Manic Monday – 06/01/15


Monday 05/25/15:  Active rest day. 

While I didn’t go to the gym or run, I didn’t sit on my butt all day either. Ben and I spent a bunch of time in the morning cleaning and packing, and then I helped him work on the truck for a while (I held a flashlight and turned pages in the manual), and then I spent a good hour or two pulling plantains in the yard with Grandpa’s Weeder. This thing is genius and I could spend hours weeding with it.


Tuesday 05/26/15:  2.3 mile runch

It was gross hot and humid, but I felt pretty good most of the run regardless.

Wednesday 05/27/15:  One hour Pilates mat class

This was the last class of my 5 class series through work, and it was TOUGH. It was just me and one other girl, so the instructor really kicked up the intensity, and it was like a semi-private lesson. She gave lots of adjustments and I walked out feeling like a noodle.

Thursday 05/28/15:  3.1 mile runch

I set out knowing that rain was a possibility, but didn’t anticipate getting caught in an absolute downpour. I was thoroughly drenched and came back to work with squelchy shoes, looking like a drowned rat. Thankfully, it was just my running apparel, and when I changed back into my work clothes I was fine.

Friday 05/29/15:  Rest day

I was happy to have a quiet lunch break, and then go home after work.

Saturday 05/30/15:  Craft Brew Race 5k

You’ll have to wait for my official recap, but for now, let’s say that while the race didn’t go the way I’d hoped, the beer fest more than made up for it!

Sunday 05/31/15:  Rest day

We spent the morning doing some packing stuff, and then I had my first Chess rehearsal, and a Paint and Sip birthday party (which was a total blast!), so I did a lot of sitting around.

Unfortunately, we were not able to get into our new apartment this weekend as we’d hoped. Ben couldn’t get the keys until yesterday afternoon, when I was already in the middle of rehearsal, so we haven’t actually moved anything in yet. I’m going to dump a carload between work and rehearsal tonight, and Ben will be dropping a truckload off after work as well, but due to the circumstances, we most likely won’t actually be living at the new place until tomorrow night at the earliest. This is obviously disappointing for many reasons (not the least of which is my crappy commute), but we’ll live.

Because of all of the moving nonsense and it being my first full week of Chess rehearsals, I’m not making a formal plan for this week. I’m just hoping to squeeze in a few runs where I can, but I also know that hauling all of our earthly belongings to our third floor walk-up apartment will be a workout in and of itself.

Have you ever done a Paint night?

Friday Free-For-All – 05/29/15

FFFA (1) It’s moving time!  We haven’t gotten the final word from our property manager, but we’re anticipating that we’ll be able to start moving into the apartment this weekend. The timing isn’t ideal; we have the Craft Brew Race tomorrow, and I have rehearsal and a birthday party on Sunday night. But what can you do? At least we (hopefully) won’t have to move stuff after work all next week.

Today will (hopefully) be my last day with a car commute, and I am SO relieved. Driving around at rush hour stresses me right out, and makes me an angry, foul-mouthed person. I seriously can’t keep my composure anymore. It’s a good thing I keep my windows rolled up, because if other drivers heard what I was yelling at them, I certainly would have more than a few road rage-induced incidents.

I’m racing tomorrow!  You can read my goals for the race here. Regardless of whether or not I hit my goals, I’m VERY excited for this race. It’s the first time Ben and I have raced together since 2012, and there’s a Brew Fest at the finish line. We also get pint glasses and medals, so I’m a happy camper. I’m just worried that the race might be cancelled, because the weather forecast is calling for thunderstorms right around the time of the race start 😦

I hit 100 miles in 2015 this week. That puts me pretty far behind in my goal to reach 500 miles for the year, but with Spartan and Wine and Dine training on the horizon, I’m confident I’ll get there. And if I don’t, it’s not the end of the world.

