Friday Free-For-All – 01/11/19

Friday Free-For-All

The #rbdrunstreak2019 is still going strong! I’m now 11 days in and feeling really good. I’m focusing on doing plenty of stretching and rolling, and trying to alternate “longer” runs with single mile days. I definitely feel like my stamina is improving, and I’m starting to feel like a runner again. I like it!

I did a couple of small car “maintenance” projects that have been on my list FOREVER. First, I changed the bulb in the overhead light. You know, the one that turns on when you open the car door? Ours blew a while ago, and it’s crazy how much you actually need that little light during dark winter nights, especially with a baby and all the attendant crap in the car. I also changed the auto-unlock settings. Since we bought our car, the settings have been that when we turn the car off, ONLY the driver’s door automatically unlocks, which is not a big deal, but can be inconvenient, especially, again, with a baby. Nothing is more annoying than trying to open the door to put the car seat in and having the door still be locked. I’m SO HAPPY to have done these two things. The last thing on my list is to get the battery in my fob replaced so I can use the lock/unlock buttons again. That’s another one of those things that becomes kind of important when you’re juggling a car seat, diaper bag, purse, and shopping bags.

Instagram targeted ads totally got me. I ordered a SheFit Apparel Ultimate Sports Bra last week after seeing them advertised. As has been covered pretty much ad nauseum on this blog, I am a busty runner, and have a hard time finding sports bras that cover the nexus of affordability, comfort, and support. The SheFit has pretty awesome fit and support, and a decent price, but I’m having some chafing issues at the moment. Stay tuned for a full review later.

I was cast in a show this week! It’s a Disney princesses and villains cabaret for kids. I am super rusty, so I just went in with zero expectations, more to get the feel for auditioning again and see my friends than with any thought that I might be cast. But lo, and behold, I got it! And I’m singing Let it Go from Frozen and Mother Knows Best from Tangled. No pressure, right? I can’t wait for rehearsals to start!

Have you ever changed the settings on your car or changed a bulb yourself?


Manic Monday Training Recap – 01/07/19

Manic Monday

Woohoo, bringing back the Manic Monday posts! I’m not actually in training for anything at the moment, but since I’m actually running now thanks to my run streak, I figure I might as well document it officially. After all, that’s what this blog is for, right? Right!

Monday 12/31/19: Rest
I ran around doing errands during the day, and then we were in bed before the New Year officially rolled around. #parentlife

Tuesday 01/01/19: 2 Mile Run
First official run of my New Year Run Streak!

Wednesday 01/02/19: 1 Mile Run + Core
While Vera napped, I zipped down to the treadmill for a quick mile, then did 10 minutes of core work.

Thursday 01/03/19: 2 Mile Run + 30 Squats
Another couple of treadmill miles plus some squats. I had hoped to do a few resistance band exercises, but it looks like the cats got after my last surviving band, and I had to throw it out. Boo!

Friday 01/04/19: 1 Mile Run + Stretch and Roll
I actually ran closer to 1.5 miles because the treadmill flipped a breaker during my first attempt and shut off. I had no idea what my actual distance or time were, so I just started over. I made sure to stretch and roll well to keep injury at bay.

Saturday 01/05/19: 30 Minute Barre3 Workout +1 Mile Run
My friend Penelope came over and we did a Barre3 total body workout video in my living room. That was my first time ever doing a barre workout and holy ow, Batman! It was tough! Then after she left I hit the treadmill for a quick mile to keep the streak alive.

Sunday 01/06/19: 1 Mile Run
I was feeling embarrassingly sore after Saturday’s Barre3 workout, so I just did a slow, easy mile for my streak.

One week of streaking down! I have to say, I feel pretty good. A bit tired and hungrier than usual, but very good. It feels nice to move my body regularly. I’m excited to see where streaking will take me!

How did the first week of the new year go for you?

New Year Run Streak

As an attempt to get back into regular running, I’ve decided to start a run streak today, January 1, 2019, and just go as long as I can. Most runs will not be fast, and they won’t be far, because they will mostly have to be on my basement treadmill during Vera’s notoriously short naps. But I figure a mile a day is better than nothing, and will hopefully get my running legs under me again.

If you’ve been reading for a while, you’ll remember that back in 2015, I decided to attempt the Runner’s World holiday run streak: run at least one mile every day between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. You’ll also remember I made it two weeks before calling it quits. At the time, I declared that streaking was not for me, simply because I was too busy. But that was back when I was working full time, and before I had a treadmill at my disposal. We’ll see how it goes!

I’ll be posting my streaking adventures on IG, so check it out. I’m using the hashtag #rbdrunstreak2019, so if you’d like to join me, use the tag so I can follow along! OK, off to feed the baby and hop on the ‘mill!

What’s your longest run streak?


