Product Review: SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra

Disclaimer: I purchased this bra for myself. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Instragram targeted ads totally got me on this one, guys. I kept seeing the add over and over, and finally, curiosity got the better of me. I impulse ordered this bra, and since I’ve talked so much about the challenges of being a busty runner here on the old blog, I figured I ought to do a review.

First things first, the SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra is $65, with free shipping and free returns. This is pretty much what I expect to pay for a sports bra these days, since I need specialty sizes and lots of support. I was happy about the free shipping, and while I ended up keeping the bra I ordered, it’s nice to know that I wouldn’t have had to pay to send it back if it didn’t work out.

I used the size calculator on SheFit’s website, and according to my current bra size, I was instructed to order the “2Luxe” size. The cool thing about this bra is that the band AND the straps are adjustable, allowing you to get a fairly customized fit. The band on the 2Lux is juuuuust a tiny bit too large for me, but when it’s completely cinched down, it’s pretty dang close. So close that I didn’t bother to exchange it for a different size. If I end up losing more weight, I will definitely need to size down, but for now, it works.

The front zipper is a bit of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it makes getting into and out of the bra SO MUCH EASIER. That’s always been a problem for me with other sports bras–in order to be supportive, they are constrictive, and difficult to put on and take off, especially once they’re soaked in sweat. But with the SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra, I just unzip and VOILA! I’m free! At first, I was worried that it might unzip itself during a workout, but thus far this hasn’t been an issue. Once I’m zipped in, the zipper stays put. There are also backup hooks that you can do up if you’re really worried.


The negative impact of the zipper is that old sports bra nemesis: chafing. SheFit obviously tried to anticipate this problem by putting little fabric flaps that can fold over the top and bottom of the zipper, but they don’t completely alleviate the feeling of the zipper digging into my chest. The good news is, a little bit of anti-chafe product takes care of it handily. I haven’t done any super long runs, so I’m not sure how long the anti-chafe would last, but so far I’m good up to three miles or about 30 minutes.

This bra is wonderfully supportive. Because the straps and band are both adjustable and there’s a zipper in front, I can easily get it on, and then tighten everything down. It doesn’t completely eliminate bounce, but honestly, I know better than to expect that. If anything, my breasts move on the upswing, but are completely cradled on the down, so there’s no hard impact. Also, you can change the straps from racer back to H-back configuration, allowing you to get the best support and fit for your body, activity, and wardrobe.

The SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra comes in eight different colors, so there’s something for everyone. I got basic black, but I’d love to get a few others. There is a reflective strip on either side of the zipper, which is a nice feature except for the fact that I literally NEVER run without a shirt. But hey, if that’s your thing, that would be nice for you.

This bra also has much more of a true bra structure, so there’s no uniboob action, thank goodness! I actually look like I have two separate breasts. Unfortunately, the way the zipper is set into the bra causes it to bump up a little, so I look like I have a weird extra growth under my shirt. This may also be due to the aforementioned “this bra is slightly too large” issue. But honestly, it’s minimal and I don’t really care.


It feels really weird to be posting a picture of my chest on the internet.

The customizable fit of this bra means it’s a lot more comfortable than other high-impact sports bras. If the straps are a bit too tight, just unhook the velcro and re-position them. Same with the band. The only caveat is that you need to be careful how you place the straps–you’ve got to get them lined up just so. If you don’t, you’ve got velcro rubbing on your neck or collarbone, which is not at all comfortable.

Obviously, there’s only so comfortable one can be in an extremely structured and supportive bra. That’s just how it goes when you’ve got big boobs; you pretty much always have to choose between comfort and support. I will say, I don’t immediately want to rip this bra off as soon as a workout is done. It doesn’t make me feel claustrophobic, and even after a sweaty workout, I don’t feel gross and overheated.

In general, I like this bra quite a lot. The biggest plus for me right now is the zipper. It just makes putting this bra on so much simpler than my other bras. I reach for it first over all my other sports bras, and wear it more than I probably should between washes. It’s pretty much the same price as the other brands of sports bras I generally wear, AND ships free. There’s a great range of sizes and colors, and the customizable fit means that I get a pretty good nexus of comfort, support, and cost. I will most likely buy at least one more of these bras.

And for those of you who are less “blessed” in the chestal region, SheFit offers other medium and low impact options with the same customizable fit.

What’s your favorite sports bra?


Lynx Sportswear Sports Bra Review

Disclaimer: I received a Lynx Sportswear sports bra free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own, and I did not receive any additional compensation for this post.