My 5 week Pilates class series is over. I only went to 3 of the 5 classes. While I enjoyed myself, I don’t really notice a significant difference in my body or strength. I think if I had actually gone to all of the classes, I might have had better results. I also think having more than one class a week would have helped, but oh well. It was fun to try something new, and now I know that Pilates is an awesome workout if I’m ever in the mood for something a little different in the cross-training department.

Do you drive to work? Does commuting stress you out?

Manic Monday – 05/18/15


Monday 05/11/15:  Body Pump. I can’t lie, I almost bailed on this class. I got out of work early so Ben and I could sign our lease, and it was storming and POURING and I just wanted to go home. But I sucked it up and went, and it was a really good class, so I’m glad I did. I also did a 45 second plank first thing in the morning.

Tuesday 05/12/15:  2 mile runch; 45 second plank. It was my first run in my new shoes, and it was really humid, so I kept it short and slow.

Wednesday 05/13/15:  One hour Pilates mat class. I was hoping to runch as well, but ended up having lunch with my friend Krissy since she was in town from San Francisco for a few days. Pilates was more than enough workout anyway–my glutes and abs were on FIRE after class.

Thursday 05/14/15:  Vermont Corporate Cup Challenge 5k. In case you missed it, you can read my recap here.

Friday 05/15/15:  Rest day. After four straight days of workouts, I was ready for a break. We drove to Rhinebeck, NY after work for Ben’s cousin’s grad party.

Saturday 05/16/15:  Rest day. It was a party, so I ate and drank allthethings. Not the best plan ever, but I had a good time, and was in bed relatively early.

Sunday 05/17/15:  Rest day. We left NY around noon and got home by 5ish, so that wasn’t too bad. We relaxed most of the evening and were in bed by quarter of 10.

This week should be pretty decent. Aside from work being stressful, we don’t have too much going on. Although we are moving in two weeks… I may talk a little more about that later this week, but for now, I’m trying not to worry about it. Here’s the hopeful training schedule for this week:

  • Monday: Short runch; Body Pump
  • Tuesday: Short runch
  • Wednesday: Short runch (skipping Pilates to go out to dinner with a friend)
  • Thursday: Short runch; CXWORX
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: 4 miles
  • Sunday: Rest

Did anyone else have graduation festivities this weekend?

Trying Out Pilates

For the last few weeks, I’ve been reading about how Kristen at Run Away with Me has been trying out a Pilates boot camp class. At first, she wasn’t into it, but now she loves it, and the results speak for themselves–she lost almost 5 inches over the course of 4 weeks! I was really jealous of her awesome results, but the only Pilates studio I know of near me has absolutely insane prices that I just couldn’t justify paying.

And then last week, I got an email from our office manager that our company would be sponsoring a 5 week Pilates mat class series–one class per week every Wednesday night, with a drop-in price of $12, or all five classes for only $50. At first I waffled, because I already spend a lot of money on my gym membership, and they have Pilates classes that I could take free of charge. But then I decided to go for it, because the classes are literally IN MY BUILDING. I would have to walk right by the room to go home, so it would be super easy. I’d also be in class with friends and coworkers, and $10 per class is a GREAT price.

We had our first class on Wednesday the 29th, and I’ll admit I was a bit nervous because I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was actually quite familiar with a lot of the moves due to having been exposed to them in lots of dance classes. Unfortunately, I felt like I was a bit short-changed on the basic knowledge, because this class has been going on for a while and was only recently opened up to my division. This meant that everyone else in the class had been doing it for weeks, and the instructor very obviously had already given them the core principles and I was just sort of left to figure it out on my own.

Despite that, it was a very fun class. It’s a small group of ladies who are all very friendly and don’t take themselves or the class too seriously at all. And it’s a GREAT workout. My abs were sore for two full days after class, to the point where sneezing was painful. I think this will be a good supplement to running and Body Pump, since it focuses on core strength. And the timing is perfect–the last class is the last week before Chess rehearsals start up on Monday, Wednesday, Sundays, so I can just transition right into rehearsals.

Have you ever tried Pilates? Did you like it?