First Trimester Recap

I know these pregnancy posts are coming at you way after the fact, but having waited so long to make our pregnancy internet official and then being so busy with moving/house stuff, it is what it is. Enjoy! And if you’re not interested in pregnancy posts, please come back another day 🙂

I was one of those lucky few women who did not spend her entire first trimester praying to the porcelain god. I dealt with varying degrees of nausea all day, every day for a few weeks, and even retched once after taking a whiff of something pungent that my in-laws cooked up, but I never threw up! This was such a relief, as I have a mild phobia of vomiting.

What I did have, though, is some next-level hormonal acne. Jesus, I thought it was bad when I was a teenager, but this was something else. My entire forehead was covered in red bumps and whiteheads, and I even got some cystic acne, which I’d never really had before. It was awful. And because I’m pregnant, the products I could use to combat said acne are somewhat limited, so I basically just had to suffer. Thankfully, right around 16 weeks, the acne cleared up.

I’ve also experienced a few less terrible symptoms like mild cramping and sore boobs. And of course, I was tired pretty much all the time. There were a lot of 9 pm bedtimes those first few months.

In general I found that any physical activity helped keep nausea at bay and helped improve my energy levels, but it was really hard to make myself do it when I was just so damn lethargic! Most days all I wanted to do after work was go home, change into comfy pants, and vegetate. That said, I tried to force myself into some kind of activity a couple of times a week.

I was fortunately able to continue going to CrossFit through my first trimester. I talked it over with my midwives and they agreed that as long as I listen to my body and scale as needed, I’m good to go. My CrossFit coaches were actually among the very first people I told, and they’ve been great about offering modifications and scaling options to keep me and the baby safe. In fact, they are pretty damn aggressive about offering modifications, and checking in before and after WODs. I haven’t gone that much because I’ve been so tired, but the times I do go feel great. I did, however, switch my membership from 12 classes a month to a 10 class punch card. I just haven’t been going enough to justify $165 a month.

I ran a few times early in the first trimester, but low energy levels, cold, and darkness meant I didn’t do it a lot. I ended up rejoining my fancy gym (I get an amazing corporate discount through work), so that a) I have treadmill access for the winter, and b) when/if CrossFit becomes too much, I can take classes/work out there.

I haven’t really had any true cravings or aversions, but I will say that what I feel like eating at any given time is completely random. One day something is delicious, the next I’d rather starve than eat it. Then the next day I like it again. I guess the one thing I’m noticing is that I don’t really want sweet stuff that much. Pre-pregnancy I would have at least one sugary treat per day, but entire days go by without even thinking of treats. Savory foods are much more my jam.

Weight Gain
I’m trying really hard not to stress too much about weight gain during pregnancy, but it’s hard. My midwives want me to gain about 25 pounds, which would put me uncomfortably close to 200 pounds. I know I need to gain weight for the baby, but those numbers freak me out. I’m just doing my best to eat as normally and healthfully as possible. There is no “eating for two” mentality for me. At my 12 week appointment, I’d only gained 2 pounds, which is right on track.

Weird Stuff
Something very interesting that happened is that early in my pregnancy, my ocular migraines became MUCH more frequent. The weekend of our Toronto trip, I had one every single day, and I had several more throughout the course of the first trimester.

I talked to the midwives about it, and they said that sometimes pregnancy just makes other conditions worse. I never really got an answer as to what was causing my migraines, and they were so infrequent I just didn’t worry about it. The midwives assured me that there’s no danger to me or the baby, and it’s probably just “one of those things” that will go away after the baby is born. I haven’t had one since my second trimester started, so I’m gonna cross my fingers that I don’t have to deal with them anymore.


I have a distinct lack of photos of me from the first trimester, but here’s an ultrasound!