Friday Free-For-All (Two)

Welcome to Friday Free-For-All, where I talk about anything and everything on my mind.  Sometimes, it even makes sense!

My baller new birthday mug.  This thing is fantastic.  It keeps drinks hot for 6 hours, and cold for 12.  Seriously.  For real.  I brought iced coffee to work at 7am the other day, and at 5pm there were still ice cubes in there.  Not fragments–full on ice cubes.  Plus, it’s pink and fabulous.Photo May 16, 9 14 04 AM

Shaw’s salad bar is amaze-balls.  Seriously, I go there at least once a week.  They’ve got a huge selection of greens, veggies, toppings, fruit, pasta and cheese.  And it’s only $6.99/pound, so I can get a huge, protein- and flavor-packed lunch on the cheap.  Yum!

Photo May 12, 12 35 55 PM

Peanut Butter & Co rocks my world.  I scored two jars at Christmas Tree Shops for $3.69 each, which is a significant discount on the retail price.  I got Mighty Maple and Dark Chocolate Dreams.  Holy delicious!  The maple is pretty subtle, and I think it would be fantastic in overnight oats.  The chocolate is sinfully good–it’s like a dark chocolate Reese’s cup that’s been goo-ified.  I’ve been eating it straight out of the jar!

I paid a chunk of my student loans off.  I’m trying to aggressively pay off my loans.  While I’m better off than a lot of people I know, I still have a decent chunk of debt, and it sucks.  A lot.  So my goal is to have them paid off within the next 5 years.  Every time I have an extra chunk of money lying around, I put it towards my loans.  It’s a good feeling, and I just dropped below a threshold I wasn’t sure I was ever going to see!  Sweet!

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We are super stressed out right now.  Ben works as a para-educator, which means he doesn’t make a whole lot.  It’s fine, because he really likes it and is very good at it.  He’s also planning to do an 8 month program starting this fall that will get him his teaching license and (hopefully) a higher paying job.  The problem is, it’s a full-time program, which means he won’t really be able to have a full-time job while doing it.  Which means that finances are going to be VERY tight for a while.  He’s worried about not being able to help support us, and about going into debt (lucky stiff made it out of college with zero student loan debt), and everything else that goes along with a major life decision like this.  And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried too.  But I’m so happy to support him in doing what he really wants to do with his life.  I still haven’t found my passion or career path or whatever you want to call it–I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.  So I’m ready and willing to help Ben make his way toward his goals so that, when I finally figure my stuff out, he’ll support me.  Cause that’s how we roll.

So that’s that–my weekly brain dump.  Also, last night was the Vermont Corporate Cup Challenge, so I’ll be doing a recap on that soon; maybe this afternoon, maybe Monday.  We’ll see.  Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

Have you tried any PB & Co peanut butters?  Which one is your favorite?

Any advice for a young couple living on a single income?