Weekend Update – Shindig!

Happy Monday, friends! We passed another excellent weekend as residents in our new house and couldn’t be happier about it. We even christened it with a mini housewarming. Read all about it below!

We invited a half dozen or so friends over since Ben had a by-week for broom ball. It was so nice to be able to host a gathering at our OWN house. My in-laws were wonderful about us having guests over, but it’s always sort of fraught when you’re trying to host a party at someone else’s house.


I whipped up a batch of what we lovingly refer to as “Crack Dip” (basically a cheesy, spicy corn dip), and asked our guests to each bring something potluck style so we wouldn’t have to cook a big meal. David and Alex brought an absolutely sinful mac and cheese with bacon, caramelized onions, and goat cheese, and Nick and Nikki brought a nice green salad to balance out the carbs and cheese. We had a great time chatting, and baby Kalamack was absolutely enthralled with the kitties.


Saturday was “productivity day.” As residents of what we lovingly refer to as “the boonies,” we don’t have weekly trash pickup. This means that we have to make runs to our local transfer station (aka dump). And after a couple of weeks of unpacking boxes and setting up a new house, we had a LOT of trash and recycling to get rid of, so that was our first priority.

Meal planning and grocery shopping was also on the agenda while we were out and about, so before leaving for the day, we planned out our meals for the week and put together the grocery list. AND we even remembered to bring our reusable shopping bags. Score!

After getting home for the day, I decided to tackle some of our remaining painting projects while Ben did some other random stuff. I started in the guest room closet, and then moved out to do a second coat on the guest room itself. For whatever reason, one coat just didn’t cut it in that room. The open gallon of paint ran out with about 9 square feet of wall left, which was incredibly frustrating, but I was exhausted by that point, so I decided to just save it for Sunday.

Ben and I spent the rest of the evening cooking a nice supper, eating, playing video games, reading, and relaxing together. It still hasn’t gotten old that we have our own house and our own space to hang out in 🙂

We slept in a bit, and after breakfast I resumed painting. Armed with a fresh can of paint, I finished the tiny bit of wall in the guest room, and did the entire guest bathroom as well. Now that that room is done, we can finally start putting it together as an actual guest/baby room instead of the dumping ground it was starting to be.

I was done with painting by about 2 and started in on a few loads of laundry. I mostly loafed around the rest of the afternoon while Ben made bread for our neighbors who have been plowing our driveway FOR FREE.

Around 5:30 we headed over to the Johnson’s house to join my in-laws for dinner. The Johnson’s are some of my in-laws’ oldest friends, and they always make such great spreads. When we arrived, there was a veggie platter with a delicious bean dip, and homemade potato skins with all the fixings. Then for supper, there was boeuf bourguignon, salad, and fresh bread, with brownie sundaes for dessert. I was STUFFED by the time we headed home.


I ran around doing a few more productive things to get ready for work like making a few jars of overnight oats and putting coffee to soak in my french press for cold-brewed iced coffee for the week, then headed to bed early. Ben is on February break this week, so he stayed up late playing video games. Lucky duck! The good news this week is that because it’s February break, my commute is a lot nicer and faster than usual.

Is it school break time in your neck of the woods?

Weekend Update – Haircuts & Settling In

Happy Monday, friends! Things are slowly but surely coming together at the house. We did a TON of work this weekend, and we’re really starting to settle in, which feels great.

After work I headed straight home. Ben had a broom ball game, but not until 9, so we hung out for a while and did a few little cleaning/unpacking projects.

Once he left, I got started on the second coat of paint in the kitchen/living/dining rooms. We got zero-VOC, low fume paint, and the nurses at my practice said it was safe for me to paint, so paint I did. I got a major jump start on the kitchen, and then spent the rest of the evening curled up on our futon watching a movie.

We were both out of bed relatively early on Saturday, and after a quick breakfast we got right to work on painting. I did the cutting in while Ben rolled away, and by the time Emily arrived to help out around 10 am, we were mostly done! We set her to work painting the closet in our guest/baby room while we started replacing outlet covers and removing painter’s tape.


My in-laws arrived shortly after with a few leftover items from their house, and my father-in-law helped Ben install the cat door in our basement door. We plan to put the kitty litter box in the basement so we don’t have to see/smell it all the time.

Everybody was gone by about 1:30, so Ben and I continued to unpack the multitude of boxes still scattered around the house. Eventually we had to shower and get ready to go over to Nick and Nikki’s house, because we had plans for both of us to get haircuts, me to get my balayage freshened up, and then to have dinner and watch a movie.

My hair looks great now. Not really different than before, just fresh highlights and a trim, but it looks and feels a lot healthier, which is wonderful. We had ham, Caesar salad, roasted potatoes, and Parmesan bread for supper, with a cookie smorgasbord for dessert, and we finally saw Get Out. Ben doesn’t like scary/suspenseful movies, so he was kind of irritated for most of the movie, but when it was over agreed that it was really good and he was glad he saw it.

Sunday morning was much more leisurely. We slept in, made coffee and breakfast, then meal planned out our week so we could get grocery shopping done early. After the grocery store, we hit up our local hardware store to grab a few more things for projects around the house. It’s starting to feel like the hardware store is our second home, we’re there so often!

We were done with errands and home before 1 pm, then spent the rest of the day doing ALL THE THINGS. Ben made bread, I hard boiled eggs for snacks, I made a delicious cheesy crock pot chili for dinner, I cleaned the toilets, we did three loads of laundry, hung up pictures, my medal holder, and our giant spider plant, hung clothesline and vacuumed the basement, unpacked the rest of the boxes that had been cluttering our kitchen, made chicken stock, and a dozen other things that I can’t remember right now. AND, we had time to watch a movie together after dinner, which was a relaxing end to a busy weekend.


Today will likely be a short day at work due to the holiday and the fact that both our corporate offices and the US Stock Exchange are closed. If I’m released early, I’m going to hit up Home Depot (yes, again!) and Walmart to grab a few more thing. It’s a damn good thing we’ve been saving for over a year for this, because setting up a new house is EXPENSIVE!

Do you have Presidents’ Day off?