I might be in love…

…with my new shoes.  Yep, that’s right.  I got new running shoes last night.

Look at them.  Just look.  Take in their splendor.  They’re pink and orange.  They’re perfect.  And they’re mine!

Photo May 02, 6 44 03 AM

I went to my local Fleet Feet store last night.  I’d never been and was really looking forward to it.  The sales associate who helped me was awesome.  She measured my feet while sitting and while standing, and watched me walk barefoot around the store.  She determined that I over-pronate and needed a stability shoe.  Now, this is hilarious and awful, because I’ve been using Nike Frees for the last year and a half, which are pretty much the opposite of a stability shoe, and probably explains my foot and hip pain.

First, she brought out a pair of Sauconys and a pair of Nikes.  The Sauconys were pretty nice, but I had major heel slippage with the Nikes (also they looked like old lady shoes).  Next she brought out some Brooks Ravennas, which were similar to the Sauconys and very pretty.  And then she brought out my new loves, the Asics Gel Kayano 20s.  I feel like I’m running on fluffy clouds and kitten cuddles.  They’re like a hug for my feet.  No foot pain.  No knee pain.  No hip pain.

She originally brought out a blue and purple pair, and on a whim I asked if they had any other colors in my size.  When she brought these out, in my favorite color combination of all time, it was like a sign from the heavens–“Rae, these are your shoes.  Take them and run.”

Photo May 02, 6 44 23 AM

I simply cannot wait to go do my run tonight.  I’m gonna hit the gym for a quick interval workout before going to our friends Aimee and Andrew’s house for the evening.  We’re gonna make cauliflower crust pizza (hello healthy!) and play Wii.  Mario Kart 4 lyfe!

What are your favorite running shoes?  

Do you ever play video games?

Ever tried using a cauliflower pizza crust?