Manic Monday – 01/25/16


Vermont City Marathon Training Week 2: What Was Planned vs. What Happened

Monday 01/18/16: 30 Min Run Easy32 Min Easy
I ran outside, on the bikepath, in the snow, because DAY OFF. It was so nice to get to run out in the sunshine for once.

Tuesday 01/19/16: 45 Min Run Easy36 Min Easy
I took this run to the treadmill, because the temps were below freezing and there was a fresh coat of slippery wet snow on the ground. Unfortunately, my stomach was not at all thrilled with the idea of running at 8 pm, and I had to call it quits after 36 minutes.

Wednesday 01/20/16: Spin ClassSpin Class
The theme was Wayback Wednesday, and it was all 80’s music, and it was glorious! I ate a piece of bread and butter before class when I usually don’t eat beforehand, and I felt extra strong, so I think a small snack before workouts is the way to go.

Thursday 01/21/16: HillsRest
I woke up with swollen glands in my throat, and by the end of the day, had a terrible sore throat and low-grade fever, so I took a rest day in the hopes of nipping it in the bud.

Friday 01/22/16: Active Rest | Rest
I called out of work for the first time in about two years and slept until 2 pm. When I woke up for real, I was feeling somewhat better, but lightheaded and groggy because I hadn’t eaten or drank anything all day. I still went to rehearsal, which thankfully was very short and didn’t require any dancing.

Saturday 01/23/16: 6 Miles Easy6 Miles Easy
My sinuses were full of gunk, but my throat felt better, so I just decided to go for it. I took it to the treadmill in case I needed to bail out early, but I made it with minimal discomfort. I spent the rest of the day in compression pants on the couch, alternating between watching movies and playing video games.

Sunday 01/24/16: Yoga | 2 Hours Dance
I was still feeling yucky so I bailed on yoga yet again to get more sleep. I knew that rehearsal had a LOT of dancing in store, and I just wanted to save my energy for that. Thankfully we spent some time stretching after warm ups, so I felt like I didn’t completely miss out on mobility stuff for the day.

I’m feeling ok today. My sinuses are still really full and that has made sleeping well difficult, but during the day I feel mostly fine, other than needing to blow my nose every 10 minutes. I plan to at least try to keep up with my workouts this week, especially because today and tomorrow are relatively short, easy runs.

When you’re sick, do you still work out?


I Heart Hill Repeats

I know, I know.  Based on the title of this post, you now think I’m crazy.  And I get that.  Most runners don’t really like hill repeats.  They don’t typically include them in their workout routine.  But you know what?  I LOVE hill repeats, and I’m not afraid to say it.

Hill repeats make me feel like a badass.  They make me stronger.  They make me faster.  They make me feel like a runner.  And they’re a great metaphor for life.  Yes, the uphills suck.  They hurt.  They’re hard.  Looking up that hill, it can seem to go on forever.  Your lungs are burning and you don’t know how much more you can take.  But after the uphill, you get the down.  You can relax, cruise, speed along.  The downhill is so much fun, you can actually forget how sucky the uphill was.  And that’s life–you take the good with the bad, the up with the down.  That’s how it goes.

Photo Jul 29, 5 45 32 AMYesterday, I ran hill repeats on Battery Street.  I’ve talked about this hill before.  It’s kind of a doozy.  Usually, I run here in the mornings, because it can be a zoo in the evenings, with tourists and cyclists clogging up the sidewalk.  But I went last night at about 5, and lo and behold, I’m not the only runner going up and down, up and down.  There’s another woman running hill repeats.

She’s faster than me–skimming up the hill, lightly touching down, almost flying UPHILL.  She’s leaner than me–she looks like a runner.  She’s going further than me–up the hill, into the park, and back around and down.  And here’s the kicker–she’s older than me.  Significantly older.  At least 50, maybe even 60.  And she is freaking FIT!  She’s a boss.

For about 2 minutes, as I was huffing and puffing up that hill, I started feeling really bad about myself.  I don’t look like a runner.  I’m not fast.  I’m not graceful.  I don’t skim;  I plod.  I suck.  I’m a horrible runner.   I started thinking that maybe I’d just cut this workout short and go home.  But then I turned around and hit the downhill.  My breathing eased up, and I got to thinking.

I am here.  I’m running hills.  I just started running a few months ago, but look at me!  It’s a bit of a miracle that I’m even doing this, running up and down this hill.  I could be sitting on my butt drinking a beer and playing Skyrim.  But I’m HERE, running UP and DOWN this beast of a hill.  I could be that lady some day.  If I keep doing what I’m doing, someday I’ll be that 50-something woman breezing uphill and leaving the 20-somethings in the dust.  YES!

And then I turned around and went back up the hill.  I finished my 5 hill repeats, and ran back home.  I even went an extra block just to hit 3 miles.  And I felt AMAZING.  Sweaty, exhausted, and blissful.  So thank you, mystery runner.  You have inspired me to stick with it, so that someday I can be as badass as you.

Photo Aug 19, 5 39 50 PM

How do you feel about hill repeats?