Reflections on (Run) Streaking

So I only made it two weeks. I guess I shouldn’t say “only,” because for me, that’s really an accomplishment. But it was time for me to be done.

Why I Stopped Streaking:

  1. My boobs hurt. Yes, TMI I know, but true. Having the impact of a run every single day was hurting me.
  2. My IT bands and calves are crazy tight, even though I stretched almost every single day and rolled fairly often.
  3. I didn’t have enough clean running clothes to run every single day. Putting on stinky, used clothes for a run is no fun.
  4. I was showering twice a day. Sure, if I’d just gotten my lazy ass up and run first thing, I would only have had to shower once, but that just wasn’t happening.
  5. I was starting to resent having to run, which completely defeats the whole purpose

What I Learned While Streaking:

  1. There is truth to the adage “If it’s important, you make the time;” but some days, you really don’t have time to run. As the streak progressed, I was amazed at how easy it was most days to squeeze in a mile or two here and there. On days when I ordinarily would have said, “Oh, I’m too busy,” or, “Hmm, the weather is really gross,” and skipped a planned run, the siren song of the perfect streak would be enough to make me put my shoes on and go. BUT, there were truly days where squeezing in that run actually made my day harder and more stressful, and if it weren’t for the streak, I probably would have skipped the run and been better off for it. And that’s ultimately why I stopped; I just hit a day where trying to make myself run would have pushed me over the edge.
  2. Recovery efforts are critical. I stretched and/or foam rolled after almost every single run during my streak, and even so, my calves and IT bands were super tight after two weeks. I can’t imagine where I’d be now if I hadn’t kept up with the stretching and rolling.
  3. Runger is real and dangerous. I was CONSTANTLY hungry after the first week, and that was only running one or two miles a day most days. I had to seriously re-work most of my meals and snacks. If I didn’t eat every couple of hours, I started to hulk out and be angry.  This was very eye-opening regarding my upcoming marathon training. I need to figure out food/fuel if I don’t want to end up eating all the carbs and gaining 20 pounds.

How I Feel About Ending the Streak:

Honestly? I feel relieved. I was feeling so much pressure to keep up with the streak, and it was stressing me right out. I was running because I felt like I HAD to and not because I wanted to. I’m glad I tried, but equally glad my attempt is over now.

Will I Attempt a Streak Again:

Probably not, unless my life circumstances change significantly. Working full time, doing theatre part time, and trying to keep my apartment clean and still have friends is quite enough to keep me busy; adding a run every single day on top of that is a bit much.

Manic Monday – 12/14/15


What Was Planned vs. What Happened

Monday 12/7/15: Short Run1 Mile Run
#RWRunStreak Day 12. Another day, another short run to keep the streak alive.

Tuesday 12/8/15: Short Run1 Mile Run
#RWRunStreak Day 13. Lucky number 13! I hit 200 miles on my shoes during this run, and then went out for tacos and margaritas with my friend Erik.

Wednesday 12/9/15: Spin; Short Run; Tap ClassSpin; 1 Mile Run; Tap Class
#RWRunStreak Day 14. Two weeks down, woo! Like last Wednesday, this day was super busy and it was kind of a struggle to fit everything in, but I managed.

Thursday 12/10/15: Short RunRest
And so endeth the RW Run Streak. I’m still planning a post for later in the week about why I stopped, but essentially, I just couldn’t/didn’t want to make the time today. I was stressed beyond belief about Mary Poppins callbacks, and worried about Ben getting home in time to get me to the audition and blah blah blah and it just didn’t happen.

Friday 12/11/15:  Short RunRest
We had our company holiday party tonight. I ate some delicious food and had a couple of drinks, then went home and watched Christmas movies. Ben had broomball finals, and they came in second for the season, which is a huge improvement over last year.

Saturday 12/12/15: 5-6 MilesRest
This was a weird day. I was waiting for my Mary Poppins casting call, and unfortunately it didn’t go the way I wanted; I’m still in the show, but I didn’t get the role of MP. I may talk more about this later this week, but in short, I’m trying to keep my ego in check and focus on the positive.

Sunday 12/13/15: Short RunRest
I had a voice lesson in the morning, then we had our first read-through for MP in the afternoon. Some of my very dearest friends are in the show, and it’s going to be super magical. I can’t wait! Regular rehearsals start in January.

The plan for this week is to try to keep some of the momentum from the Run Streak going without actually streaking. Here’s a tentative schedule:

  • Monday: Tap Recital (so sad this is over!)
  • Tuesday: Short run
  • Wednesday: Spin
  • Thursday: Short Run
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: 5-6 miles
  • Sunday: Rest

How you deal with getting news you didn’t want?


Manic Monday – 12/7/15


What Was Planned vs. What Happened

Monday 11/30/15: 2 Miles2 Miles
#RWRunStreak Day 5. I dragged my butt out of bed at 6 am for 2 quick miles before work. It was my first ever pre-dawn run, and it was weird, but good.

