Friday Free-For-All (Sixteen)

Welcome to Friday Free-For-All, where I talk about anything and everything on my mind.  This is usually just a great big brain dump, so brace yourselves!

Today is Ben’s and my 6th anniversary!  Funny story, we just sort of started “hanging out” casually, and never really had a discussion of “you are my boyfriend/you are my girlfriend,” it just kind of happened organically.  So when we looked back, we realized we didn’t have an official first date or day to celebrate our anniversary, so we just picked a day sort of around the time we started hanging out 🙂  So tonight, I will run my five miles, shower, change, cheer Ben on at his broom ball game, and then we’re going out for a late dinner.  I am intensely grateful to have such a smart, caring, and goofy life partner.

Photo Oct 03, 8 39 31 AM

We went indoor rock climbing last night.  There’s a really great climbing gym, Petra Cliffs about 2 minutes from my office, and we have friends who are REALLY into it, so Ben and I met them there last night.  For $25, you get a “beginner’s package,” which includes a climbing pass, harness and shoe rental, and an introduction to the belay system from one of the staff.  Guys, this is a KILLER full-body workout.  Yes, you use your arms a lot, and in ways you typically don’t (hello grip strength and forearms), but you also need your core to help you move around, and your legs are instrumental in pushing yourself up.  I was exhausted after only an hour there (which was probably only about 20 minutes total climbing time).  We had lots of fun, so we will most likely be going back.

Some nice cuts and abrasions from climbing like a BAMF

Some nice cuts and abrasions from climbing like a BAMF

I’m taking part in the #rocktoberfit photo challenge.  I found this on Esther’s blog, but she let me know the original idea came from Jess at Operation Skinny Jeans.  I’m almost done with my #100happydays photo challenge, and I wanted to start a new one to keep me going.  I really like the idea of taking and posting at least one photo a day, so it’s nice to have something to work towards.  If you want to join in, here’s the graphic.  Just use the hashtag #rocktoberfit and tag @operationskinnyjeans

Photo Oct 02, 11 49 02 AM

We are going to an Oktoberfest party on Saturday.  This is an annual party held by one of Ben’s mom’s coworkers, and is apparently a very good time.  I’m excited to spend some time outdoors and drink some beers 🙂

I also have to make up my 9 mile run this weekend.  I think I’m going to haul my butt to the local high school track and run in circles.  There’s some nice foliage in that area, and I’m hoping that no teams will be practicing early on a Sunday morning.  I’m feeling pretty good about this run; hopefully it goes as well as I’m imagining it will.

Are you doing any photo challenges right now?

Have you gone to an Oktoberfest celebration this fall?