The Meme Game

I’ve got a little post-Christmas nonsense for you.  Have you guys heard of this?  You Google your name and “meme” and all kinds of crazy sh!t pops up.  Here are a few of my favorites.  (And thanks to Susie for making me aware of this hilarity!)

Rachel Meme 1

I’m not sure what I love most about this, the fact that someone felt the need to make it for someone name Rachel, or the fact that it’s Buddy Christ from Dogma.

Rachel Meme 2

I don’t really think Ryan Gosling is that hot (what!?!? OMG so un-American!), but it’s incredibly amusing how specific this meme is.  Eating Peeps and spooning while watching a chick flick?  Whatever floats your boat…

Rachel Meme 3


Rachel Meme 4

I f*&^$*g HATE clowns.  This is terrifying.  Utterly terrifying.  If someone ever sent this to me I’d cry.  And possibly call the cops.

Rachel Meme 5

Sad Batman is sad.  This face is just too perfect.

So yeah, that’s just a small sampling of the “Rachel” memes that are out in the world.  Now go play the Meme Game with your own name and see what comes up!