Tuesday 12/01/15: 2 Miles1 Mile
#RWRunStreak Day 6. I was too lazy to get up early, so I dashed out for a quick mile between work and a dinner party.

Wednesday 12/02/15: 1 Mile; 1 Hour Spin; Tap Class1 Mile; 1 Hour Spin; Tap Class
#RWRunStreak Day 7. This day was FRANTIC. I got up at 5:30 am for spin, worked until 4:30, dashed out for a quick mile, went to tap class for 5:30, then got changed and Ben picked me up for a work dinner at 7. I almost didn’t run cause it was rainy and cold and I was feeling put-upon, but I wasn’t ready to give up the streak yet.

Thursday 12/03/15: 2 Miles1.69 Miles
#RWRunStreak Day 8. Another busy day, and another cold and rainy run. Honestly at this point I’d rather it just start snowing, because at least then I wouldn’t get wet.

Friday 12/04/15: 2 Miles1.67 Miles
#RWRunStreak Day 9. FRIDAAAYYY! I ran the same route as Thursday night, but took it slow and easy. Then I changed into PJs and watched Netflix for the rest of the night 🙂

Saturday 12/05/15: Run Club 4 Miles5 Miles
#RWRunStreak Day 10. No run club for me, because Ben had Nordic practice. Instead I went out for nice solo 5 miler. The sun was finally out, and it felt great to run in daylight for the first time all week.

Sunday 12/06/15: Ri-Ra Santa Run 5kRi-Ra Santa Run 5k
#RWRunStreak Day 11. There will be a full recap later this week, but for now, I’ll say that this was neither my best 5k nor my worst. It was fun, and it was a great way to stay busy and keep my mind off the Mary Poppins auditions in the afternoon.

This week is all about a) keeping up with the Run Streak, and b) staying busy to keep myself from freaking out about Mary Poppins. I won’t know if I have a callback until Thursday morning, and then I won’t know if I’m cast until Saturday afternoon. Waiting is the WORST.

  • Monday: Short run
  • Tuesday: Short run
  • Wednesday: One hour spin; short run; last tap class
  • Thursday: Short run
  • Friday: Short run
  • Saturday: 5-6 miles
  • Sunday: Short run

How do you keep yourself busy when you’re waiting for news?



Manic Monday – 11/30/15


What Was Planned vs. What Happened

Monday: RestRest
It’s amazing how hard it is to be productive at work when you know you’ve only got two days of work before a 5 day weekend… I made it through somehow, and had a quiet evening at home packing with Ben.

Tuesday: RestRest
After work, Ben and I went out to Trivia with some friends for a few laughs and $0.50 wings. We did ok, but didn’t win, boo!

Wednesday: 1 Hour Spin1 Hour Spin
I got up at 5:30 am on my day off and went to spin class. I don’t even know myself anymore! The theme was Madonna vs. Michael Jackson and it was the perfect way to kick off my Thanksgiving break. After breakfast and a shower, we caravaned down to PA with Ben’s parents to spend the week at his uncle’s family farm.

Thursday: 2 miles easy2 Miles
I got up around 8 and before I could talk myself out of it, went for a quick 2 miler before breakfast to kick of the Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak. We were in Northeast PA, and the road was really narrow and twisty, so I had to be super vigilant about cars, but all in all, it was a good run.

Friday: 2 miles easy2 Miles
Same route as Thursday, just a quick out one mile and back. A doe jumped across the street in front of me, and some asshole in a pickup truck decided to drive on the shoulder and play chicken with me for a while, but I didn’t give him the satisfaction of changing my course, and he pulled back out onto the road well before I was in danger.

Saturday: 2 miles easy1 Mile
It was very cold and rainy and I didn’t have any rain gear, so I just went out for a single mile. I managed a 9ish minute mile, which for me is pretty great, and then we bundled everything into the car and headed home.

Sunday: 2 miles easy3.5 Miles Easy
I felt mostly good on this run, other than the fact that it was a lot colder and windier than I thought. I was FREEZING! I didn’t do much running last winter due to my foot injury, so I need to figure out what works for me and invest in some new winter gear, namely, a vest, and a jacket, and possibly some thermal tights.

So far, the Runner’s World Run Streak is going well. Sunday’s run officially started the longest streak I’ve ever done, so each day forward will be a new record for me. I’m being careful to stretch well after every run, and roll whenever I think of it, but I feel good. I plan to keep most of my runs very short and easy. Here’s the plan for this week:

  • Monday: 2 miles easy
  • Tuesday: 2 miles easy
  • Wednesday: Spin; 1 mile easy; tap class
  • Thursday: 2 miles easy
  • Friday: 2 miles easy
  • Saturday: Run club 4 miles moderate
  • Sunday: Ri-Ra Santa Run 5k

How was your Thanksgiving?