and then spent the rest of the evening curled up on our futon watching a movie.

We were both out of bed relatively early on Saturday, and after a quick breakfast we got right to work on painting. I did the cutting in while Ben rolled away, and by the time Emily arrived to help out around 10 am, we were mostly done! We set her to work painting the closet in our guest/baby room while we started replacing outlet covers and removing painter’s tape.


My in-laws arrived shortly after with a few leftover items from their house, and my father-in-law helped Ben install the cat door in our basement door. We plan to put the kitty litter box in the basement so we don’t have to see/smell it all the time.

Everybody was gone by about 1:30, so Ben and I continued to unpack the multitude of boxes still scattered around the house. Eventually we had to shower and get ready to go over to Nick and Nikki’s house, because we had plans for both of us to get haircuts, me to get my balayage freshened up, and then to have dinner and watch a movie.

My hair looks great now. Not really different than before, just fresh highlights and a trim, but it looks and feels a lot healthier, which is wonderful. We had ham, Caesar salad, roasted potatoes, and Parmesan bread for supper, with a cookie smorgasbord for dessert, and we finally saw Get Out. Ben doesn’t like scary/suspenseful movies, so he was kind of irritated for most of the movie, but when it was over agreed that it was really good and he was glad he saw it.

Sunday morning was much more leisurely. We slept in, made coffee and breakfast, then meal planned out our week so we could get grocery shopping done early. After the grocery store, we hit up our local hardware store to grab a few more things for projects around the house. It’s starting to feel like the hardware store is our second home, we’re there so often!

We were done with errands and home before 1 pm, then spent the rest of the day doing ALL THE THINGS. Ben made bread, I hard boiled eggs for snacks, I made a delicious cheesy crock pot chili for dinner, I cleaned the toilets, we did three loads of laundry, hung up pictures, my medal holder, and our giant spider plant, hung clothesline and vacuumed the basement, unpacked the rest of the boxes that had been cluttering our kitchen, made chicken stock, and a dozen other things that I can’t remember right now. AND, we had time to watch a movie together after dinner, which was a relaxing end to a busy weekend.


Today will likely be a short day at work due to the holiday and the fact that both our corporate offices and the US Stock Exchange are closed. If I’m released early, I’m going to hit up Home Depot (yes, again!) and Walmart to grab a few more thing. It’s a damn good thing we’ve been saving for over a year for this, because setting up a new house is EXPENSIVE!

Do you have Presidents’ Day off?

Weekend Update – We Moved In!

Happy Monday, friends! It was a long, but oh-so-exciting weekend moving into the new house. Yay! We are now officially living there, which is beyond excellent. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

I headed home Friday night to do some packing, since we planned to move all of the stuff from my in-laws’ house throughout the day on Saturday. It’s amazing how much stuff you can cram into a 10 x 10 bedroom, ya’ll. We had it packed to the rafters, so we more than had our work cut out for us getting it ready to move.

First order of business was a big breakfast to a) stave off my nausea, and b) fuel ourselves for the long day ahead. I had some grits first to sort of pad out my stomach, then had a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich and some coffee. Perfection.

We had a surprisingly large amount of furniture at my in-laws’: a bed, two dressers, a desk, two bookcases, and a futon. Plus our summer tires, camping equipment, and LOTS of other miscellany. The day was sort of haphazard because we were still packing while trying to move, but we made it work.

With three vehicles and myself, Ben, and my father-in-law packing and cleaning, we made three trips to the house, which covered the majority of our stuff. We left behind a few bulky items, plus Thor the fish, for another day.

After the last trip, we ate a final supper with my in-laws, then headed home to do as much unpacking and settling as possible before an early bed time. I overdid it somewhat, and my right hip and back were letting me know. I took a long, hot shower and passed the eff out.

We were up and at ’em at 7:30 to get breakfast and ready ourselves. We hadn’t done any grocery shopping yet, so we headed to downtown Jeffersonville for coffee, breakfast sammies, and a donut from The Cupboard. Between locals getting their morning coffee and ski bums fueling up for the day, the place was jamming. We had a nice little conversation with a local guy who knew EXACTLY where our house was just based on a brief description. Damn I love our small town!

At 9, Ben headed out to meet our caravan of friends and trucks at our storage unit, while I headed off to pick up coffee, snacks, and beer for all of our helpers. You can’t ask people to help you move and then not feed them, amiright?

Shortly after I got home, our friends Nick and Nikki showed up with baby Kalamack in tow. Apparently we had so many hands that our entire storage unit was unloaded and packed into trucks in 20 minutes flat, so Nick and Nikki were there to help unload.

Guys, I can’t recommend highly enough the way we moved. We had close to a dozen people and about 8 trucks, and all of our stuff was into our house within 30 minutes of arrival! Since I overdid it on Saturday, I just directed traffic and chatted with our helpers. We are so, so grateful for all the help we had. I couldn’t really have done much more than I did without possibly hurting myself, so it worked out perfectly.

Our helpers all stayed to chat for a while once the load-in was done, and then by about 1:30, Ben and I were left alone to nest. I wish I’d taken pictures, because we did SO MUCH unpacking over the course of the afternoon and evening. We also took a break to grocery shop, of course, because the only thing that can make a new house better is FOOD. And we made our first supper and sat down at the table to eat together, which was really lovely. And then we were both in bed and passed out before 10 pm because DAMN that was a long, busy weekend!

So now it’s Monday and I’m at work, when all I really want to be doing is unpacking and settling into our new house. C’est la vie, non? We still have plenty of work to do, including a second coat of paint in the kitchen/dining/living rooms, painting closets, and ALL the unpacking, but we’re trying to just take it easy and remember that we have all the time in the world. This is our forever home, and we’re not going anywhere anytime soon.


Friday Free-For-All – 02/09/18

Photo Jul 14, 10 05 37 AM

Thanks so much for all of your well-wishes! The response to our news on the blog and Instagram has been overwhelming and so positive, and we’re very grateful for your kind words and support. As ridiculous as social media can be sometimes, it always feels nice to share good news and receive such an outpouring of love 🙂

We should be able to move into the house this weekend! It has seemed that things were just conspiring against us a bunch recently, what with the delayed closing, then travel right after closing, then Ben and I tag teaming illness, and then a giant snow storm on Wednesday, but I think the end is in sight! Ben and his dad did a ton of work last weekend removing the horrific wood paneling, patching, sanding, and priming while I was sick. Then my parents and father in law were absolute rock stars and painted the entire house yesterday while Ben and I were at work, so all we need to do now is haul all of our crap in. The plan for Saturday is to get all of our stuff that we’re currently living with at my in-laws’ into the house so we can start sleeping there. Then Sunday we will (hopefully) get a bunch of friends with trucks together to help us empty our storage unit. Wheeee!

My sister in law, Emily, is back! Emily got a temporary job for a few months to sort of test the “moving home” waters. She was able to keep her job in Prague as well, in case things don’t work out, so she’s pretty busy, but it’s great having her around. She’ll be looking for permanent full time work over the next couple of months, and if she gets a job, her boyfriend, Jirka, will move here too! Yay!

Decaf peppermint tea is a life-saver today. I’ve had a resurgence of morning sickness the last couple of days, and actually threw up this morning for the first time my entire pregnancy so far! I stopped at the grocery store on the way to work for some mint tea and it is giving me LIFE. Well, that and the ham and cheese scones my lovely coworker Marci made for the office. Carbs first thing will need to be a thing I do until this nausea passes.

All you mamas out there, did your morning sickness reappear around 20 weeks, or is it just me?