I had never heard of Lynx Sportswear until I read a review from Darlene at My First 5k and More. I was immediately intrigued because she specifically stated that Lynx makes sports bras for bustier women, and I’ve written before about how difficult it is to find a comfortable, attractive, affordable sports bra for busty women like me.

I hopped around their website for a while, and the more I read, the more intrigued I was. Their tagline is “With the proper support, anything is possible!” I like that! Also, their products are made in the US, which is something I’m always happy to see. The company’s founder is a busty woman like me, who got tired of not having proper support for running, and decided to make her own solution. Very, very cool.

Lynx sports bras come in a wide range of sizes to offer the best fit possible for everyone. The “Sprint” is for smaller breasted women, the “Dart” is for medium or large breasted women, and the “Zoom” is for the very well-endowed women out there. And then there is a wide range of band sizes as well.


I reached out to the company through their sales email to see if they’d be interested in sending me a sports bra for review, and got an incredibly friendly response from Danielle. She agreed to send me their basic sports bra in 3 different sizes, so that I could get the best fit, and send back the other two. I sent Danielle my measurements, and she sent me the 3 Dart, the 3 Zoom, and the 4 Zoom.

Surprisingly, I ended up keeping the 3 Dart. It had a nice secure fit around my rib cage, and offered a bit more support than the 3 Zoom. The 4 Zoom was definitely too big.

My first impression upon opening the package was not that great. The material seemed way too light to offer enough support. However, once I got the bra on and jumped up and down in front of a mirror, I was pleasantly surprised by how supportive it actually was. I experienced pretty minimal bounce–not really much more than with my chastity belt of a sports bra from Panache. My biggest disappointment was that the bra that fit the best was plain white. The others were so much cuter!


Photo from the Lynx website

I wore this bra for a couple of runs–speed work and a long run. Both times felt great. I also wore it to several rehearsals, including the jump rope rehearsals. No chafing, minimal bouncing, and I didn’t have the usual “I can’t freaking wait to take this thing off when I’m done!” feeling. The first time I wore it, I ended up having it on for over six hours, because I went straight from the gym to rehearsal, and then drove home, and then wore it while watching TV before bed.


  • Lightweight, breathable material. I didn’t feel constricted or hot like with other large cup sports bras
  • SO COMFY. The elastic band is tight enough to offer proper support, but moves and stretches with my body, so I didn’t want to rip it off and scream after wearing it for 6 hours of workout and rehearsal
  • No chafing! At all. My Panache sports bra tears up my back every time I wear it, but this bra offers a sliding bar closure made of super soft material rather than a bra hook closure, so there’s nothing that digs or rubs
  • Comes in a wide array of sizes for proper fit
  • Lots of cute colors and two different styles
  • Made in the US
  • Great support and communication from the company
  • Competitive price point. The racerback sports bra is $56, and the crossback (which is so cute and I can’t wait to order!) is $60. My horrible, sucky, uncomfortable, chafe-y Panache sports bra retails for at least $69


  • The lightweight, mesh material of the Lynx sports bra is NOT opaque. This means that wearing only a sports bra or changing your shirt in front of others is out of the question unless you want to flash some areola. This also means that in cold conditions, you may experience what I refer to as a Hard Nipple Crisis, or HNC. This was definitely an issue this weekend in the chilly theater.
  • The darts in the bra show through my shirts. This is not a deal breaker, and something I’m sure I’ll get over with time, but I wish they were a little more subtle. The way the dart is sewn, there’s a lot of extra material left in the bra, which I think contributes to it being a more obvious seam that kind of looks like your nipples are on the outside of your breasts
  • This is more of a style complaint than a performance complaint, but I wish the contrast color on the bras was black rather than white. As I stated above, my biggest disappointment was that the bra that fit me the best was the all white one. In my personal opinion, white seems like a really impractical color for a garment I will be sweating all over.

On the whole, I’m VERY happy with this bra. It’s nice to find a company that understands the challenges of being a busty runner, and does its best to offer style, comfort, support AND affordability. I imagine that with continued improvements, Lynx Sportswear will do really well in the market of sports bras for busty women. Lynx also makes other apparel items for female athletes, including shorts, skirts, tops, and capris.

03/13/17: Edited to add. Lynx has made numerous improvements to their sports bras since I first tried this one. I now have two more, one in the cross-back style and another of the classic racer back. The bras now have dual layer construction, so they are no longer sheer. The extra material that bunched up at the seams to make those awkward points has been removed. The elastic band is now encased in performance fabric so it’s extra soft. All in all, these are now EVEN BETTERS sports bras at a very competitive price, and the only ones I currently use.

Have you ever heard of Lynx Sportswear?

Who makes your favorite sports bra?